Marriage Invitation Format Kannada

Marriage Invitation Format Kannada – Marriage Invitation Format Kannada

Marriage ceremonies in India accept become alike with absurdity and ancient rituals. Of course, weddings are a time for celebration, but is it accessible any best to bless in a simple and allusive way? I begin my acknowledgment in a abbreviate book called Mantra Mangalya, bound by Kuvempu in 1966, on the break of his son Poornachandra Tejaswi’s wedding. Even afterwards bisected a century, his around-the-clock admonition still acquainted relevant.

The Kannada biographer Kuvempu, as he was accepted by his pen name, was a thinker advanced of his time. About anniversary one of his arcane works carries a advanced message. The Mantra Mangalya, in particular, was accounting to animate alternate ethics of account and adequation amid couples.

According to the Mantra Mangalya’s way of accomplishing things, weddings should be simple, amount hardly any money, and be environmentally affable – article which the abundant weddings of today lack.

My addition to Kuvempu’s advanced eyes came in a rather angled way. Despite the actuality that some of his autograph and balladry were accomplished in school, abundant of what i learnt from them came from alfresco the academy premises. I had developed up to my mother account belief accounting in Kannada, usually by KP Poornachandra Tejaswi. Tejaswi was Kuvempu’s son and a arcane ample himself. Like his father’s writing, Tejaswi’s assignment was additionally socially-committed. The way of activity he sketched out was non-conformist, progressive, or rebellious, depending on how one perceived it.

When I was still in aerial school, my mother was account Tejaswi’s Annana Nenapu, or Memories of My Father. She accomplished a affiliate in which Tejaswi declared his bells – conducted in accordance with the simple and allusive anniversary that Kuvempu prescribed. As she put the book down, she said, “We would be badly appreciative if you affiliated this way.”

Tejaswi had affiliated his wife Rajeshwari, sans all rituals. The commemoration was conducted in their house, the alone hymns recited were from the Mantra Mangalya. A sample of the allurement letter displayed the aforementioned faculty of brevity and simplicity. I had never absurd that bisected a aeon back the book was written, my wife Vidisha and I would chase the footsteps of Tejaswi.

The action was not easy. It about never is. My parents were already assertive about Mantra Mangalya, but Vidisha was confronted with the ample assignment of persuading her parents. Her ancestors was sceptical about the abstraction of a bells afterwards rituals, and we were bent to accept one afterwards any. Despite everything, we eventually begin a average ground: my -to-be ancestors approved a astrologer, and he brash that the bells be conducted in a temple on a accurate day and a decidedly advantageous time. They chose the ample Nanjanagud Temple abreast Mysore. We agreed, back the final objective, afterwards all, was to ally anniversary other, whatever the affairs of the absolute bells may be. On the bells day, alone actual few of my abutting accompany and ancestors knew that I would be marrying Vidisha beneath a timberline in the temple complex.

Even then, things were not easy. First off, the breadth was a ample temple circuitous and back we were to be affiliated on a Sunday, bags of bodies were milling about in the complex, beneath our tree, the alone Ficus religiosa in the breadth – acclaimed for the bounded priest who consistently sat beneath its shade.

While I waited, several couples affiliated anniversary added beneath our timberline and left. My helpmate and her ancestors were boilerplate in sight. Assuming that they were central the temple assuming some affectionate of ritual, I waited beside the tree, on a aisle called Moksh-marg or the aisle to Nirvana. As time passed, I began to worry. The abundant buzz calls I fabricated went unanswered.

Meanwhile, ashore in a awash temple, Vidisha’s ancestors associates were badly aggravating to block themselves amid admirers aggravating to bolt a glimpse of the bean deity. Eventually, I was abreast by one of Vidisha’s relatives, that the breadth we had originally called was too crowded. We had to go to addition one nearby. Tempers flared on both abandon and anarchy ensued.

Eventually, we accomplished a new breadth and realised what this day had meant to advise us all along: whatever happens is ultimately for the good.

A bizarre mango orchard greeted us, abroad from the anarchy of the temple. The river Kapila flowed by its side, creating an ambient that was anon abatement for all the frayed nerves. Until this time, I had not been able to altercate the day’s affairs with Vidisha. Her attendance added to the abysmal calmness I acquainted at the orchard, abroad from the crowd.

One of Vidisha’s ancestors associates agreed to conduct the marriage. I was accustomed two photocopies of the Mantra Mangalya, and the about apprehend out the admonition it independent for a helpmate and groom. Here is a actual abrupt extract of the 20 hymns:

“You are now absolved from all casts, sects, falsehoods, superstitions and added cerebral or airy boundaries.

Time has no qualities, It cannot be earned, nor can it be created and can never be adored up. This makes every moment of one’s lifetime precious. You can transform time into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ times by your actions….

All bodies are equal. Today, you accept alone all religions and traditions that deliver men are above to women. 

A wife and bedmate are not mutually dependent, nor are they to be ordered around. The wife enjoys the aforementioned abandon and is according to the husband. 

Love is the alone agency to ensure a bedmate and wife’s activity together. In the absence of love, accepting affiliated by attached the Mangalya, ambit about a blaze or assuming all kinds of rituals, is in vain.”

Once these hymns had been read, we were declared to be bedmate and wife and all the requisite abstracts were appropriately signed. A mangal sutra was angry about Vidisha’s neck. Suddenly, we were amidst by ancestors associates of all ages, captivated to accept been allotment of such a different wedding. By the end of our wedding, Vidisha and I were the happiest people: we may not accept accomplished annihilation above or afflicted the world, but we had stood up for the ethics we believed in and that was a able alpha to a marriage.

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