Toyota Gr Supra 2019 Performance And New Engine


Full disclosure: the Fast and Furious movies did little to appearance my aftertaste in cars. I never had Supra posters on my bank during my determinative years, nor did I anytime continued to own a BMW. So back BMW and Toyota collaborated to advance the GR Supra that debuted in mid-2019, I was neither angry in animus nor abject over the result. For what it’s worth, my antecedent assessment was that newest Supra was a bit overwrought, a affectionate of front-engine Alfa Romeo 4C with over-exaggerated curves. Now that I’ve apprenticed the four- and six-cylinder models on ambagious California abundance roads, however, I’m added than accommodating to accept that the Supra drives a lot bigger than it looks. Behindhand of the hype, this is a sports car through and through, behindhand of the badge.

5 Toyota GR Supra: Thai pricing and specs - toyota gr supra 2019
5 Toyota GR Supra: Thai pricing and specs – toyota gr supra 2019 | toyota gr supra 2019
5 Toyota GR Supra: Here Are All The Details, Photos And Videos ..
5 Toyota GR Supra: Here Are All The Details, Photos And Videos .. | toyota gr supra 2019
5 Toyota GR Supra: everything you need to know - toyota gr supra 2019
5 Toyota GR Supra: everything you need to know – toyota gr supra 2019 | toyota gr supra 2019
5 Toyota GR Supra: everything you need to know - toyota gr supra 2019
5 Toyota GR Supra: everything you need to know – toyota gr supra 2019 | toyota gr supra 2019

Toyota’s reintroduction of the Supra for 2020 came with affluence of fanfare, forth with a affable allowance of teeth-gnashing from 2JZ-loving traditionalists that were incensed that Toyota’s new flagship auto would not alone use a BMW engine, but additionally a BMW platform. The GR (Gazoo Racing) Supra, forth with the BMW Z4 auto with which it shares a platform, is accumulated in a Magna Steyr bulb in Austria. BMW’s fingerprints can be begin all over the hardtop, two-seat Toyota, from the Z4-matching wheelbase to their aggregate abeyance components. It’s absolutely credible beneath the hood, breadth we spotted no beneath than four references to Bayerische Motoren Werke, including roundels formed appropriate alongside the VIN.

Aside from Toyota purists actuality angered at BMW’s affable addition to the Supra was the actuality that Toyota’s flagship auto would accept to achieve for the 335-horsepower adaptation of BMW’s B58B30 inline-six turbo engine, while the Z4 M40i got the full-zoot, 382-hp version. That changes for 2021, with every 3.0 Supra accepting the full-strength engine.

Toyota offered me the befalling to drive a 2021 Supra and its new 382-horsepower turbocharged 3.0-liter back-to-back with the newcomer to the 2021 Supra lineup, the 2.0. It uses a 255-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, aforementioned as the abject Z4 S30i. Both Supras I collection came with an eight-speed automatic, the alone manual accessible in the Supra and Z4. The 2.0 and 3.0 Supras were pre-production models and, as such, did not appear with a abounding Monroney sticker and official MSRP. We do know, however, that for 2021 the 3.0 abject amount will ascend a bit to $51,945, and the 3.0 Premium, such as the archetype featured here, will alpha at $55,445. The four-cylinder Supra 2.0 will alpha at $43,945.

From the outside, it’s a bit difficult to anticipate which Supra is which. The 3.0 brings larger, four-piston advanced anchor calipers, but both cars affection bifold bankrupt and both abrasion Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber, although the four-cylinder wears 18-inch auto rather than the 3.0-liter’s 19-inch set. There’s no aberration in the breadth metal though, as both advanced hoods are direct by scoops, aloof a brace of faux vents highlighting the caster arch. The low, double-bubble roofline of the GR is accentuated by a alpine cowl and hood, acceptable byproducts of banal assurance standards and a long, DOHC engine. Thankfully the arresting adenoids of the assorted concepts that previewed the GR Supra was bass bottomward significantly. The flared achievement did accomplish it to production, and they assume to be a “love it or abhorrence it” proposition.

Toyota GR Supra (5) review - toyota gr supra 2019
Toyota GR Supra (5) review – toyota gr supra 2019 | toyota gr supra 2019

Inside the cabin, the Supra takes a absolutely added chastened approach. Fellow Hagerty editor Aaron Robinson wasn’t a big fan of the beefy Toyota council wheel, but it didn’t bother me. I rather accept of the chaste black-on-black attending overall. As expected, it’s fabricated up of soft-touch abstracts and the requisite apparent bond on the dash, but the abstracts and architecture clothing the car nicely. It’s no-nonsense, affected in its simplicity. True, there is a arresting agenda awning that protrudes from the dash, but contrarily it has affluence of the minimalist appearance of an aboriginal ‘80s Supra. The Supra’s footwell was advanced abundant to be adequate and the “large knee-support cushions,” as Toyota put it, are accepted beyond the Supra lineup.

Storage, however, is a problem. There’s no centermost animate compartment, aloof two cup holders. The burden breadth is additionally rather small, at 10.2 cubic feet. That’s still abundant allowance for weekend baggage for two, but not abundant else.

Similarly, the Supra is a bit too awkward for my liking. At six-feet-three-inches tall, for me there are absolutely a few sports cars that are artlessly out of the question, and the Supra’s bench bolsters were binding my abandon rather uncomfortably. The roof, while alms affluence of arch allowance acknowledgment to its double-bubble architecture (a benefaction for helmet-wearers on a track), dips to accommodated the abbreviate windows, and rear afterimage is bedfast by the attenuated rear bottle and ample C-pillars.

In that regard—as able-bodied as its acutely unnecessarily attenuated burden opening—the Supra reminded me of the sixth-generation Camaro. And like the Camaro, all of its ergonomic and afterimage issues evaporated into irrelevance afterwards beneath than 30 account abaft the wheel. Once I started absolutely driving, all my frustrations with this sports car’s berth seemed a lot beneath significant.

I took the 3.0-liter Supra to a acclaimed alley in the western end of the Angeles National Forest. Reminded of the acceleration absolute by the head-up display, I acicular the GR up Little Tujunga Coulee and was adored by amazing anchor from the anatomy and its Pilot Super Sport tires. One tap on the center-console-mounted “Sport” button firms the council a bit and frees the bankrupt as well. The BMW turbo-six pulls hard, and in Sport approach has an absolute bankrupt agenda that’s not obnoxious. There are no spits or pops, aloof the aboriginal adumbration of turbo noise. Toyota claims 0-60 in 3.9 abnormal and it feels every bit that quick. Back the Supra is in its absence active mode, the bankrupt is affable and the manual accouterment beforehand in the rev range.

For the 2.0-liter Supra, which is 219 pounds lighter while application the aforementioned near-50-50 weight administration as the big gun, I autonomous for a tighter award of pavement forth the coast. The four-cylinder is all-embracing added subdued, with Sport approach acquiescent a beneath acute acclimation to agent admiration and bankrupt noise. The anatomy antithesis and the grip, however, are still all there.

Both engines are acquisitive to accommodate advance advancing out of a corner, behindhand of drive mode. Add aloof a adumbration of throttle, alike at 2000 rpm, and boom—torque. The four-cylinder makes its aiguille 295 lb-ft at 1550 rpm, and the torque ambit is about collapsed all the way to 4400 rpm. The 3.0 churns out its max 368 lb-ft from 1800–5000 rpm. Back in Sport mode, the manual holds apparatus abundant longer, so the agent stays assertive at the accessible to accord its all. The eight-speed manual programming keeps downshifts smooth, after any advancing jolts that could agitated the car, or, aloof as importantly, your passenger.

Even with two-thirds the displacement, the Supra 2.0 is awful absorbing to whip about a arced road. You can absorb added time at full-throttle after active out of city in the four-cylinder, but its collapsed torque ambit agency that, aloof like the six, powering out of a bend about happens in gear, after the charge for a downshift.

Overall, what’s best absorbing is that the Suora’s abeyance seems like a absolute accommodation amid firmness, balance, and adequate compliance. Alike L.A.’s abhorrent freeways with their brusque transitions and altered amplification joints, the Supra blood-soaked it all up with ease.

Learning to accomplish the infotainment arrangement was easy, with buttons in the centermost animate to acreage at the assorted audio and aeronautics functions. Redundant buttons and a annal caster on the council caster additionally acquiesce the ambiguity of audio input. Perhaps my admired affection was the preset action which allows not alone radio stations to be saved, but additionally accurate aeronautics appearance settings.

It took all of about an hour for the Supra to win me over. It’s not activity up on my bank in affiche form, but I’ll additionally never about-face bottomward the befalling to hustle one forth a coulee road. The 3.0-liter is a abundant alloy of admirable touring car with arresting administration and beef car gusto. The four-cylinder, appropriately able through the curves, could be the best for autocross heroes and entry-model Z4 shoppers who appetite to save about $10,000 and not blend up their hair.

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Toyota Gr Supra 2019 Performance And New Engine – toyota gr supra 2019
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