Justice League Birthday Invitation Template

Justice League Birthday Invitation Template – Justice League Birthday Invitation Template

The year was 1962. The flat arrangement in Hollywood was in a anarchy — the appulse of American television had acquired a aloft draft to the motion picture. The industry, in fact, was abating up to the Hollywood Renaissance, bargain accepted as the ‘New Hollywood’ — a movement that would activate bristles years afterwards with Bonnie and Clyde in 1967, a cine set to be widely-debated. It was during this aeon that Sivaji Ganesan accustomed in Los Angeles for a two-month bout at the allurement of Screen Actors’ Guild in Hollywood on account of the American Embassy. Accompanied by Dennis H Kux, the then-American Consul in Madras, he was accustomed a activation reception.

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During his stay, Sivaji Ganesan visited acclaimed studios such as Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. The closing was area amateur Marlon Brando was filming The Ugly American, which appear in 1963. Sivaji and Kux visited the set on a day aback Brando was call the arrangement area his character, Ambassador Harrison MacWhite, meets his friend-turned-communist insubordinate Deong (Eiji Okada) aloft his accession in Thailand, area the cine was set. Afterwards exchanging pleasantries, Kux alien Sivaji to Brando as “one of the abundant actors from India”.

“Oh, I accept heard of Mr. See-va-gee. Aren’t you alleged the Marlon Brando of Indian cinema?” Brando winked. The accord had the appropriate bulk of snark to blow a nerve. Sivaji did not acknowledge and maintained his composure.

He attempt aback with a simple: “I am accomplished actuality referred to as Marlon Brando, as continued as you are accepted as the Sivaji Ganesan of Hollywood.” That escalated quickly, wondered Kux, who, by now, was afraid profusely. Nobody messed with Nadigar Thilagam, alike if it were The Godfather. There was an awkward silence. Tension was building, but both men access out bedlam — as if they had accepted anniversary added for years.


The usually bashful Brando allow his angel that day and batten in abundant spirit. The duo discussed work, the abridgement of acknowledgment for 18-carat efforts and what was ailing cinema, globally. Assignment captivated Brando, who was accepted for his stress-related ailments. He wondered out loud about his accessible big-budget Mutiny on the Bounty, and asked how Sivaji handled the box-office pressure. “I never gave a anticipation about it. In fact, aback I get home, I accept abutting to nine releases this year,” Sivaji laughed.

“Nine? That’s like bisected of what I’ve done so far. But how is activity alfresco of work? Do you get your space?” he said.

“Of course, Mr. Brando. I realised one affair — that a man who doesn’t absorb time with his ancestors can never be a absolute man,” replied Sivaji.

They exchanged smiles and promised to break in touch, afore branch out for lunch.

Disclaimer: The aloft chat amid Sivaji Ganesan and Marlon Brando never happened. Call it fanfiction, but this is how I pictured their ‘legendary’ affair in my head.

In a address appear by The Hindu in July 1962 anon afterwards his acknowledgment to India, Sivaji Ganesan accepted that he anticipation Marlon Brando was a boxy guy, but “he batten like a adolescent and bidding his admiration to appointment India soon”. Apart from this, actual little advice is accessible in accessible apple as to what absolutely happened aback Sivaji met Brando. This prompted me to ability out to Ramkumar Ganesan, the ancient son of Sivaji Ganesan, allurement if his ancestor had anytime aggregate any absorbing anecdotes. As a analytical fan of both Sivaji and Brando, I was bent to accumulate every minute detail — like whether Sivaji was afraid at all, because it was his aboriginal time in Hollywood.

“Mr Sivaji Ganesan was never nervous,” came Ramkumar’s acknowledgment in a close baritone, as if it was beeline from the horse’s mouth.

Blast from the past

Ramkumar, who was a school-going kid then, remembers one accurate adventure that Sivaji himself had mentioned aback the chat about Brando circumscribed up. According to Ramkumar, Marlon Brando discussed the attributes of Indian cinema and declared that he had watched a few Bengali movies at blur festivals.

He questioned the assuming of abjection and asked why it was a alternating affair in Indian movies. To which, Sivaji replied: “We are a developing country and we like to brainwash our bodies about our active conditions.”

Funnily, though, Sivaji allegedly joked that the clothing he wore amounted to $500, which abounding Americans could not allow then. Ramkumar additionally added that The Teahouse of the August Moon was Sivaji’s favourite Brando movie, as against to the accepted delusion that it was The Godfather.

There is a acclaimed adduce by Brando, “Sivaji can act like me, but I cannot act like him.” Ramkumar said he cannot alone verify this back “my ancestor was not addition who believed in self-praising”.

But V Raghavendhra (65), secretary of Nadigar Thilagam Blur Acknowledgment Association, recalls the again Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, CN Annadurai, apropos to Brando’s adduce in one of his speeches.

One could draw several parallels amid the two abundant actors, afterwards addition much. Marlon Brando played an American Ambassador in a movie, during whose shooting, Sivaji paid a appointment as a Cultural Ambassador.

This reminds me of a arena in The Ugly American, area Brando gets chock-full at the airport, aback he arrives in Thailand. The arena was not any altered at the Meenambakkam airport on June 24, 1962, aback a sea of admirers — a little over 10,000 — accustomed Sivaji Ganesan with all fervour. Soon afterwards he emerged out of the cockpit, the army started sloganeering, “Long alive Sivaji” — a aggregate articulation that still resonates beyond Tamil Nadu.

(With inputs from The Hindu Archives)

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