Harry Potter Birthday Invitation Template

Harry Potter Birthday Invitation Template – Harry Potter Birthday Invitation Template

Official Hogwarts invitationsSet the accent of the affair advanced of time with accurate invitations that attending like they came anon from Hogwarts!

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What you’ll need: Parchment cardboard and envelopes in “natural,” Hogwarts allowance (found online), red sealing wax, allowance brand and calligraphy pen (optional)

Directions: Abode the Hogwarts allowance at the top of your allurement design, and the appellation “Hogwarts Academy of Witches and Wizardry” forth the bottom. Add the affair details, utilizing a able accent appearance aggressive by the movie. For example: “We are admiring to acquaint you that you accept been arrive to a appropriate altogether anniversary in account of new arch boy/girl _____________. The anniversary will arise at the achievement of noon.”

Tip: For added authenticity, abutting the aback of the envelopes with a red wax allowance and use calligraphy for the commitment addresses.

Enchanted dragon egg decorDragons are an important allotment of the astrologer apple and a admired of Hogwarts administrator Rubeus Hagrid, who alike kept one as a pet! Use these Enchanted Dragon Eggs for Magical Beastly Hunts or as added affair décor.

What you’ll need: Ample artificial Easter eggs, brownish gold acrylic and fleck-stone acrylic (available at ability or home advance stores)

Directions: Find an open, alfresco amplitude to acrylic the eggs. Protect the apparent that you’ll be painting on with a band of bi-weekly or artificial debris bags. Aerosol some of the artificial eggs with fleck-stone acrylic for a mysterious, brindled accomplishment and others with brownish gold to advertence Harry’s aboriginal assignment in the Twiwizard Tournament from Goblet of Fire: burglary a aureate dragon egg from a nesting mother.

Tip: For added “enchantment”, add a final covering of shimmery beam aerosol to the corrective eggs.

Potion jar centerpiecesPotions is one of the best accepted classes at Hogwarts, so accomplish abiding you accept an abounding accumulation of Gillyweed and Hippogriff Gizzards on hand!

What you’ll need: Glass jars in altered sizes, labels for jars, aliment coloring, baptize and a array of odd-looking substances to serve as “magical” ingredients

Directions: Ample the jars with altered substances and characterization them according to the potions and capacity mentioned in the Harry Potter movies. The added awful and gross-sounding the better! For example:

Tip: Need advice with the jar labels? Download our printable characterization templates.

Magic drinksKids will beam believing as they watch bright baptize or soda transform into a active color… charge be magic!

What you’ll need: Artificial affair cups, aliment coloring, ice, baptize or lemon-lime soda

Directions: Abode 2 to 3 drops of aliment appearance at the basal of anniversary affair cup and let dry. Aloof afore confined the drinks, ample anniversary cup with ice to adumbrate the aliment coloring. While anniversary adolescent watches, cascade the alcohol over the ice, and the bright baptize or soda will “magically” about-face into a blush as it fills their cup! Use altered colors of aliment appearance so that the kids won’t apperceive what blush to apprehend from their “magic” soda.

Tip: Add a “fortune telling” aspect to the drinks by allotment a acceptation to anniversary blush and announcement the altered meanings on a baby assurance abreast the soda. For example, amethyst = royalty, blooming = wealth, chicken = continued life. Whichever blush anniversary guest’s soda turns additionally predicts their claimed “fortune.”

Licorice astrologer wands Expecto Patronum! Whether they’re casting spells or dematerialization into bellies, these super-easy treats are a fun accession to any astrologer party.

What you’ll need: Atramentous licorice sticks, white Bonbon Melts, white nonpareils (candy sprinkles), wax paper, baking sheet, orange M&M’s

Directions: Line baking area with wax cardboard and set aside. Melt the bonbon melts according to amalgamation instructions. Dip tips of anniversary licorice aberration into the broiled bonbon to actualize the top allotment of the “wand,” again baptize with white nonpareils while the bonbon is still wet. Abode the wands on wax cardboard and let dry until the bonbon blanket is firm. Display in a bed of orange M&M’s.

Tip: To actualize checkered wands, use Rainbow Twizzlers instead of atramentous licorice, forth with altered shapes and colors of bonbon sprinkles.

Wizard hat cupcakesThese adorable, amoroso cone-topped cupcakes will attract both ambitious wizards and Muggles alike!

What you’ll need: Amber block mix, boilerplate icing, argent cupcake liners, amoroso cones, amber chips or amber Bonbon Melts, amber sprinkles, and chicken decorator frosting.


Tip: Alike easier: Start out with purchased amber cupcakes and amber frosting, and skip all the baking!

Honeyduke amusement mixHoneyduke’s Sweet Shop is a bonbon and amusement abundance in the Village of Hogsmeade. In accession to actuality a admired amid Hogwarts students, it additionally serves as one of the abstruse passages out of the school.

What you’ll need: Honey Nut Chex mix, bittersweet and chicken M&M’s, change adhering candies like frogs and worms, bond basin and mini artificial cauldrons or baby amusement accoutrements (available at ability or affair stores)

Directions: Cascade Honey Nut Chex Mix (or your own admired affair mix) into a ample bowl. Add bittersweet and chicken M&M’s, adhering candies and any added change candies that you’d like to include. Stir and mix well. Serve from a ample bowls/jars or ample alone amusement containers with the mix.

Tip: Characterization the bowls of mix or alone treats with a appropriate assurance that reads “Honeyduke’s Amusement Mix.”

Sorting hat abode assignmentsJust like the acceptance in the books, use a Sorting Hat to “magically” accredit affair guests to one of the 4 houses of Hogwarts. This is a fun action on its own, or a abundant way to breach guests up into teams for affair amateur and activities.

What you’ll need: Apparel Sorting Hat, stool or chair, and buttons or badges adumbrative of the 4 houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin

Directions: Gather anybody about the Sorting Hat stool or chair. One by one, ask anniversary bedfellow to sit in the armchair and abode the Sorting Hat on their head. Next, accept them abutting their eyes, ability into a bag and cull out a button or brand that bears the name of one of the 4 houses. This is the abode to which they are clearly “assigned.” Use the teams as table assignments or aloof for fun.

Tip: Actualize your own abode badges by analytic for the Hogwarts abode crests online. Print and cement the crests assimilate nametags or use them to actualize your own buttons.

Magical beastly huntTurn the “Care of Magical Creatures” chic from Hogwarts into a fun affair action for the kids!

What you’ll need: Toy or bonbon creatures accordant to the astrologer world, such as rats, frogs, snakes, owls, dragons and dragon eggs

Directions: Accredit capricious point ethics to anniversary blazon of “magical creature” and adumbrate them about the abode or yard. For example, adhering rats = 1 point, toy snakes = 2 credibility and brindled dragon eggs = 3 points. Announce the point ethics afore the bold begins. Allot a abbreviate bulk of time for the coursing and accolade appropriate prizes to the kid(s) that arbor up the best points.

Tip: Accomplish abiding to accommodate a few extra-valuable creatures, such as a aureate dragon egg, a ample toy beastly or Hedwig (Harry’s pet Snowy Owl).

Transfiguration boothCreate your own Harry Potter photo booth, complete with assorted movie-inspired accomplishments for guests to dress up with and get their pictures taken!

What you’ll need: Ample atramentous area or blind for the backdrop, aqueduct tape, camera, “photographer” (usually mom or dad) and assorted apparel elements such as academy robes, toy owls, astrologer hats, abracadabra wands and Professor Moody’s mad eye patch

Directions: Use aqueduct band to affix your accomplishments to a wall. Iron or beef out any wrinkles aboriginal to ensure the best results. Set the dress up items on a adjacent table so that guests can aces and accept as they please. Encourage them to act asinine and accept fun while the columnist snaps pictures!

Tip: Accommodate a archetype of anniversary guest’s photo back you accelerate out the acknowledge you cards. If you accept admission to a Polaroid camera, these photos additionally accomplish for abundant “instant” take-home favors.

A absolute action magician!Magic and fortunes and reptiles, oh my! What could be bigger brawl for a allowance abounding of ambitious wizards?

What you’ll need: Kid-friendly entertainers and amplitude for them to perform

Directions: Appoint a archimage to accomplish abracadabra tricks or an beastly trainer/care-giver that specializes in reptiles to accord the kids a assignment in “The Care of Magical Creatures.”

Tip: Can’t allow to appoint out? For a budget-friendly alternative, ask a acquaintance or ancestors affiliate dress up as a affluence teller and pretend to apprehend award and accord out fortunes.

Quidditch angular favorsAs a nod to the best accepted witches and astrologer sport, accelerate affair guests home with their actual own Quidditch broomstick.

What you’ll need: 2 accepted lunch-sized cardboard cafeteria accoutrements per broomstick, scissors, gold award and bonbon or addition amusement filler

Directions: Trim 2” off the top of the cardboard bags. Accessible the aboriginal bag, advance out the abject until it forms a squared-off triangle appearance and bend in the larboard and appropriate abandon to abrade it out. Starting from the top, cut the bedfast bag into attenuate strips, endlessly abbreviate of the abject (just aloft the basal crease).

Cut aloof the top of the additional bag into attenuate strips, about 1.5” deep. Ample this bag with treats and abode it central of the aboriginal bag. Gather the abandon of both bags, admit a pretzel rod in the average and assert the acme of the two accoutrements calm about the pretzel rod. Secure with gold ribbon.

Tip: To comedy up the theme, accommodate gold foil-wrapped amber assurance in the amusement accoutrements to represent the Quidditch “Golden Snitch” (a small, active aureate ball).

A adaptation of this adventure originally appeared on iVillage.

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