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The accepted celebration of the 50th ceremony of the assassination of Admiral John F. Kennedy raises one abiding question: What explains JFK’s constant ascendancy on the civic imagination?

Why does Kennedy amount so abundantly in American anamnesis back his admiral was so short, his accomplishments so few (particularly in the calm amphitheatre area he cannot analyze with his successor) and his bequest transient?

So is our aggregate allure with Kennedy aloof apparent — a artefact of the appreciably attractive, compellingly beheld attributes of his presidency?

After all, admitting presidents back William McKinley appeared on blur and Dwight D. Eisenhower fabricated ablaze use of the new average of television, Kennedy absolutely became the aboriginal media president. His admiral charcoal primarily a alternation of images — from the hatless, allegedly active man at the lectern on Inauguration Day to the agitating photo of John F. Kennedy Jr. saluting his father’s casket 50 years ago this month.

Kennedy’s legacy, however, is added than a alternation of bank images. His access was not superficial. For JFK essentially adapted the attributes of political antagonism in the United States.

The Kennedy admiral apparent a cogent battleground in the abiding transformation of American backroom — the half-century-long alteration from a arrangement in which parties structured civic politics, with affair organizations basic the primary intermediaries amid politicians and citizens, to our political mural now, in which the governors and the absolute collaborate principally through accumulation media.

Crucial to this transformation had been a alternation of innovations that accustomed candidates and appointment holders to acquaint with voters, activate supporters, and accession funds afterwards assurance on acceptable affair organizations (and their leaders) and, at the aforementioned time, breakable the barriers amid backroom and entertainment.

These innovations — the mobilization of celebrities on account of candidates; the use of announcement and accessible relations professionals to ability personas for politicians; the development of adult attack spots for film, radio and television; the accurate administration of presidential images — did not appear overnight. Indeed, they had been developing back the 1920s. Not surprisingly, they aboriginal flourished in California.

In fact, Kennedy’s beat media attack in 1960, from the action for the Democratic presidential best to the accepted election, congenital on techniques that had flourished during the antecedent thirty years in California accompaniment politics. The Kennedy ancestors had abysmal roots in the Hollywood flat system. JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy, ran three assembly studios on the West Coast. Agnate to added flat admiral like Louis B. Mayer and Jack Warner, he actively crafted accessible personas for his employees, application the Hollywood “Dream Machine” to about-face abstruse actors into stars. Joe additionally took his sons on visits to Hollywood, during which John Kennedy able relationships with celebrities, from Olivia de Havilland to his brother-in-law Peter Lawford and acquaintance Frank Sinatra. They all accomplished him acquaint in advice that would prove added admired as television and announcement took ascendancy of American backroom in the 1950s.

As JFK hit the primary aisle in the winter of 1960, his attack assassin Jack Denove Productions to aftermath ads featuring memorable scenes captured from the campaign, generally highlighting the boisterous crowds that greeted Kennedy in cities beyond the country. To ensure these agog crowds showed up for attack appearances, brother and adviser Robert F. Kennedy abounding radio, newspapers, and television with advertisements for advancing events. Kennedy frequently appeared with his amateur friends, including Lawford, and Sinatra. Wherever he went in 1960, as Kennedy absolved on to the stage, they played a appropriate adaptation of Sinatra’s hit tune, “High Hopes.”

The goal: to aftermath “Jack Kennedy fans” to prove his political authority. And it worked. Swarms of crowds greeted him and beseeched him with requests for autographs. Kennedy, empiric journalists, was a “celebrity about here” because of the capability of a “slick high-octane machine.”

Later in the campaign, TV spots alike featured arresting entertainers acknowledging the accepted candidate, like the amateur Henry Fonda and the accompanist and civilian rights activist Harry Belafonte.

For their part, Kennedy’s opponents absolved him as an abandoned suit, criticizing his assurance on Hollywood actualization and image-making. Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, Kennedy’s battling in the primaries, mocked him as “Jack Who Has Jack.” Republican appointee Richard M. Nixon denounced JFK’s “cheap publicity” by the “Hollywood aspect that is acknowledging him.”

Senate Majority Baton Lyndon B. Johnson, the man best assemblage advised the beloved for the Democratic best in 1960, afterwards reflected that Kennedy “never said a chat of accent in the Senate and he never did a thing. But somehow. . . he managed to actualize the angel of himself as . . . a active baton who would change the face of the country. Now, I will accept that he looked clumsily acceptable on the goddamned television awning . . . but his growing ascendancy on the American bodies was artlessly a abstruseness to me.”

The skepticism of Kennedy’s rivals fabricated sense. They came of age in a political apple far altered from today — one in which accompaniment affair organizations and bounded leaders controlled the nominating process. As backward as 1968, in fact, the affair assumption still bedeviled the best of presidential nominees. There were alone 15 primaries that year, and they best aloof 38 percent of the civic assemblage delegates. Humphrey became the Democratic appointee for admiral that year afterwards acceptable a distinct primary. He didn’t actively challenge any of them — and he still won the nomination!

In 1960, Johnson followed that aforementioned cabal strategy. Deciding adjoin an accessible bid for the White House, he did not access any primaries. There were 16 that year — admitting one had no candidates, aloof unpledged slates of delegates. Johnson ample that a apoplectic Democratic Civic Convention, clumsy to adjudge amid abundant contenders, would about-face to its best arresting civic leader.

What Kennedy accepted — and his rivals abominably blurred — was that the arrangement was changing. By acceptable primaries and architecture accepted action for his celebrity image, Kennedy assertive affair leaders that he would be a strong, adorable applicant in November. He won the best on the aboriginal ballot.

American politicians took apprehension — no one added so than Nixon. In 1968, he carefully accepted the Kennedy archetypal he had denounced eight years earlier. In the words of one top aide, Nixon accepted that “today’s applicant charge apprentice to grapple, to cope, and to beat television — clarify and activity a ‘saleable’ television angel — in adjustment to become adorable to the electorate.”

Nixon accumulated a accomplished aggregation of media consultants, including approaching Fox News ambassador Roger Ailes. His aggregation acclimated able images to ability some of the best potent, avant-garde spots in attack history. And to affix to burghal audiences, the applicant appeared on the hit actualization Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In to abundantly acknowledge “Sock it to me!” as added celebrities consistently did.

Kennedy appropriately helped conductor in the avant-garde media-driven celebrity presidency. He carefully appealed to television audiences as media consumers first, and voters second. In accomplishing this, he badly avant-garde the breakdown of the barrier amid backroom and entertainment.

Kennedy, for example, fabricated a bedfellow actualization on The Tonight Actualization with host Jack Paar. Following his lead, Nixon began to disclose his political career in 1963 with a agnate account with Paar. In 1968, to win the presidency, Nixon stepped it up and went prime time on Laugh-In. Humphrey banned his allurement to the show, cerebration it undignified. Nobody would echo that aberration again.

Kennedy’s media admiral additionally catalyzed the abrasion of affair machines and the appearance of the plebiscitary presidency. Despite his innovations, to win the admiral in 1960 JFK still bare able political apparatus administration like Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley. Affair leaders still clung to ability in 1968. But afterwards that year, things began to change. Candidates approved abundant added access with grassroots activists, accustomed voters and celebrities who could comedy “media games” to advice authorize the believability and backing the attack of primary contenders. Instead of the 16 primaries in 1960, there were 34 in 1980, free three-quarters of the delegates.

For bigger or worse, Americans today still cross the political mural that charcoal JFK’s constant legacy.

PHOTO (TOP): Admiral John F. Kennedy alcove out to the army aggregate at the Hotel Texas Parking Lot Rally in Fort Worth, November 22, 1963.  REUTERS/Cecil Stoughton/The White House/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

PHOTO (INSERT 1): The 1960 Democratic Civic Convention. REUTERS/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

PHOTO (INSERT 2): Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. and John F. Kennedy accession at Southampton, England, July 2, 1938. REUTERS/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

PHOTO (INSERT 3): John F. Kennedy at the 1960 Democratic convention. REUTERS/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

PHOTO (INSERT 4): 1960 Acclamation Attack brochure. Printed by the Massachusetts Committee for John F. Kennedy for Admiral of the U.S. REUTERS/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

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