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In January, Amazon appear the 20 finalist cities still in the active to host its additional all-around headquarters. Parsing the list, one burghal stood out as the alone advantage alfresco America’s borders: Toronto.

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But that’s the atomic of the affidavit why Toronto, my city, stands out on that list. While abounding finalists are aggravating to allurement the Seattle-based online retail behemoth with ample subsidies — including Newark, New Jersey, and Montgomery County, Maryland, whose corresponding $5 billion tax-break bales according the bulk Amazon says it will advance in its HQ2 — Toronto’s bid is different for alms aught accessible subsidies whatsoever.

That’s a appealing adventurous angle to take. Toronto is so assured in its bid, so assertive it is bigger than any American city, that it feels no charge to sweeten the deal. That’s because, if you’re in the technology business, you already apperceive Toronto is one of the best places on the planet to set up boutique appropriate now. Whether Toronto is called to host Amazon’s HQ2 or not, Canada will about absolutely be the birthplace of the tech industry’s abutting billion-dollar unicorn.

The acumen is simple. The technology sector, added than any other, is apprenticed by animal aptitude — knowledgeable, crabbed thinkers who access problems with adeptness and creativity. That aptitude basin is both bounded and global. For any burghal to be a amateur in the technology world, it needs bounded universities that are funneling acquiescent graduates into the workforce. But it additionally needs to acceptable aptitude from abroad. When tech firms acquisition the best bodies to accouterment their challenges, they charge to be able to calmly backpack them to their abject of operations.

Until recently, this description fit all of America’s best arresting addition centers: Silicon Valley, Seattle, New York, Boston and elsewhere. But the Trump administration’s affected captivation with immigration, decidedly its reforms to the H1-B acceptance affairs for awful accomplished workers, which are advantaged by the tech industry, has debilitated U.S. cities’ all-around advantage.

Last spring, the U.S. temporarily halted the exceptional processing affairs for H1-B visas, a business-friendly account that sped up the approvals action in barter for a fee. Added recently, the Department of Homeland Security issued a account that it affairs to abjure a rule that allows the spouses of H1-B acceptance holders to assignment in the United States, a move that could avert awful accomplished workers from blockage in the U.S. if their spouses can’t defended employment. There is additionally belief that the U.S. government could refuse extensions to H1-B acceptance holders while they delay for their blooming cards, banishment them to acknowledgment home while they wait.

All this abbreviating of red band has beatific a arctic through America’s tech sector. According to abstracts from the San Francisco-based job analytic armpit Hired, U.S. firms’ absorption in hiring adopted workers beneath 37% in the additional division of 2017 compared to the antecedent year and adopted workers’ alertness to account with those aforementioned firms alone by 4%. In plainer terms: Firms are now far beneath assertive of their adeptness to recruit and appoint globally, and individuals away see America as a beneath adorable destination. Bodies appetite to go area they’ll be admired and accepted — not aloof for what they can do but additionally for who they are. 

On the added hand, Canada is activity out of its way to allure immigrants. The Canadian government’s All-around Skills Strategy, which came into aftereffect aftermost June, provides assignment permits for awful accomplished individuals in aloof two weeks. Compare that to America’s archetypal six-month delay to access H1-B status. Governments actuality are additionally advance in college apprenticeship and analysis in the STEM disciplines. They are abetment bogus intelligence analysis through Toronto’s Vector Institute. And they action acceptable tax credits for accurate analysis and beginning development.

And it’s working. The New York Times afresh appear that U.S.-based tech companies are ambience up boutique in Canadian cities in adjustment to accumulate recruiting globally while alienated the Trump administration’s crackdown on altogether acknowledged immigration. Canada is now accession the world’s best and best activating tech aptitude aural its own borders.

Canada presents added advantages for all baby businesses, not aloof the tech sector. Thanks to Canada’s single-payer bloom affliction system, which is mostly paid through taxes, agent bloom affliction costs are low. Then there’s the barter rate: Every U.S. dollar buys about $1.24 Canadian. That’s an absorbing premium, abnormally if your berry basic is in American dollars.

This is the accomplishments adjoin which Amazon will adjudge area to locate HQ2. Added importantly, behindhand of what Amazon decides, this is additionally the accompaniment of the all-around arena acreage in the tech sector, and it’s accessible to see area the approaching is headed. The abutting beachcomber of abundant immigrant entrepreneurs — the Elon Musks and Sergei Brins — will body their ventures in their adopted country. And that country will be Canada.

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