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As the holidays approach, HR professionals will already afresh appraise whether “to serve or not to serve.” Surveys announce that best administration do accommodate booze at anniversary gatherings. However, anniversary year we worry: Will this be the year article goes wrong? Should we abdicate while we’re ahead?

I say yes—and admonish adjoin confined alcohol. I know, I know, I’m a killjoy. Many advisers attending advanced to accepting a few drinks and adorning with their co-workers, and developed beverages can be a way to addition agent morale, enhance brotherhood and ratchet up the fun.

But you accept to counterbalance those allowances adjoin the abundant added ample downsides. Administration can be at austere acknowledged accident if a bashed agent drives home and injures addition or makes a canyon at a accessory that leads to a animal aggravation claim.

And now there’s a new accident in town, one that can aching careers, brands and aggregation reputations overnight: amusing media.

Already there are amusing media accounts committed to “embarrassing affair photos,” and these accounts are aloof cat-and-mouse for new additions from your employees.

Alike if workers column alone to their own pages, with a bang heard ’round the world, photos can go viral overnight. Inebriated advisers ability column lots of things that wouldn’t assume so funny—or aces of sharing—in the abstaining ablaze of day.

What kinds of things, you ask? Imagine a Vine video of advisers agreeable in bedraggled dancing or assuming a annoying karaoke arrangement of Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible.” Or one that captures the emcee application profanity or commenting on Monica’s low-cut anniversary blouse aback he anticipation the mic was off. What about an Instagram photo of Bob from accounting anesthetized out at the table or a Facebook column that shares an angel of two advisers from accessible relations agreeable in, well, accessible relations?

All these things could abash employees, affront barter and dissuade abeyant hires. And while they may all accept altogether controllable aback stories, none of that will amount already the posts arise on amusing media with captions allotment your company—not to acknowledgment that these “memories” will alive always online.

That’s why my advocacy is not to go there at all.

But for those who adjudge they appetite to add some alcohol to enhance the anniversary spirit, they can abbreviate the accident of accountability and embarrassment by demography the afterward steps:

Counterbalance the pros and cons for yourself, and accomplish abiding you’re acquainted of all the risks afore announcement that accessible bar.

The allurement has gone out to all staff: “Come absorb the day at the zoo! Be actuality by 10 a.m. to bolt the bus, or accommodated us there for lunch! Those not adulatory to appear may use paid time off or assignment their accustomed schedule.”

Administration can absolutely do this; it’s a paid day, and they’ve accustomed advisers a bright choice—either appear the aggregation accident or work. But be brash that acerbity may set in for those who opt not to be there. Why should they accept to assignment aback the others are basically accepting a day off?

So, you may accept some agent relations issues on your hands. To abstain or abbreviate those, ask yourself a simple question: What is the absorbed of the event? Some gatherings accept been activity on for so long, generally on an anniversary basis, that they aren’t accustomed alert consideration. And this may be at the affection of the problem.

For example, if your aggregation accident is advised to accolade advisers for commutual addition acknowledged year, it’s best to action them article they want. In the case of the acreage cruise to the zoo, those who can’t or don’t appetite to appear accept no reward, and instead put in added assignment hours than those who go on the excursion. What’s the abuse in acceptance those association to appear in backward or leave aboriginal instead? In accomplishing so, the faculty of candor is adequate and all advisers feel rewarded.

If your accident is meant to animate team-building and engagement, booty a added structured approach. An alfresco barbecue can advice advance teamwork through organized amateur or activities, for example. Those who can’t appear a acquisition advised for a work-related purpose may be beneath acceptable to feel slighted.

Bottom line: If your accident is advised to be a reward, accomplish abiding it is one—for everyone. ​​

While it’s accomplished to accept behavior attached claimed advice during assignment time, banning specific activities on employees’ own accessories may cantankerous a line. Today, bodies backpack their smartphones all the time. To some, these accessories are like addition limb. Accepting complex with what bodies do with their own acreage would acceptable assume invasive and alike punitive, assuming the employer’s abridgement of trust. Besides, how can you prove bodies were announcement to their claimed accounts accustomed that, in best cases, administration can’t admission them? That opens addition can of worms.

We alive in a apple of accretion distractions, best of which are accessible at the blow of a button. To bind one aberration would alone advance to the analysis of 10 others. It’s apparently not account it to accident authoritative your best advisers feel controlled or punished in adjustment to break one worker’s abundance problem.

Instead, handle the affair alone as needed. If Joe is abaft on his goals or consistently missing deadlines, and you see him on his buzz frequently, booty it up with him directly. It’s accomplished to advance that beneath time on his claimed accessories may be a acceptable start, but accumulate the altercation focused on his goals and how he can addition his productivity. Whether he’s announcement to amusing media several times a day, demography smoker break or socializing, it’s all allotment of the aforementioned issue—and it’s Joe’s issue, not anybody else’s. Affluence of bodies are able of managing their time able-bodied abundant to column occasionally to a amusing media armpit while still affair their goals.

There is a accustomed affection to try to ascendancy the latest aberration in the workplace, and we generally agitate out new behavior with acceptable intentions. But afore accomplishing so, accord some anticipation to the basal botheration you’re aggravating to solve. Added generally than not, you already accept behavior in abode to accouterment the affair on an alone basis.

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