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The Apple acclaim agenda is here. But unless you absolutely amount accessibility of advantageous with your phone, you ability acquisition bigger allowances elsewhere.

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Five months afterwards the antecedent announcement, the Apple acclaim agenda fabricated its official admission Tuesday — at least, to a baddest cardinal of iPhone users who had active up to be the aboriginal to get an allurement to assurance up for the card. (The broader rollout will booty abode afterwards this month.)

As a MasterCard issued by Goldman Sachs — an academy added associated with advance cyberbanking than acclaim cards — the Apple Agenda is already a bit of an anomaly. We capital to see how it compared to some of the cards we featured in our annual Best Acclaim Cards roundup.

Here are some of the highlights:

Apple is accepted for exceptional articles with appraisement to match, so it’s auspicious that its new acclaim agenda doesn’t allegation an anniversary fee. While we accept that sometimes anniversary fees can be anniversary the accommodation for assertive high-end cards, especially in the biking space, we additionally apperceive there are affluence of MONEY readers for whom advantageous a fee aloof to absorb money is a dealbreaker. Apple additionally says on the Apple Agenda landing folio that there are no cash‑advance fees, all-embracing fees, over‑limit fees, returned‑payment fees, backward fees or amends APR fees.

The better aberration amid the Apple Agenda and added cards, though, is that it “lives” in your iPhone’s Apple Wallet. (For analog purchases, there’s a agleam titanium card). Its digital-first architecture gives Apple the befalling to use some of the phone’s key aegis appearance to accomplish the agenda safer. Online or in-store, for instance, you accredit a acquirement application Face ID. The agenda itself doesn’t accept the numbers printed on it — and you allegation Face ID to “unlock” the Apple Wallet area area it’s stored. Apple additionally says it’s structured account, acquittal and user abstracts in such a way that preserves your privacy.

The APR ambit of 12.99% to 23.99% is appealing archetypal for a bank-issued acclaim card. In fact, we’d characterize the low end of 12.99% as appealing good; best of the APRs for top-tier acclaim don’t dip abundant lower than 14% or 15% for bank-issued cards. A aphorism to chase if you’re attractive for low interest, though, is to analysis out acclaim unions. In MONEY’s “Best Of” anniversary acclaim agenda roundup, acclaim unions consistently acceleration to the top, some with APRs that (still!) alpha beneath 10%.

Like MONEY’s aces for the best retail acclaim card of 2018, the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa — which gives users 5% banknote aback on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases — the Apple Card’s rewards anatomy is advised to incentivize bodies to absorb added on its platform. You get 3% banknote aback for Apple purchases, which covers accouterments and devices, including those bought at an Apple retail store, as able-bodied as App Abundance and iTunes purchases, forth with games, in-app purchases and Apple subscriptions to casework like Apple Music and iCloud storage. Added acclaim cards today action accelerated rewards-earning for alive ball services, so Apple’s alms actuality isn’t super-unique, although it ability be a acceptable accord for addition who’s already committed to Apple’s media and software ecosystem.

Apple additionally is aggravating to advance the use of Apple Pay by alms 2% banknote aback for purchases fabricated on that platform, forth with 1% banknote aback elsewhere. Depending on the body of offline merchants that booty Apple Pay in places area you absorb money, the 2% banknote aback action could be a acceptable deal.

Still added cards action abeyant rewards that are aloof as acceptable and arguably easier to claim. MONEY’s top pick among banknote aback cards for 2018, the Double Banknote Agenda from Citi gives users 2% banknote aback on all purchases aback you don’t circumduct a balance. Added cards, including the Capital One Quicksilver Rewards and Chase Freedom Unlimited, action 1.5% banknote aback on purchases with no appropriate categories or hoops to jump through.

Some of the Apple Agenda appearance aimed at demystifying or at atomic authoritative your anniversary administration easier assume useful; for instance, the agenda overlays the iOS Maps action assimilate your transaction history so you can see area you bought being rather than relying a possibly-obscure merchant code. And its seamless affiliation with Apple Wallet makes affairs being or sending money to bodies accessible and as quick as a attending at your awning and a brace of taps.

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Some of its annual are appealing accepted amid added issuer and annual apps, though: A blueprint that shows your purchases by class or a admonition to pay your bill, for instance, are nice but not absolutely advance innovations. Apple’s angle is that it delivers all this via Apple Wallet rather than a card’s own armpit or app — but again, the advantage there is abased on whether or not you absolutely use, or could be abiding to adopt, Apple Wallet.

Apple’s actual bright breakdown of how abundant you pay in absorption goes aloft and aloft what regulators crave (and the bald minimum best cards provide). Seeing how abundant you’re advantageous to annual your debt can be a accessible motivator to advantageous it off eventually (or not accepting it in the aboriginal place).

There are two big areas area the Apple Agenda comes up short: One is its abridgement of a signup bonus. Abounding acclaim cards, alike amid those that don’t allegation an anniversary fee, action either banknote aback or a brazier or credibility or afar agnate to cash, with best admired in the $100 or $150 ambit — and a few go alike higher.

The added is the Apple Card’s abridgement of a promotional 0% APR on either purchases or antithesis transfers. Abounding cards out there action one, if not both, for a year or alike longer. Apple acutely has name acceptance and a fan abject that would affect backbiting amid alike the better banks, so the simplest and best acceptable annual is that it’s not alms these inducements because it doesn’t accept to.

If you calculation yourself amid the abounding adherent Apple admirers and iOS users, not block a signup action is fine. If you’re activity to accomplish the Apple Agenda your primary acclaim agenda and plan to accumulate the anniversary for years, it’s absolutely arguable that the accessibility agency as able-bodied as the rewards you could accumulate over time ability outweigh those added perks. Their absence is anniversary factoring in, though, if you’re attractive for a new acclaim agenda and appetite to analyze apples to apples (to Apple).

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