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A associate advised abstraction by Hewitson et al, begin that sending a letter from an individual’s GP acknowledging the screening programme alongside the screening kit, increases bowel screening uptake by up to 6%[1] and by up to 12%[1] when beatific in aggregate with an added accommodating advice leaflet.

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Invitations to booty allotment in bowel screening are about acquaint by bowel screening hubs and don’t absorb GP practices. GPs captivation in bowel screening in the UK can accordingly be bound to accepting a archetype of the after-effects belletrist beatific to their patients. However, analysis has apparent that GP captivation in bowel screening increases uptake[1,2]. An able way to do this is to assignment with screening hubs and GP practices to accommodate bodies with a personalised letter from their GP acknowledging screening and alms added information, alongside their screening kit.

A added contempo abstraction by Raine et al. provided added affirmation for the capability of GP endorsement in accretion bowel screening uptake. This ample calibration study, which included 80% of GP practices in England, added a simple GP endorsement banderole to the accepted screening allurement letter. Overall uptake added by 0.7%, which although appears to be a baby increase, could beggarly up to 40,000 added bodies buried if formed out on a civic scale.[3]

Practical tip

GP endorsement belletrist should alluringly be electronically active by the GP and on practice-headed paper; belletrist beatific on account of the convenance are beneath effective[1]


[1] Hewitson P, Ward A, Heneghan C, et al. Primary affliction endorsement letter and a accommodating advertisement to advance accord in colorectal blight screening: after-effects of a factorial randomised trial. Brit J Blight 2011;9;105(4):475-80.

[2] Cole S, Young G, Byrne D, et al. Participation in screening for colorectal blight based on a faecal abstruse claret analysis is bigger by endorsement by the primary affliction practitioner. J Med Screen 2002;9(4):147-52.

[3] Raine R, Duffy SW, Wardle J et al Impact of accepted convenance endorsement on the amusing acclivity in uptake in bowel blight screening. Br J Cancer. 2016 Feb 2;114(3):321-6

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