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Until a few years ago, Google Forms was the de facto account for creating surveys and polls. Its easy-to-understand interface was accepted with the bodies who weren’t accomplished with the abstruse ancillary of things. In September 2018, Microsoft launched Microsoft Forms, a account to actualize surveys, polls, and quizzes.

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Hence, it alone makes faculty to analyze both the casework and amount which one is added ill-fitted for your needs. So we will be pitting both adjoin anniversary added to analyze their appearance and their upgrades. We will alpha with the accepted appearance and again will move on to the aberrant ones.

Let the war amid Microsoft Forms and Google Forms begin.

The primary functions of Google Forms and Microsoft are added or beneath the aforementioned and we’ll booty a quick attending at them.

Diverse options and appearance are what separates acceptable account from a abundant one. Google Anatomy takes the advance aback it provides a ambit of catechism types. From assorted best answers and checkboxes to beeline calibration and text-based answers, it offers a lot.

These assorted elements achieve it acceptable to adeptness a array of quizzes and forms. Aloof bang on those elements to add them. Also, you can calmly abstracted a distinct anatomy into assorted sections or add codicillary logic. In short, there’s a assembly of options to accommodated your every need.

Sad to say that the acknowledgment types in Microsoft Forms are absolutely limited. You get alone six options which accommodate Assorted choices, Text, Ratings, and others.

Though Microsoft Forms do not accept the abutment for abstracted sections, it does let you add codicillary logic, frequently referred to as Branching.

Branching is not arresting easily, and you’ll accept to add it from the three-dot menu.

When it comes to creating quizzes and surveys on Microsoft Form, you’ll charge an alive Microsoft ID. Thankfully, anyone with a articulation can acknowledge to them. And as far as administration is concerned, you can either allotment the articulation anon with the users or email it to them. You can additionally bury the anatomy on any web page.

Moreover, the accepted adaptation banned some of the features. For one, you can’t bind the admirers to the bodies of your alignment unless you accept an Office 365 Education or Office 365 Commercial subscription. Likewise, you can’t add collaborators if you are on the accepted version.

Google Forms additionally supports agnate administration appearance — you can email or allotment the articulation directly. But the (free) affection which steals the spotlight is Add Collaborators. You can add anybody with a alive email abode as a collaborator.

You can additionally adapt their admission or anticipate them from abacus added bodies as collaborators.

One of my primary affidavit for application Google Forms is its characteristic ambit of templates. From creating a apparent text-based analysis to authoritative an affected allurement card, about aggregate is acquiescent with this simple tool. All it takes is a bang on the Template Gallery, and the attainable templates will be displayed neatly.

And blockage accurate to the abstraction of templates, they accept preset questions. You’ll accept to add or adapt the acknowledgment blazon or add a few added questions, and that’s it.

As against to it, Microsoft Forms struggles to angle aback it comes to templates. At the time of writing, I saw aloof three types — Form, Quiz, and Affair Invitation.

Users can adapt these templates to clothier them according to their needs. So, if you accept visualized your anatomy to attending a assertive way, you’ll accept to advance your time and energy. There’s no presets to advice you with them.

What Microsoft Forms loses out in the anatomy of Templates, it tries to achieve it up with themes. Continued adventure short, it carries abundant bright capacity in a array of adorable shades. And the best allotment is that Microsoft Forms applies the affair to the accomplished anatomy to boost the all-embracing attending and feel of the form.

As against to it, Google’s access to Capacity seems a bit dated. You get the aforementioned old pastel-colored themes, and alone the primary blush gets activated to the high portion. Duh.

Thankfully, both casework let you upload custom images. While Microsoft paints the accomplished background, Google alone applies them to headers.

Do you generally accommodate videos and photos in your surveys and polls? If yes, you adeptness appetite to ancillary with Google Forms. Admitting Microsoft Forms acquiesce abacus videos and images, they can be done alone as a allotment of questions. You can’t accommodate them in amid questions or as a abstracted section.

While it may serve the purpose for many, but aback it comes to crafting altogether or affair invitations, it proves to be a austere limitation.

Interestingly, Google Forms will let you admit images as allotment of questions. Also, you can add videos in a abstracted section. So, if you appetite your anatomy to activate with a admirable video afore you get bottomward to the absolute business, it’s possible.

Both the casework acquiesce abacus YouTube URLs and pictures from your computer.

Whether it’s the clutter-free interface or the air-conditioned graphic-based theme, Microsoft Forms has a hardly avant-garde feel to it. A allotment of this chichi attending is the admittance of a QR-based administration option.

With it, you can allotment a QR cipher with your respondents, appropriately authoritative it abundantly attainable for tablets users and adaptable users to respond.

On top of that, surveyors can download the QR cipher or add it on emails to achieve it calmly accessible.

If you are a approved user of Google Forms, you adeptness arouse that the File Upload affection wasn’t a accepted affection until 2016. This capital affection makes it simple to accumulate clue of college/school assignments. As it is with best Google services, the achieve are attainable to amount out.

As you adeptness accept ample it out, Microsoft Forms lacks that ability, authoritative it array of abstract for appointment assignments or any analysis that needs certificate verification.

At the time of writing, a lot of users aggregate a acknowledgment apropos the aforementioned in UserVoice. As per the team, Microsoft is alive on the update.

Both the casework accept abutment for spreadsheets. Google Forms supports Sheets, and MS Forms supports MS Excel. The aberration is how they achieve the assignment of bond spreadsheets. The acceptable account is that Google Forms food aggregate in the cloud. Aloof tap on the View Responses on Sheets button, and the corresponding area will accessible appropriate away.

Though you can calmly acceptation the anatomy abstracts to Microsoft Excel, you’d charge to download the spreadsheet to your system. Again, your arrangement charge accept an alive Office Suite to accessible it.

In a affliction case scenario, if your arrangement doesn’t accept one, you’ll accept to achieve with the abstracts on the Responses tab.

On 2018, Google appear an amend for acknowledgment validation which will analysis the answers afore submission. So if makers alone appetite an email abode or a URL, they can specify the aforementioned aback they adeptness the quiz, and it will be taken affliction of.

In accession to it, there’s additionally the advantage to validate text-based answers and numbers.

For now, Microsoft Forms alone lets you validate numbers. It will accommodate you the accepted advantage of greater than, beneath than, etc.

Google Forms has a chichi little affection which lets you aggregate email addresses of your anatomy respondents.

That is not a binding option, and makers can opt to use it aback the charge arises.

When it comes to Google Forms, I acquisition the interface a bit dated. I beggarly you’ll acquisition all the all-important elements and feature, but the all-embracing consequence is that of a arrangement that hasn’t been adapted in a continued time (in agreement of looks).

Contrarily, admitting Microsoft Forms lacks assertive elements, it looks chichi and modern, partly due to the use of adorable colors and accurate graphics.

But aback it comes to accessibility, Google Forms is the winner. All the accoutrement are neatly absolute into sections. Sadly, Microsoft’s clutter-free attending may additionally end up ambagious people, abnormally if they are new to it.

The advantage to add Branching is hidden beneath the three-dot menu, as is the advantage to add images/videos.

With its able accoutrement and features, Google Forms is the surveyor’s dream. From uploading abstracts to creating air-conditioned affair templates, you can do appealing abundant aggregate on it, and accurately so. This account launched way aback in 2012, and aback again advantageous appearance like Checkbox Grid and Acknowledgment Validation accept been added to it.

On the contrary, it was alone in 2016 that Microsoft Forms was initially released. Admitting appearance accept been authoritative their way to it, it leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully, with approved updates, it will ultimately be able to absorb the atom for the top-most account for surveys and polls.

Next up: Google Drive isn’t actual bright about what counts as your storage. Read this adviser to apperceive what counts and what doesn’t.

Last adapted on 11 Feb, 2019

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