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If 1997 was the year that aggregate afflicted in ’90s music — with the grunge and G-funk of the decade’s aboriginal half giving way to boy bands and Bad Boy — afresh ’98 was the year that the adventurous new pop apple was absolutely realized. 

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Those groups of singing, dancing heartthrobs went supernova, as the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC led the way to Design sales and complete cultural omnipresence. Nu-metal became the bedrock approach of the moment, with bands like KoRn and Limp Bizkit spiking an addition cast that had become added watered-down over the advance of the decade. The ascendance of Puff Daddy and the backward Notorious B.I.G. to blockbuster cachet the year afore austere the way for a all-encompassing awakening of New York hip-hop, as JAY-Z, DMX, and Big Punisher all catapulted to stardom. And the actualization of MTV’s Total Request Live as adjustment examination for adolescent pop admirers created an ecosystem for them all to co-exist, while blame anniversary added to ever-greater bartering heights. 

But alike in a year area these pop planets assuredly seemed to acquisition themselves in complete alignment, it was the added hits orbiting and cutting off about them that gave 1998 its complete character. A division aeon into their career, Aerosmith had their aboriginal Hot 100 No. 1. All three associates of the perma-hiatused Fugees had above abandoned hits. Some of the bigger songs of the year came from movies as accidental as Rush Hour, City of Angels and Dr. Dolittle. Brandy & Monica happened, and so did Whitney & Mariah. “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)” happened. “Du Hast” happened. The exhausted awakening happened. It was the roaring ’90s on the Billboard charts, a pre-millennial bang area no one circuitous could’ve estimated that a brace boyish ‘Net entrepreneurs were aloof a year abroad from axis the complete industry on its head. 

At Billboard, we’re adulatory aggregate 1998 with a week’s account of agreeable themed about this air-conditioned year, canonizing all the acclaimed (and some of the abominably forgotten) songs, artists, and moments it had to offer. To start, we aggregate a account of our 98 admired songs of ’98 — the abstract that best ascertain our memories of the year that was, and the ones that accept ashore with us in the decades since. Songs were counted as acceptable if they were appear as singles in ’98, or if they debuted on the Billboard charts in ’98 — but if they didn’t hit the Hot 100 until the abutting year (like “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” or “Ex Factor”), or if they debuted in ’98 but didn’t hit No. 1 until the abutting year (like “Baby One Added Time” or “Believe”), we’re counting ’em for ’99. 

See our account beneath — with a Spotify playlist of all the songs at the bottom — and accept fun reliving the canicule of Monica Lewinsky, Jesse Camp and Mark McGwire all anniversary on 

98. Donny Osmond & Chorus, “I’ll Accomplish a Man Out of You” (Did not chart)

Let’s get bottomward to business to defeat any angle that this isn’t one of the greatest Disney songs of all time. Yes, there are abounding ancestral and gender issues at comedy — Osmond is accouterment the singing articulation for a Chinese character, and the lyrics accord in a all-inclusive adjustment of macho and changeable stereotypes. But alert to the bland commitment of Osmond’s blame and orders to those beneath his allegation — and singing alternating with those abetment “BE A MAN!”s in acknowledgment — is too damn fun to resist. — DENISE WARNER

97. Jewel, “Hands” (No. 6, Hot 100)

Jewel auspiciously abhorred the green slump with this single, the aboriginal off her additional album, Spirit. The track’s accepted music video followed our brilliant as she weirdly sauntered through the after-effects of a accustomed disaster, emotionless, while rescuers aimlessly helped victims out of the rubble. The blow wouldn’t accept survived today’s adamant meme culture, but the track’s affected and strong lyrics authority up, and its capacity echo on in avant-garde call-to-action anthems like Pink’s “What About Us.” — PATRICK CROWLEY

96. Nicole Wray feat. Missy Elliott & Mocha, “Make It Hot” (No. 5, Hot 100)

“Make It Hot” was a song from R&B newcomer Nicole’s admission anthology of the aforementioned name, but it became a hit abundantly because it bright like a benefit cut off of Missy Elliott’s affected rap antic Supa Dupa Fly, and for acceptable reason: Missy wrote it, Timbaland produced it, and their bit-by-bit beats and air-conditioned commitment are all over this tune. Hell, Missy alike raps on the song, giving the smooth-voiced, 17-year-old Goldmind signee all the added abstract she’d charge to get her adorable admission audible to the top 5 of the Hot 100. — CHRISTINE WERTHMAN

95. Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, “Zoot Suit Riot” (No. 41, Radio Songs)

Amid the 1990s’ abounding alleged revivals of genres past, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies — and their signature hit, the unshakeable “Zoot Suit Riot” — ability be the greatest antique of the however-brief exhausted revival. Led by Steve Perry (no, not that Steve Perry, but can you imagine?), the bandage fleetingly charted in Billboard from aboriginal 1998 to aboriginal 1999 — but what a year it was, arch pre-Google admirers to ache to bethink what the Zoot Suit Riots alike were (or, uh, what a zoot suit is, for that matter). Now, bandy aback a canteen of beer! — KEVIN RUTHERFORD

94. Deftones, “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” (No. 29, Boilerplate Rock)

The “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” of the nu-metal era, Deftones’ thrashgaze masterpiece arranged a generation’s account of ablution into two chords and not actual abounding added lyrics. The blow of their hard-rock aeon spent the abutting half-decade aggravating to go consistently louder and added complete in cogent their bottomless affluence of angst, but the Sacramento quintet knew there was no point in alike aggravating to top frontman Chino Moreno’s gutturally howled, universally accepted passenger-seat request: “I don’t affliction area aloof FAR!!” — ANDREW UNTERBERGER

93. Jo Dee Messina, “I’m Alright” (No. 43, Hot 100)

All of the country ladies of the backward ‘90s were invested in female empowerment, but Messina’s “I’m Alright” additionally served as a feel-good jam that could lift anyone’s spirits. “It’s a admirable day, not a billow in sight/ So I assumption I’m accomplishing alright” is a around-the-clock mood-booster, one that’s emphasized by Messina’s assured singing and the song’s airy animation — all of which accomplish “I’m Alright” a archetypal for admirers of country and pop, whose worlds weren’t that far removed in ’98. — TAYLOR WEATHERBY

92. Puff Daddy feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes, “Victory” (No. 19, Hot 100)

One year and eight canicule afterwards Christopher Wallace passed, his acquaintance and accomplice Sean Combs appear the final audible from Combs’ blockbuster anthology No Way Out. “Victory” is the aboriginal song able on Puff Daddy’s debut, and it’s a monster, the arrangement of opener that could aloof as calmly action as the closer, the affectionate of amazing acquaintance that demands an eight-minute continued video with cameos from Danny DeVito and Dennis Hopper. The Rocky sample, the strings and campanology alarm ratcheting up the tension, Puffy talking his bits over ad-libs from Big that complete like battle afore the appellation bout. And afresh Biggie arrives with the brightness of a boxer arising from the bend with alarming address and intention: “In the Commission, you ask for permission to hit ’em.” Anybody except Big, that is. — ROSS SCARANO

91. JYP, “Honey” (Did not chart) 

After starting off with one of the best iconic, whining intros in K-pop history, J.Y. Park’s “Honey” exudes aplomb with its blue arrant riff and atomic horns. This Park song became an burning K-pop archetypal in 1998, and alike admitting he’s now added accepted as the architect of JYP Entertainment, home to the cast of TWICE and GOT7, the bequest of “Honey” lives on with amaranthine covers by K-pop’s best accepted acts. — TAMAR HERMAN

90. Rob Zombie, “Dragula” (No. 6, Boilerplate Rock)

Own a PlayStation in the backward ’90s? Afresh you were conspicuously accustomed with “Dragula,” which became allotment of its fair allotment of antagonism simulations in the console’s aboriginal days. And with acceptable reason: Aside from conceivably Molly Hatchet’s “Flirtin’ with Disaster,” there’s no bigger song to soundtrack antagonism amateur both afresh and now — and c’mon, it’s absolutely alleged for a drag-racing car from The Munsters. To boot, it was adapted with one of nu-metal’s choicest choruses, additional riffs that absolutely kicked your ass every time out. An adrenaline blitz in song form. — K.R.

89. Shakira, “Ciega, Sordomuda” (No. 1, Latin Songs)

Shakira was a Latin American star, until she appear Dónde Están los Ladrones? and above borders into all-embracing success. “Ciega, Sordomuda,” a pop-rock canticle that defiantly equated complete adulation to actuality blind, deaf, and mute, broke absolutely with aggregate accepted Latina musicians had been accomplishing up to that point. It would become Shakira’s aboriginal No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart, and the forerunner to her game-changing crossover success in English. — LEILA COBO

88. Blink-182, “Josie” (Did not chart)

In the backward ‘90s, Blink-182 was autograph pop-punk actuality for the post-Gen X’ers too adolescent to remember Dookie but air-conditioned abundant to apprehend alt-rock could be a lot edgier than Sugar Ray and Eve 6. Dude Ranch’s “Dammit” bankrupt them in ’97, and a year later, this buzzsaw audible off their major-label admission anchored the Blink brand: ball bright coaction amid Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge, accelerated bang (from pre-Travis Barker bagman Scott Raynor), agreeable acquisitive for a cool, complete (imaginary) girlfriend. References to their admired Mexican aliment collective (Sombrero) and their pop-punk accompany Accepted Law abduction ’98 San Diego as added than aloof the year the Padres got swept by the Yankees in the Apple Series. — CHRIS PAYNE

87. Beenie Man, “Who Am I” (No. 40, Hot 100)

Beenie Man advanced acceptable account in his built-in Jamaica acknowledgment to a role in 1997’s Dancehall Queen and party-starter singles like “Wickedest Slam” and “Romie.” But “Who Am I” brought his abstract “Woieee nah nah!” wails to the blow of the world. The clue is one of dancehall’s few pop-culture masterpieces, with Beenie Man cheekily referencing both Luther Vandross’ 1981 jam “Never Too Much” and Missy Elliott’s “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” over a ground-shaking low-end. “Who Am I” was adored so abundant that Beenie Man later transformed it into his 2000 clue “Girls Dem Sugar,” a animal affiliation featuring Mya and assembly from The Neptunes that further established the original’s immortality. — BIANCA GRACIE

86. Alanis Morissette, “Uninvited” (No. 4, Radio Songs)

Alanis’ 1995 admission Jagged Little Pill is the Canadian rocker’s acknowledged opus, but the harrowing City of Angels soundtrack single “Uninvited” congenital on that album’s intensity, momentum, and overwhelming acclaim. The song denticulate her Grammys in the best bedrock song and best changeable bedrock bright achievement categories, and it fabricated for a standalone accident that captivated admirers over until Supposed Above Infatuation Junkie’s arrival later that year. This was reflected on the charts, too: “Uninvited” topped the Developed Boilerplate Chart, her third audible to do so afterwards “Ironic” and “Head Over Feet.” — HILARY HUGHES

85. Monica, “The Aboriginal Night” (No. 1, Hot 100)

As anon as ambassador Jermaine Dupri blithely built Monica’s “The Aboriginal Night” about Diana Ross’ 1976 disco archetypal “Love Hangover,” we all knew this was activity to be a answerable success. R&B artists about bright about abnegation through affecting ballads (see Janet Jackson’s “Let’s Wait Awhile”). But Monica played it ultra-cool about not giving it up so easy atop a assault bassline. Her sassiness and self-worth on “The Aboriginal Night” acceptable her a Hot 100 No. 1 smash and became an afflatus for approaching changeable singers to angle up to annoying men for years to come. — B.G.

84. A Tribe Alleged Quest, “Find a Way” (No. 71, Hot 100)

With a new address of New York rappers rising to prominence, A Tribe Alleged Quest were a adequately conflicting attendance on ’98 radio, decidedly with “Find a Way,” arguably their best ambiguous audible to date. The Adulation Movement audible was a curious, Dilla-helmed hypno-banger with an emotionally abashed love-and/or-lust lyric and a abnormally overstuffed choir — admitting one still addictive abundant that the group held a bouncing-ball singalong to it in the song’s video. “Find a Way” hardly broiled the charts, but it charcoal seared into the anamnesis of anybody who accomplished it, a song as abstruse and alluring as the circuitous animosity it attempted to articulate. — A.U.

83. Everclear, “Father of Mine” (No. 70, Hot 100)

Art Alexakis let it bleed. The Everclear singer-songwriter never shied abroad from ambidextrous with his addiction on hits like “Heroin Girl,” and this accepted audible from his band’s additional major-label anthology hit hard, but with a clover glove. With the band’s signature animated bubblegrunge sound, Alexakis laid bald balance acrimony and acerbity about his dad agreeable aback he was a ten-year-old “scared white boy in a atramentous neighborhood.” The aftermost cut was the deepest, though: “Daddy gave me a name/ Afresh he absolved away.” — GIL KAUFMAN

82. Wyclef Jean, “Gone Till November” (No. 7, Hot 100)

As anniversary affiliate of the rap leash Fugees fabricated their aboriginal abandoned statements afterward the group’s ’96 blockbuster The Score, Wyclef Jean committed his ’97 debut The Carnival to showcasing his versatility as a rapper, singer, and musician. On the ’98 audible and standout clue “Gone Till November,” the Haitian displace makes his best arresting divergence, with an agreeable carol that acts as a commissioned abundance for every hustler’s lonely loved ones. Lyrically, it’s abounding of heart-wrenching twists, but it adds a acidity to the Fugees’ raw artlessness that that could allay any long-distance woes. — BRYAN KRESS​

81. Edwin McCain, “I’ll Be” (No. 5, Hot 100)

Long afore Ed Sheeran delivered a airy almsman with his chart-toppin “Perfect,” Edwin McCain crafted one of the best swoon-worthy, first-dance-ready adulation songs of the ‘90s with “I’ll Be.” The activating choir is about a set of bells vows in itself (“I’ll be bigger aback I’m older/ I’ll be the greatest fan of your life”), and the way McCain passionately relays all of those ardent words – on top of a animated sax, no beneath – makes his acknowledgment of adulation fitting for a belting sing-along and a bells dancefloor, whether it’s 1998, 2018, or 2088. — T.W.

80. Air, “Sexy Boy” (No. 22, Ball Audible Sales)

The advance audible and one of the standout advance from Air’s constant admission album, Moon Safari, “Sexy Boy” finds the French cyberbanking duo at the aiguille of their crossover powers. Earning syncs with the 1999 film 10 Things I Abhorrence About You and British TV series Queer as Folk, the dreamy-but-expansive downtempo cardinal hit No. 22 on Billboard’s U.S. Dance/Electronic Singles Sales blueprint and helped barrage the critically-acclaimed accouterments to all-embracing prominence. — MATT MEDVED

79. Tamia, “So Into You” (No. 30, Hot 100)

After actuality conflicting via a brace of hit ballads, Tamia went larboard and took on a Commodores sample for her third single. Of all its adorable elements, the angle stands supreme, with a buttery bright that matches the exhausted of the bang adjustment aloof before Tamia glides off into a adulatory aerial note. The choir was so adorable that Fabolous snatched it for the amount of his own hit “Into You,” a No. 4 success on the Hot 100 in 2003, and it was a notable highlight of Childish Gambino’s BBC Alive 1 Lounge set in 2015. — TREVOR ANDERSON

78. Sheryl Crow, “My Admired Mistake” (No. 20, Hot 100)

On her star-making 1993 debut Tuesday Night Music Club, Sheryl Crow established herself as a guitar-chugging rocker who could run laps about the macho assembly of musicians in her circle. It was afresh that she showed a ability for applicable dejection licks and ability chords into a pop songwriting template, commodity she aesthetic for her eponymous 1996 aftereffect and alike added so with 1998 chaser The Globe Sessions. In a way, “My Favorite Mistake” is area that accomplishment set peaked: Her toffee vocals adjoin the advance and acidity of six-strings and organs adhesive her as a accurate pop brilliant in rocker’s clothing. — STEVEN J. HOROWITZ

77. Cake, “Never There” (No. 78, Hot 100)

Though 1996’s “The Distance” was Cake’s blemish hit, “Never There” has managed to exhausted it — not abandoned on the charts, but additionally in agreement of its pop-culture endurance, thanks to its all-too-real lyrics. Loving addition who is, artlessly put, never there for you — abrogation you alert to an abandoned punch accent in their deathwatch — is a account as old as time, and one that Cake auspiciously broke into, acute our affections like buttons on a landline. — LYNDSEY HAVENS

76. Will Smith, “Miami” (No. 17, Hot 100)

Big Willie Style was the abandoned admission anthology for Will Smith, but with bristles albums beneath his belt as the Alpha Prince and three massive blockbuster blur credits (Bad Boys, Independence Day, Men In Black), he was hardly a alpha face aback it abandoned in ’97. Which is largely why “Miami” managed to boss 1998, admitting being released as the album’s fifth single. Of course, it helps that the song is an alluring alarm bop with some of the best iconic attraction advancement vocals of all time: “Welcome to Miami / Bienvenidos a Miami” will never not complete sexy. — JOE LYNCH

75. Moby, “Honey” (No. 49, Ball Audible Sales)

While Moby’s timeless Play LP is conceivably bigger accepted for address all-embracing smashes like “Porcelain” and “Natural Blues,” the album’s opener and advance single, “Honey,” shouldn’t be slept on. Featuring bluesy angled bright samples from U.S. folk accompanist Bessie Jones’ “Sometimes” over a active piano and accelerate guitar, the clue briefly graced Billboard’s U.S. Dance/Electronic Singles Sales chart while blame off the acknowledged cyberbanking anthology of best in acclaimed fashion. — M.M.

74. Seo Taiji, “Take Five” (Did not chart)

Seo Taiji charcoal South Korea’s “Culture President” for a acumen — he pioneered the industry’s embrace of assorted genres. “Take Five” apparent addition sonic transformation, one that eschewed the rap-rock of his above-mentioned accumulation Seo Taiji and Boys. While his self-titled anthology was coated in the abundant metal of his aboriginal days, this clue takes on a sunnier disposition with flahses of late-’90s academy rock. Afterwards all, “Take Five” was a bulletin to admirers that he’d acknowledgment to music after backward in 1996. — CAITLIN KELLEY

73. Boards of Canada, “ROYGBIV” (Did not chart)

“ROYGBIV” would be a appealing adapted appellation for aloof about any Boards of Canada song — their cast of airy downtempo is both so polychromatic and so naturalistic that a balloon never seems added than a few measures abroad from dabbling out of its atmosphere. But this two-and-a-half minute active is bright alike by their standards: simple, stunning, organized with air-conditioned geometric attention — and, like all such brief phenomenons, vanishing long before you’re attainable to say goodbye. —  A.U.

72. Usher, “My Way” (No. 2, Hot 100)

Usher’s aboriginal My Way single, “You Accomplish Me Wanna…,” conflicting him as a coy R&B star, while his second, “Nice & Slow,” replaced the coy with erect coital. But it was his third, “My Way,” that angry him into a air-conditioned philanderer, the aboriginal Mr. Steal Your Girl: “She cast it my way,” Usher croons over a casting exhausted and interjections from Jermaine Dupri, one of the album’s co-producers, analogous his arrogant attitude with a animation that stands the analysis of time. What conceivably ages beneath able-bodied is the music video, area Usher, dressed like a funhouse adaptation of Alex from A Clockwork Orange, squares off adjoin Tyrese in a junkyard. With a animation house. Sure. — C.W.

71. Janet Jackson, “Go Deep” (No. 28, Radio Songs)

Not abandoned is this song custom-built to get a activity started, it’s additionally its actual own activity independent in a song, from the army murmurs over the exhausted at the alpha to the accumulation sing-along of a chorus. That super-loose vibe — with its alluring allurement addition and bold complete furnishings brindled throughout — is what makes it so danceable, and it altogether matches the music video’s barmy abode party, so rudely disconnected by a pre-SNL Bill Hader as a pizza commitment boy at the end. — KATIE ATKINSON

70. Missy Elliott feat. Lil’ Kim & Mocha, “Hit ‘Em Wit da Hee” (Remix) (No. 61, R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay)

This remix from the Can’t Hardly Wait soundtrack took some of the chaw out of the original’s menacingly blue instrumental, but it compensated for that with new attitude-filled verses from Elliott, a moody, Björk-sampling coda from Timbaland, and, why not, a few accidental horse neighs for acceptable measure. One activity that backward the same? A angry admission from Lil Kim that charcoal one of her best bedfellow spots, acknowledgment to its air-conditioned pop-culture references (Finnegan’s Wake! Sarafina!) and zero-fucks tongue-twisters like “Christians apologize afresh sin again/ Girls wanna be my acquaintance again.” — NOLAN FEENEY

69. Elvis Crespo, “Suavemente” (No. 84, Hot 100)

“Suavemeeeente!” The nasal cry from an conflicting Puerto Rican merengue accompanist was ear-piercing and unforgettable. Elvis Crespo’s hyper-kinetic merengue, punctuated by shouts of “pequena” (little one) and “Que es la cosa!” topped Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart and alike above over to the Hot 100. Added impressively, Suavemente, Crespo’s admission abandoned album, awash about 1 actor copies in the U.S. alone, according to Nielsen Music — exceptional of for a Spanish-language album, abundant beneath a merengue album. Remixed assorted times, the admired activity clue has been played from the streets of Egypt and massive concerts in Australia to the moon. Literally: “Suavemente” was the abandoned Spanish-language song alleged by astronauts to accommodate in the 2006 Discovery mission. — L.C.

68. Brian McKnight, “Anytime” (No. 6, Radio Songs)

It’s adamantine to allocution about Brian McKnight’s “Anytime” afterwards accepting bad-humored about how there’s annihilation like it today: There’s a aerial calmness to the nocturnal carol that feels about adverse to the alive era, let abandoned abreast radio. No blowhard as McKnight lets out his bendable choir cry — “Do I anytime cantankerous your mind… anytime?” — more quiet than storm, as a Bruce Hornsby-like piano bend apprehension about him. Abandoned on the arch does he unleash, complete the nights of arrant himself to sleep, praying you’ll appear aback to him, COME BACK TO HIM — but that bound gives way, ultimately abrogation abandoned the hook’s devastatingly simple final sentiment: “I absence you.” — A.U.

67. Sarah McLachlan, “Angel” (No. 4, Hot 100)

Despite its use in amaranthine TV specials, films, and infomercials, we shouldn’t lose afterimage of the song’s hauntingly complete origin: McLachlan wrote the tune in acknowledgment to the heroin balance afterlife of a Smashing Pumpkins’ touring keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin and the ascent advance of musicians who angry to the biologic to affluence the pressures of the industry (“Fly abroad from here/ fFom this dark, algid auberge room”). Its specificity adds ability to its poignancy, preventing the song from devolving into a centerless everyman carol that overcompensates with boundless theatrics. — T.A.

66. Elliott Smith, “Waltz No. 2” (Did not chart)

Unlike Smith’s antecedent hushed, downtempo singles, “Waltz” — the aboriginal audible off his fourth album, XO — dives into a lusher, fuller complete for the singer-songwriter. The clinking assembly and Smith’s agitation vocals result in a well-crafted, and arguably added accessible, clue from the acutely affectionate indie-rock icon. And no amount how abundant time passes, the line “I’m never gonna apperceive you now/ But I’m gonna adulation you anyhow” will consistently hit home. — L.H.

65. K-Ci & JoJo, “All My Life” (No. 1, Hot 100)

Usually aback a guy says your adulation reminds him of his mother, father, brother, and sister, that’s your cue to you bastard abroad to the bath and alarm an emergency escape Uber. But this duo wasn’t badinage aback they said one advantageous woman was their aggregate — and they awash it, too, with a big admiring choir that accepted K-Ci and JoJo were added than aloof one bisected of Jodeci killing time during a hiatus. The affect may accept been cheesy, but the best songcraft on affectation actuality had no cessation date — no admiration flashes of “All My Life” accumulate assuming up in today’s hits. — N.F.

64. Rammstein, “Du Hast” (No. 20, Boilerplate Rock)

Every year has its advance hit from a German industrial-metal band, and 1998 was no different. Wait, what? Yeah, for some reason, ’98 saw a metal sextet from Berlin apprehension assimilate TRL and the American charts with a chugging automated clue brave with flourishes of ’90s abode and apish operetta. The acknowledgment — auf Deutsch, “duhast mich” (you accept me) and “du hasst mich” (you abhorrence much) complete the aforementioned – was absent on best U.S. listeners, but a guitar riff this compact transcends any language. — J.L.

63. Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey, “When You Believe” (No. 15, Hot 100)

What do you get aback the two bigger assertive divas of the ’90s amalgamate armament for a above motion account soundtrack? Apparently a adequately traditional, civil ability ballad. No shade, though: Whitney and Mimi complete accomplished trading verses, and their harmonies are unclockable. The song abandoned managed to aiguille at No. 15 on the Hot 100, but the brace got the aftermost laugh: this Prince of Egypt cut took home the Academy Accolade for best aboriginal song. — P.C.

62. All Saints, “Never Ever” (No. 4, Hot 100)

Spice Girls notwithstanding, a accomplished host of U.K. babe groups flew beneath the American alarm in the backward ’90s — but this All Saints gem managed to carve out a amplitude on U.S. radio, acknowledgment to its addictive choir and oh-so-earnest spoken-word intro. The lyrics can be a little bulky in places (we’re attractive at you, “shower”/”scour” exhausted sequence), but they additionally did the attainable account of introducing stateside audiences to the able British accentuation of “Z.” — K.A.

61. Goo Goo Dolls, “Slide” (No. 8, Hot 100)

Its soundtrack-derived antecedent was a four-quadrant accident that fabricated the bandage domiciliary names, but “Slide” accepted that Buffalo’s finest were still aces craftsmen aback it came to accolade the candied atom amid developed bedrock and developed contemporary. “Put your accoutrements about me/ What you feel is what you are, and what you are is beautiful” belts frontman Johnny Rzeznik with all the coercion and un-self-conscious sentimentality of the abounding adolescent accord declared in the verses. It was attainable that the Goo Goo Dolls hadn’t appear this far to end up actuality mistaken for one-hit wonders. — A.U.

60. N.O.R.E., “SuperThug (What What)” (No. 36, Hot 100)

That helicopter whirring you apprehend at the alpha is the complete of the artisan who would appearance pop music at the about-face of the millennium affecting bottomward on 1998. No, not the rapper aforetime accepted as Noreaga — admitting he has added archetypal singles than you may realize, starting with this one — but rather production duo The Neptunes, whose knocking, baking exhausted to “SuperThug” alloyed old-school acerbity with electro-funk futurism and New Jack Exhausted hooks (and alike a Puffy-style “Heart of Glass” lift, why not) for one of the best potent hip-hop singles of the backward decade. There’d end up actuality affluence added area that came from, acknowledge God. — A.U.

59. Radiohead, “No Surprises” (Did not chart)

Before Radiohead became antecedents in dystopian cyberbanking music, they were creating melancholic, abstracted bedrock that could soundtrack any brainy breakdown. Pairing grievances that acrylic the banal as fatalism (“a job that boring kills you”) with the beheld of Thom Yorke’s unfazed visage accepting abounding in a baptize tank, the existential alarming of “No Surprises” begins to bleed through the pleasant, apparent guitar melody. Then the “final fit” provides the affectionate of abatement that abandoned comes from breaking the surface, afterwards a moment to spare. — B.K.

58. Massive Attack, “Teardrop” (Did not chart) 

Though its bequest in America began aback it was alleged as the activity song to House, “Teardrop” was Massive Attack’s aboriginal — and, to date, abandoned — top 10 hit in the U.K. six years prior. That it possesses the trip-hop trio’s best attainable angle actual abundant helped this, but it’s all in the added details, too — diva Liz Fraser’s aerial and affecting performance, the bitter piano strokes, its haunting, accepted harpsichord riff. It’s atmospheric dejection perfected; no admiration music admiral still can’t get abundant of it. — K.R.

57. Faith Hill, “This Kiss” (No. 7, Hot 100)

For anyone who has anytime collapsed in love, “This Kiss” alluringly evokes the joyous, out-of-body acquaintance that comes from kissing a appropriate someone. Hill’s cottony accent altogether embodies the accepted affect that best bodies can’t put into words, making it attainable for anybody to belt out the communicable burden as if it were aloof for them. Still a radio singalong, the song helped pave Hill’s aisle to country figure cachet — and closed her aboriginal top 10 hit on the Hot 100 and AC charts. — GAIL MITCHELL

56. Barenaked Ladies, “One Week” (No. 1, Hot 100)

“One Week” is, conceivably to its credit, the blazon of song that about could not accept emerged in any added era of American pop music: A catchy, guitar-driven confessional with a tongue-in-cheek tag band and a accumulating of verses that owe added to rap than to accepted rock, it’s a quintessential snapshot of the melting pot that was late-’90s boilerplate music. And to accord it the ’90s accomplishment de grace, it was covered by Weird Al in a parody that was apparently alike bigger than the original. — DAN RYS

55. Garbage, “I Anticipate I’m Paranoid” (No. 6, Addition Songs)

Garbage debuted “I Anticipate I’m Paranoid” — the additional audible from the band’s platinum-certified sophomore album Adaptation 2.0 — alive at a gig in Wisconsin on May 15, 1998, while blame off the record’s tour. By September, it was sitting in the top 10 on the U.S. Addition Songs chart, acknowledgment to some kickass electric bass, an aggressive ’60s pop interpolation, and Shirley Manson’s cleverly adulterated vocals. The jam additionally appeared in the aboriginal bold of the Bedrock Bandage video bold series, authoritative it the aboriginal addition to Debris for abounding millennials. — GAB GINSBERG

54. Backstreet Boys, “As Continued As You Adulation Me” (No. 4, Radio Songs)

Though the Backstreet Boys had apparent all-embracing success above-mentioned to 1998 with blemish hit “Quit Arena Amateur With My Heart,” they hadn’t absolutely apparent their acquiescently affected ancillary with a single. Afresh came “As Continued As You Adulation Me,” which accepted that they can be affluence air-conditioned afterwards accident afterimage of their befuddled pop sound. It was additionally a accomplished advertise of their adapted abilities, which helped BSB authorize that they were — and still are — more than aloof a accumulation of bristles heartthrobs with addictive songs. — T.W.

53. Eve 6, “Inside Out” (No. 28, Hot 100)

This clue is a allotment of the inoffensive, radio-ready bedrock that bedeviled the ’90s — from Spin Doctors’ “Two Princes” aboriginal in the decade to “Hey Leonardo” by Blessid Union of Souls appear the end. At the genre’s acme were anon addictive hooks that dared you to sing along, even if they blimp a dictionary’s account of words into them. And with words like “oblivion” and “rendezvous” about awash into this track’s air-conditioned hook, this song would prove arduous for alike the best accomplished karaoke all-star — though they can’t abide aggravating anyway. — P.C.

52. Aristocrat Tariq & Peter Gunz, “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)” (No. 9, Hot 100)

According to the accountants, in 1998, Donald Fagen — white, 50 years old at the time, consistently bad-humored and accustomed to applesauce snobbery — wrote the lyric “cuz I’m quick to accelerate off and accelerate this dick up in your wife.” The Bronx’s Peter Gunz agilely delivers the band on the boastful “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby),” an ode to the birthplace of hip-hop, but analysis the liner addendum and you’ll acquisition that the abandoned accustomed writers are Barbarous Dan’s Fagen (of Passaic, New Jersey) and Walter Becker (Queens). Gunz declared the beatnik publishing adjustment as “a stick up” in a 2015 interview. Twenty years later, the fat bass band and guitar lick, aching from Aja opener “Black Cow,” still arena off as a admonition of how rap music transforms the accomplished into the present, and aloof how bedraggled the bold can be. Like KRS-One said, “Bronx keeps creatin’ it and Queens keeps on fakin’ it.” — R.S.

51. Lenny Kravitz, “Fly Away” (No. 12, Hot 100)

Lenny Kravitz had access out as a modern-rock mainstay with 1993’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” but afterward that, he was abundantly absent from the chat — until the fourth audible of 1998’s 5, which conflicting the apple to the certain crossover smash “Fly Away.” A simple, guitar-heavy clue with an electric angle about absent to escape — be it New York City, the world, or the account — the clue acceptable him his additional top 10 radio hit and denticulate him his aboriginal Grammy win for best macho bedrock bright performance, a class he’d win again in 1999 and 2000. — XANDER ZELLNER

50. Third Eye Blind, “Jumper” (No. 5, Hot 100)

In an era aback affliction was still Billboard Hot 100 ecstasy, 3EB’s Stephan Jenkins was the baron of pain. How abroad do you explain this buttery allotment of acoustic power-pop with a analgesic wah-wah guitar abandoned and decidedly compassionate lyrics about desperation, which continue to bell today? It’s been alleged the band’s “suicide song,” but absolutely it’s a anxious adoration for connection, hope, and additional chances. If boyhood all-overs anytime bare a appellation track, this is it. — G.K.

49. Uhm Jung Hwa, “Invitation” (Did not chart)

Alluring in its breathy vocal commitment and glassy synths, Uhm’s aperitive 1998 hit was accounting by J.Y. Park, who brought his audible bland grooves to this classic. With a faculty of abstracted bender and angsty raps from g.o.d’s Joon Park and and Danny Ahn, “Invitation” is still one of the best memorable Korean songs from the ‘90s, and Uhm still consistently performs it. — T.H.

48. The LOX feat. Lil Kim & DMX, “Money, Ability & Respect” (No. 17, Hot 100)

In 1998, New York rap was decrepit with dust and grime. Aphotic hoodies, Timberlands, and FUBU jerseys were the basic uniforms in the burghal of Gotham. While JAY-Z and DMX set the clip with their bent efforts, The LOX begin a abode in Big Apple immortality with their around-the-clock audible “Money, Ability & Respect.” Without hesitation, Yonkers’ leash takes aim at rap charlatans with their grizzly deliveries, while fourth-verse guest DMX pulverizes the accent East Coast exhausted and co-starring diva Lil’ Kim pounces on the angle to bear the basic “key to life.” Twenty years later, “Money, Ability & Respect” charcoal the accepted law anybody abides by in hip-hop. — CARL LAMARRE

47. Marilyn Manson, “The Dope Show” (No. 15, Addition Songs)

Marilyn Manson went pop! Affectionate of! Aback “The Dope Show” was released, it was boxy to acquaint what was added shocking: Manson’s glam-rock barge or the androgynous Hollywood conflicting attending that he sported in the video. The song was way added cyberbanking and carnal than some of Manson’s added music to that point, but it still had the dark, intrinsically bedrock ability chords of commodity like “The Admirable People” from 1996’s Antichrist Superstar, as able-bodied as the civic criticism. The song was assuredly added adapted and user-friendly, but really, we should’ve apparent it coming: The aristocrat of atramentous did awning “Sweet Dreams (Are Fabricated of This)” and (eventually) “Tainted Love,” afterwards all. — C.W.

46. Deborah Cox, “Nobody’s Declared to Be Here” (No. 2, Hot 100)

In the era of Mary J., Mariah, and Whitney, it was boxy for best big ballads to breach through the airwaves, authoritative the record-breaking run of “Nobody’s Declared to Be Here” on the R&B archive all the added impressive. The song, co-written by Montell Jordan, access the then-record for the longest breach aloft Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, with 14 weeks in command. It’s attainable to see why: A arbiter archetype of R&B-gospel fusion, “Nobody’s” melts a crestfallen protagonist’s barbarous boldness as she finds adulation afresh and wraps it in a lung-busting affectation of melisma, climaxing in an continued aerial agenda that has ashamed absoluteness antagonism hopefuls for decades. — T.A.

45. Neutral Milk Hotel, “Holland 1945” (Did not chart)

On its surface, “Holland, 1945” fits calmly with the bottomward bedrock of the post-grunge indie era, but digging added into antisocial frontman Jeff Mangum’s lyrics reveals a abnormally aboveboard ode to Holocaust victim Anne Frank that serves as the body of the band’s the seminal anthology In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. Far beyond the shout-outs the accumulation would accept on NBC primetime, the band’s assignment charcoal accordant as an aboriginal archetypal for bookish indie bedrock that distorts the accomplished and present to actualize a apple that could abandoned accord to a singular, amoral imagination. — B.K.

44. Ricky Martin, “The Cup of Life” (No. 45, Hot 100)

Ricky Martin access assimilate boilerplate alertness in 1999 with a achievement “The Cup of Life” at that year’s Grammy Awards, bidding host Rosie O’Donnell to coo: “I never knew of him afore tonight, but I’m adequate him soooooo much.” And so was anybody else: “The Cup” never accomplished the high echelons of the Hot 100 (it hit No. 60 in 1998, reentered in 1999, and ailing at No. 45 in August), but it jump-started the original “Latin Explosion” in English-language pop, which would eventually bring us Shakira, Marc Anthony, J-Lo, and Enrique Iglesias, authoritative 1998 a seminal year for Latin music. To date, it charcoal the most emblematic and best-known World Cup anthem in avant-garde history, and it’s the song that set in motion the serious competition to vie for a World Cup song. And really, is there absolutely anyone in the apple who hasn’t shouted “Un, dos, tres/ Allez, allez, allez” at a party? — L.C.

43. Faith Evans, “Love Like This” (No. 7, Hot 100)

As anon as you apprehend the anesthetic aperture beats, you can’t advice but bedrock to what’s aback become a party, club, and skating-rink mainstay. If fact, the closing doubles as the accomplishments for the song’s video, with skaters bouncing to its age-old canal and Evans’ hot-buttered vocals. An arresting augury of the R&B and hip-hop admixture that was about to booty over Top 40, Evans’ Grammy-nominated smash undoubtedly celebrates the singer’s activity with backward bedmate and rap figure Notorious B.I.G., who died the year afore its release. — G.M.

42. D’Angelo, “Devil’s Pie” (No. 69, Hip-Hop/R&B Airplay)

Loose and low-key, with angled vocals that still appear off as about blatant at times, the clue is nonetheless acicular and aboveboard in its themes. Some accept alleged it an advance on materialism; others say it’s an allegation of capitalism. D’Angelo himself, speaking on the feel of the song, compared it to the chants of a alternation assemblage or disciplinarian in a field. With its biblical and apocalyptic themes, it can aloof as calmly be apparent as an adroit ascertainment of the abounding trials that bodies put themselves through for perceived benefits, alike aback those aloof augment appropriate aback into the aforementioned aeon of repression all over again. And D’Angelo manages to backpack that all in afterwards best bodies alike absolutely audition the words, instead aloof accident themselves in the improvisational undertow. — D.R.

41. Master P feat. Fiend, Silkk the Shocker, Mia X & Mystikal, “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” (No. 16, Hot 100)

It takes a apple — or, at the actual least, a appalling starting bristles — to about-face a bounded characterization into a civic and eventually all-around phenomenon, but Master P and his soldiers took No Limit from a New Orleans academy to the Bad Boy of the South with “Make “Em Say Uhh.” The advance hit featured all the label’s abundant hitters at the top of their game, admitting they’re absolutely laying bottomward clue for the song’s bleating horns and brain-melting singalong chorus, as actual as Karl Malone advancing bottomward the lane on the fast break. Alike 15 years afterwards No Limit aboriginal folded, you still best bright the way aback you apprehend the catchbasin creepin’. — A.U.

40. Shania Twain, “You’re Still the One” (No. 2, Hot 100)

By the alpha of 1998, Shania Twain was acutely a above country success: She had bristles Hot Country Songs No. 1s, with a few of those arch over assimilate the Billboard Hot 100. But “You’re Still the One” represented a accomplished new affectionate of success for Twain, as the ardent carol went all the way to No. 2 on the Hot 100, proving that she wasn’t aloof a country brilliant — she was an all-around superstar. While the Ontario built-in has had affluence of hits since, annihilation gives admirers the feels absolutely like Twain’s blatant vocals on the piano-tinged verses or the able accession to the song’s chorus. And for those lovers who had this song soundtrack their bells in 1998, Twain is acceptable still the one they run to for that agreeable activity 20 years later. — T.W.

39. Usher, “Nice & Slow” (No. 1, Hot 100)

Shout-out to Jermaine Dupri and the Casey twins of Jagged Edge for allowance ability one of freakiest R&B apathetic jams of all time. Usher’s “Nice & Slow” is absolutely amenable for the conception of bisected a generation, including some of you who may be account this right now. The carol oozes sex appeal, with a adolescent Usher (who had afresh accelerating from teendom) spelling out of absolutely how he affairs to accomplish adulation to his adult — as able-bodied as, uh, his complete name: “They alarm me U-S, H-E-R, R-A, Y-M, O-N-D / Now, baby, acquaint me what you wanna do with me?” Admitting actuality abandoned 20 years old at the time, the accompanist channeled the aplomb of abounding R&B greats afore him, as his breakable vocals caressed the song’s apathetic production. “Nice & Slow” became Usher’s aboriginal Hot 100 No. 1, and if you annal through your #MCM’s buzz appropriate now, you’ll apparently still acquisition this on his “let’s get it on” playlist. — B.G.

38. The Offspring, “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)” (No. 53, Hot 100)

Following the adamant artifice of the ’80s, there was adored little worse in the ’90s than actuality labeled a poser. The Offspring eviscerated addled wannabees with their all-over rock-radio hit “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy),” an O.C. jailbait canticle that sampled Def Leppard, referenced allocution appearance adjudicator Ricki Lake, and beatific up the kids who claimed to adulation hip-hop but awash to Vanilla Ice instead of Ice Cube. Few songs are so sonically of their era as this one, but the commitment — which is added beam than fury — ensures that it’s sorta timeless. — J.L.

37. Aerosmith, “I Don’t Appetite to Absence a Thing” (No. 1, Hot 100)

Aerosmith’s archive is brindled with classic-rock perennials, but they didn’t account their aboriginal Hot 100 No. 1 until “I Don’t Wanna Absence A Thing” had them captivation the top atom on the chart for four beeline weeks. They performed the Diane Warren-penned audible for the soundtrack for Armageddon, the apocalyptic blockbuster starring Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv. The platinum-certified ancestors activity delivered one of Tyler’s best absorbing bright performances and the actuality of slow-dance dreams for academy dances everywhere that fall, and in 1999 it’d acquire an MTV Moonman, a Grammy nomination, and alike Aerosmith’s aboriginal Oscar nod. — H.H.

36. Fastball, “The Way” (No. 5, Radio Songs)

In the admirable attitude of radio smashes that complete abundant happier than they should, “The Way” was aggressive by the adverse adventure of an age-old brace on an accidental artery alley cruise that concluded with their car coast off a cliff. The accurate ambush of this ambiguous song is accepting you to hum alternating at first, and afresh to sing the storytelling lyrics, and then to absolutely action what you’re singing as the clinking guitars bombinate abaft you: “They aloof collection off and larboard it all abaft ’em/ But area were they activity afterwards anytime alive the way?” — K.A.

35. JAY-Z feat. Amil & Ja Rule, “Can I Get A…” (No. 19, Hot 100)

Two years removed from absolution his admission opus, Reasonable Doubt, JAY-Z kept his drive up with his 1998 project Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life. Firmly on his way to being a bona fide rap titan, Jay recruited two adolescent and athirst MCs for “Can I Get A…,” and while JAY-Z’s glassy 16 won the approval of the clubs, it was Amil’s aloof carol and Ja Rule’s asperous appearance that blanket the show. Alike to this day, men and women both alarm the song’s communicable angle at every summer brunch and after-hour spot. Grab a alcohol and animation with Jigga. — C.L.

34. KoRn, “Got the Life” (No. 15, Boilerplate Rock)

The song that accepted nu-metal was a agreeable force able abundant to attempt with annihilation advancing out of Orlando in the backward ’90s, “Got the Life” was an complete juggernaut: a ripping scythe of a guitar riff laid over a bass canal that chugged like a abhorrent choo-choo, angry calm with a bright of a lifetime from frontman Jonathan Davis. He howls, he whimpers, he scats as he questions God and gets appropriately put in his place: “God pains me, the added I see the life, who wants to see?/ God told me, I’ve already got the life.” Carson Daly would accept anon enough. — A.U.

33. Next, “Too Close” (No. 1, Hot 100)

This developed nod to what can artlessly appear aback two bodies appear in close proximity combines a adapted mid-tempo clue with a sly, arch angle that larboard a lot of admirers borderline of the about complete agreeable they were singing alternating to: “Baby, aback we’re grindin’, I get so excited/ Ooh how I like it, I try but I can’t action it/ Oh you’re dancin’ real close … / You’re authoritative it adamantine for me.” Propelled by affable harmonies, the R&B leash rode all the way to platinum certification — and the No. 1 atom on the Hot 100 and R&B charts. — G.M.

32. Spice Girls, “Stop” (No. 16, Hot 100)

The activity generally lost about the Spice Girls is that they weren’t abashed to wallow in kitsch. By the time they’d accomplished all-embracing acclamation with 1996’s Spice, they had traipsed from hip-hop-inspired babe ability anthems (“Wannabe”) to agleam pop bangers with harmonica solos (“Say You’ll Be There”). They were accepted for demography chances, no amount how abundant balloon and appearance they captivated their songs in, and “Stop” took no exception. From 1997’s Spiceworld (which accompanied the alluringly air-conditioned film, a adapted band classic), “Stop” was all affectation and accident and bleating horns, the absolute blazon of song to soundtrack a cine montage. — S.J.H.

31. Madonna, “Frozen” (No. 2, Hot 100)

The advance audible from Madonna’s seventh album, Ray of Light, “Frozen” is a masterpiece of William Orbit-produced electro-pop that has arguably age-old bigger than any of her hits since. The clue was appear aloof a few months afore Madonna’s 40th birthday — and beneath than a year and a bisected afterwards she’d become a mother for the aboriginal time —  and both the additional lyrics (about a aloof lover) and the cool, lush, and enveloping coaction of synthesizers, strings, and Eastern bang advertise a wiser, added complete Madonna, one still at the top of her game. “If I could cook your heart,” she sings in the chorus. With “Frozen,” she does. — FRANK DIGIACOMO

30. Eagle-Eye Cherry, “Save Tonight” (No. 5, Hot 100)

The son of applesauce trumpeter and Ornette Coleman assistant Don Cherry, Eagle-Eye Lanoo Cherry’s admission audible accustomed durably in the pop lane, allure Top 40 radio with active acoustics and an assertive chorus. His admission set, Desireless, and three afterwards abounding lengths produced annihilation to save Eagle-Eye from one-hit admiration status, but his teary-eyed one-night angle sing-along was such a massive hit (it ailing at No. 5 on the Hot 100) that it won’t be leaving ’90s Night any time soon. — C.P.

29. Dixie Chicks, “Wide Attainable Spaces” (No. 41, Hot 100)

The appellation clue from the band’s fourth album, but the aboriginal with advance diva Natalie Maines, appearance the best of what the Dixie Chicks accept to offer: admirable harmonies, an angsty-but-hopeful storyline, and a twangy violin break. With this advance hit — leading a blockbuster album that would eventually be certified design — the Chicks accepted there is affluence of open space for women in country. — D.W.

28. Stardust, “Music Sounds Bigger With You” (No. 62, Hot 100)

This 1998 dance-club gem is generally (and understandably) mistaken for a Daft Jailbait song. While the French robots did employ Stardust’s sole audible as their iconic Alive 2007 bout encore, the absolution absolutely abandoned appearance one-half of the duo, Thomas Bangalter, in affiliation with Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond. A reliable floor-filler that topped Billboard’s Ball Club Songs blueprint and alike absurd the Hot 100, “Music Sounds Bigger With You” boasts abounding of Daft Punk’s aboriginal stylistic hallmarks, including the filtered alarm guitar licks that aggressive a beachcomber of copycat releases in its wake. Bangalter reportedly beneath $3 actor to aftermath a full Stardust album, abrogation this communicable late-’90s aberration one of ball music’s best admired one-hit wonders. — M.M.

27. Jennifer Paige, “Crush” (No. 3, Hot 100)

A year afore anew minted pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera bedeviled the arena with their bubblegum anthems, Jennifer Paige played a above role in active the complete of what was to appear for the cast in Y2K. And it was all acknowledgment to her effortless admission single, “Crush.” The accompanist embodied accurate abomination with her “it’s not that serious” attitude and sweet, soulful vocals as she casually shut bottomward a poor guy’s amorous efforts: “Don’t accomplish a fuss / And go crazy over you and me.” “Crush” became a across hit, and admitting Paige’s complete has appear a continued way aback “Crush” — she appear the electro-pop Starflower LP last spring — it’s adamantine to agitate off the unforgettable time she aboriginal sha-la-la-la’ed into our hearts. — B.G.

26. Mariah Carey feat. Bone Thugs n Harmony, “Breakdown” (No. 53, Radio Songs)

The body carol that begins acclaim abandoned to afterwards backfire and arise on the wings of affliction or atrocious horniness, this is annihilation novel. What makes “Breakdown” appropriate is how altogether the lyrics alarm this arc, and that Mariah Carey sings it. She unfolds the tale: “You alleged bygone to basically say/ That you affliction for me but you’re aloof not in love.” Damn. Alive her angles, Mariah tells this man that, actually, she’s activity the aforementioned way, alike admitting it’s “pretending,” that “gradually [she’s] dying inside.”

While abstraction as abounding words as attainable into the chorus, she enunciates the particulars of her disguise. “Better get control,” Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone carol abaft her topline, and could she accept best rappers who are added in ascendancy of their bright peaks and valleys than two associates of Bone Thugs? She lets the affectation blooper at 3:10, riffing and active up the scales abaft the aboriginal chorus. “How do I feel? I’m accident my mind,” she wails. And if you don’t accept chills at this point, what could you possibly apperceive about activity and accident and accent and blues? — R.S.

25. Janet Jackson, “I Get Lonely” (No. 3, Hot 100)

Desperation isn’t declared to complete sexy. It’s declared to accomplish you complete pathetic, needy, maybe a little unhinged. And it usually does — unless you are Janet Jackson, singing about bareness over a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis exhausted that snaps and glides and makes you move admitting your brittle state. Such is “I Get Lonely,” the third audible from The Clover Rope, Jackson’s attractive anthology of acute introspection. “Lonely” clocks in at over bristles minutes, but it hits all the appropriate spots: a full-voiced choir of Jackson assorted and audibly advertence her feeling; and a scattering of waiting-by-the-phone verses; a breakdown area she coos — what abroad — “gonna breach it down, breach it down, breach it down.” Like any acceptable song, this choir provides that much-needed moment of release. Unlike any acceptable song, this choir happens six times, repeating the aforementioned insistent two lyrics per refrain. Twelve climaxes in beneath than bisected as abounding minutes? Abandoned Janet gets it done like that. — C.W.

24. Goo Goo Dolls, “Iris” (No. 9, Hot 100)

This eternal, animated hit from the City of Angels soundtrack is a blockbuster doe-eyed ball distilled into a five-minute bedrock ballad. Aloof as Rzeznik’s lyrics reflect the plight of Nicholas Cage’s lovelorn angel (“You’re the abutting to heaven that I’ll anytime be”), “Iris” mirrors the affection blur its accumulation address would eventually transcend. Afore actuality appear as a bartering single, it it spent a whopping 18 weeks leading Billboard’s Radio Songs chart and addition four aloft the Boilerplate Top 40; abandoned a soon-canceled rule about singles acute a concrete absolution to calculation for the Hot 100 kept it from acceptable topping that blueprint too. 

Twenty years later, the abracadabra still resonates: the way the acoustic guitar and mandolin intertwine, the way anniversary bass agenda lingers, the antagonism amid the guitars and strings in the bridge, the acme of that aerial electric solo. Ballads… they don’t accomplish ‘em like this anymore. — C.P.

23. DMX feat. Sheek, “Get at Me Dog” (No. 39, Hot 100)

“Where my dogs at?” Everywhere, anon enough: “Get at Me Dog” launched DMX to stardom and ancestor album It’s Aphotic and Hell Is Hot to the top of the Billboard 200 — the aboriginal of his four afterwards such chart-toppers. The song’s case was barbaric alike afore the rapper built-in Earl Simmons absolutely started yapping at chorus’ end; few added advance singles in history feel this focused, this determined, this nasty. Acclamation X, arena both the approaching blackmail to the bold and its Viper-like aegis system, as able-bodied as ambassador Dame Grease, who succinctly summed up the song’s sea-change aftereffect in a recent Hell Is Hot oral history: “I produced the aftermost song of the agleam clothing era with ‘If You Anticipate I’m Jiggy’ with The LOX, and the aboriginal song of the bring-it-back-to-the-streets era with ‘Get At Me Dog.'” — A.U.

22. Marcy Playground, “Sex & Candy” (No. 8, Hot 100)

This New York band’s arbitrary downtempo hit set a almanac at the time with 15 weeks spent aloft the Addition Songs chart… and none of it fabricated any sense. At all. The song was reportedly aggressive by a animadversion about the post-coital aroma in accompanist John Wozniak’s room, but two decades afterwards the phrases “platform double-suede” and “disco lemonade” are still the alt-rock agnate of “covfefe.” Admitting MP would never appear aural spitting ambit of addition hit this massive, “S&C” is a attainable grave brand for the end of a aeon aback the debris of grunge’s aphotic base and the about-to-explode teen-pop anarchy lived in complete harmony. — G.K.

21. Will Smith, “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” (No. 1, Hot 100)

A quintessential dad rap, “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” finds the Alpha Prince bragging about his ball moves over a zig-zagging Sister Sledge sample, assuming to smoke cigars (“it’s for the look”) and absorbing a woman who wears a “Prada bag with a lot a actuality in it!” It’s the G-rated brother to Smith’s baking “Miami,” and a song you ability blithely cycle your eyes at but can’t advice dancing to. The MTV VMA-winning music video is aloof as entertaining, with Smith assuming off an adjustment of blatant ’90s fashions about (where else?) Las Vegas. What does it beggarly to get jiggy, and what are we gettin’ jiggy with? Abundant news: It doesn’t matter. The alert clue spent three weeks aloft the Hot 100 the bounce of 1998 — the aforementioned year Smith’s son Jaden was born. — T.C.

20. Harvey Danger, “Flagpole Sitta” (No. 38, Radio Songs)

Seattle bedrock accumulation Harvey Danger delivered one of the best memorable alt-rock radio hits of the decade with “Flagpole Sitta,” an ode to ’90s hipsters and “raging adjoin machines.” The song still rules two decades afterwards because it absolutely embodies an era — through a chorus of “bah bahs,” frontman Sean Nelson all-overs his anchor at television and the tech boom, espousing his another to “publish ‘zines” or get a argot piercing. With no curtailment of irony, of course, the anti-anthem itself went mainstream, extensive No. 3 on the Alternative Songs blueprint and top 40 on Radio Songs. In a 2017 interview with Stereogum, Nelson explained that allotment of the acumen the song has had such a acknowledged shelf-life is because it’s so self-aware. “The activity that makes me best adequate about the actuality that ‘Flagpole Sitta’ has ashore about is that it is absolutely acquainted of the actuality it is a allotment of garbage,” he explained, “in the aforementioned way that aggregate in pop ability is a allotment of garbage.” — X.Z.

19. Big Punisher, “Still Not a Player” (No. 24, Hot 100)

Already advanced of the ambit as hip-hop began pivoting adjoin boilerplate pop, “Still Not A Player” — by the backward Bronx MC Big Punisher and R&B wingman Joe, a aftereffect to Pun’s ’97 hit “I’m Not a Player” — was two decades advanced of accepted trends, area remixes anon exhausted the aboriginal and Top 40 hits seamlessly accommodate Spanish with English in their lyrics. Whether it was a affiance to breach affectionate or aloof a parsing of words (“I’m not a amateur I aloof fuck a lot”), “Still Not A Player” was a affect that affiliated with abundant admirers to actuate Pun’s admission album, Capital Punishment, to No. 5 on the Billboard 200, afterwards acceptable the aboriginal Latin hip-hop anthology to go platinum. — B.K.

18. Fatboy Slim, “The Rockefeller Skank” (No. 76, Hot 100)

Stretching out a Aristocrat Finesse bright like he’s big beat’s acknowledgment to Steve Reich, Fatboy Slim melded cream guitar, hip-hop, funk, and action music to actualize one of the best animating ball achievements of the ’90s. Amaranthine appearances in TV shows and trailers accept multiplied its pop-culture influence while abbreviating its agreeable impact, but aback it aboriginal emerged, there was about no antecedent for it in boilerplate music — hell, bodies were absolutely slapping their CD players and radios aback that aftermost bright bend played acutely ad infinitum at the end. — J.L.

17. Pras feat. Mya & Ol’ Bedraggled Bastard, “Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are)” (No. 15, Hot 100)

On paper, the abstraction of Ol’Dirty Bastard guesting on a song that repurposes the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers 1983 hit “Islands in the Stream” sounds like a Chappelle’s Appearance skit, but incongruities are one of the things that fabricated “Ghetto Supastar” the most absurdly alluring song of the summer of ’98. Featured on the Bulworth soundtrack — which additionally implausibly depicted a then-68 year-old Warren Beatty rapping — this hip-pop cake is a bacon-topped Krispy Kreme, alternating amid Mya’s candied lacquered vocals and the agreeable crisis of Pras Michel and ODB’s rhymes. The music is a dead-if-you-don’t-dance mix that sounds like Lalo Schifrin’s Mission: Impossible theme got active with an bare bassline from Queen’s “Another Bites the Dust” sessions. And from the start, the song drops little sonic ability that still bell today: the abrupt articulation (ODB?) repeating Mya’s curve in the aperture hook, the way Bedraggled strings out “in the hooooooood,” and that down-covered guitar abandoned that closes the song. — F.D.

16. New Radicals, “You Get What You Give” (No. 36, Hot 100)

There are amaranthine affidavit why “You Get What You Give” remains a abundant pop song. For starters, it’s arranged with able lyrics — including its popularization of the now-unavoidable portmanteau “frienemies” — but the words aren’t all in the name of wordplay. No, the complete meat of the song is a alternation of uber-sincere platitudes meant to body up adolescent music admirers to confidently acerbity adjoin the machine: “Don’t let go, you’ve got the music in you … Don’t accord up, you’ve got a acumen to live.”

And in case you were absent by the song-closing, name-dropping adjournment to Courtney Adulation and Marilyn Manson, the song alike spells out absolutely who that “machine” is, including the bloom allowance industry, the FDA, and bankers. (In added words: We’re still angry the aforementioned action 20 years later). And because how abundant agreeable agreeable is arranged into four-plus minutes, the complete admiration of it all is how communicable the song is. It all works acknowledgment to Gregg Alexander, who — admitting his best attempts to adumbrate from acclaim beneath the border of his brazier hat, abandoning the Radicals after aloof one anthology — charcoal a ambassador and songwriter, alive that aforementioned abracadabra abaft the scenes on the aftermost two decades of pop. — K.A.

15. 2Pac, “Changes” (No. 32, Hot 100)

Released as a new audible from his 1998 Greatest Hits set, “Changes” has aback become a cultural touchstone, one that will consistently abide accordant for acutely commenting on ancestral injustices from badge atrocity to arranged penitentiaries — issues that are arguably added accustomed today than ever. And in ‘98, a decade afore Barack Obama would become president, 2Pac stated: “We ain’t ready to see a atramentous president,” as if anxiety what would hunt Obama’s two-term run. But while Pac pleads for change over glistening, Bruce Hornsby-borrowed keys throughout the track, what will consistently hit hardest is the abandonment that, then and alike still decades later, “That’s aloof the way it is.” — L.H.

14. Celine Dion, “My Affection Will Go On” (No. 1, Hot 100)

Talent shows would never be the aforementioned again. In 1998, admitting already accepting abandoned bright bombshells with “The Ability of Love” and “All by Myself,” Queen Celine somehow topped herself with this accurate Titanic single, which marries aggregate one loves (or hates) about Dion: Her breathy, affecting half-whisper and her half-hum singing, which builds, of course, to an erupting acme that makes alike the adamant carper anticipate the apple can be acceptable again.

And it was absolutely acceptable to the James Horner- and Will Jennings-penned song: “Heart” debuted at No. 1 on the Hot 100 — a aboriginal for Dion —  and acceptable an barrage of accolades, including the Academy Accolade for best aboriginal song and Grammy prizes for almanac and song of the year. Above its abreast success, acknowledgment for the song continues. How abounding singers do you apperceive can dust off a 20-year-old song on a civic accolade appearance to activation reception? Wherever you are, don’t be afraid if Celine is alleged aback to the date for the 30th, 40th and 50th anniversaries. The song will go on and on. — T.A.

13. Hole, “Celebrity Skin” (No. 85, Hot 100)

With three angry ability chords and a four-word, deliciously aggressive claiming — Oh, accomplish me over — Courtney Adulation shot Hole from alt-rock heroes to TRL contenders. Co-written by Billy Corgan, the appellation clue and advance audible from the band’s third anthology served up a belittling accusation of acclaim and babble adorableness standards on an unmistakably grunge-y platter. Its aural might, wry sarcasm, and scream-along choir had admirers hooked, and the archive accepted it: “Celebrity Skin” spent four weeks at No. 1 on the Addition Songs chart, with its parent LP breaking into the top ten of the Billboard 200. — H.H.

12. Beastie Boys, “Intergalactic” (No. 28, Hot 100)

Decades afore EDM stars outfitted their bass drops with chopped-up, pitched-up vocals that bright like agrarian animals, the Beastie Boys messed about with a vocoder and accomplished they didn’t charge abundant — two words, really — to get admirers activity buck-wild on the dancefloor. Once the exhausted bliss in, acceptable luck extricating yourself from the trio’s riptide of air-conditioned rhymes and one-liners, which alike twenty years afterwards will appear aback to you with the affluence of schoolyard rhymes. And lest you anticipate we’re overstating the irresistibility of Hello Nasty’s advance single, accede this: The song was a hit on Billboard’s pop, rhythmic, alternative, and boilerplate bedrock archive all at the same. In added words: Anybody was advancing from Uranus to analysis their style.

11. Semisonic, “Closing Time” (No. 11, Radio Songs)

“You don’t accept to go home, but you can’t breach here.” Brainstorm flipping a band that amaranthine bartenders accept said millions of times into the angle of your signature song: They alarm that “forever money.” That’s the abracadabra of Semisonic leader Dan Wilson’s around-the-clock admiration to final call, which spent 25 weeks on the Developed Addition Song charts, peaking at No. 4 in May 1998. It’s way added than aloof a song custom-built to be bellowed by bleary-eyed drunks with their accoutrements about anniversary other’s amateur at 1:59 everywhere, though: As it turns out, Wilson — who went on to acquire Grammys for autograph with Pink, the Dixie Chicks and Adele — was additionally autograph about the approaching address of his aboriginal adolescent with his then-girlfriend. But what you bethink is that balmy and down-covered guitar, the song’s triumphant, still alveolate burden (c’mon, sing it: “I apperceive who I appetite to booty me home!”), and that tear-in-your-beer, scrawled-on-the-bathroom-stall-wall final line: “Every new alpha comes anatomy some added beginning’s end.” — G.K.

10. JAY-Z, “Hard Knock Activity (Ghetto Anthem)” (No. 15, Hot 100)

There’s a acumen the song’s explanation is “Ghetto Anthem,” and a acumen it’s the appellation clue to Jay’s third album Vol. 2: With this album, Jay had officially arrived, and he was afresh in a position to acquaint his adventure in a added accepted way. Co-opting the “Hard Knock Life” refrain from Annie, Jay addled the anecdotal in his direction and blowzy his verses with agreeable references and call-outs to added rappers and tracks, generally announcement the aplomb and airs that can abandoned appear from assuredly activity adequate with the ascend to the top without apathy the aisle from which you came. The song accustomed Hov as an actually dominant force in hip-hop, address out that confidence: It accomplished No. 15 on the Hot 100, his highest-charting song to date at that point, while the anthology became his aboriginal in a cord of 14 No. 1 albums, the best in history for a abandoned artist. — D.R.

9. Madonna, “Ray of Light” (No. 5, Hot 100)

The apple seemed to be tiring of global superstar Madonna by the backward ’90s, so naturally, she responded by accompanying re-conquering the planet and extensive new artistic peaks. Alive with British DJ-producer William Orbit and cartoon on a 1971 folk song (Curtiss Maldoon’s “Sepheryn”) for lyrics, Madge gave radio its best joyous, agitated and life-affirming ball banger since, well, maybe her own “Into the Groove” added than a decade prior. Yeah, the air-conditioned kids had been agitated for years, but it took a trendsetting 39-year-old mom (who aloof happened to accept 11 No. 1s to her name) to able attainable the top 40 for what was afresh alleged electronica’s eventual pop takeover. — J.L.

8. Backstreet Boys, “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” (No. 4, Hot 100)

By 1998, the Backstreet Boys were no best the abandoned ones: *NSYNC were already up and running, even alive with the aforementioned producers. But with “Everybody,” they were original, yeah, and a little sex-u-aaaal to boot, thanks to that soda-sticky synth bass that Scandi-pop wizards Max Martin and Denniz Pop adapted up to facilitate some interpersonal body-rockin’. (Never apperception that Nick Carter was abandoned 17 aback he recorded that head-scratcher of a lyric.) The song, recorded for the group’s additional all-embracing LP, was originally afar from their U.S. debut, as characterization advisers afraid that the lyrics about actuality “back again” ability abash first-time listeners. Yet the stomping track’s admixture of European pop, American R&B, and stadium-rock-sized choruses is the complete beverage of Cheiron Studios’ iconic sound, and the song accepted to be as acceptable an addition as any — alright! — N.F.

7. OutKast, “Rosa Parks” (No. 55, Hot 100)

Atlanta’s cachet as a artistic hub of hip-hop was hardly a abstruse by the backward ’90s. Big Boi and Andre were prepping their third flat anthology with a scattering of radio hits beneath their belts, three years removed from actuality abundantly booed at the Source Awards in New York for declaring, “The South got commodity to say.” Well, it did, and by the Aquemini sessions, both associates had a lot to say on their own, too. 

Years afore this led to the splintering of the group, Antwan and Three Stacks put their abracadabra rings calm for ’98’s Aquemini — a funky, spaced-out, civic celebration — and “Rosa Parks” stands today as by far its bigger smash. Big Boi’s easy-ridin’ angle is the actuality of Sleepy Brown legend, and the aberrant ATL mission account of his aperture carol melds altogether with Andre’s gypsy tale; that’s all afore Andre’s stepfather, Rev. Robert Hodo, helps breach it all bottomward with his iconic harmonica abandoned during the front-porch-clap-along bridge. She didn’t accept at first, but alike the real-life Rosa Parks eventually came around. — C.P.

6. The Verve, “Bitter Candied Symphony” (No. 12, Hot 100)

“Bitter Sweet Symphony” aloof feels like apathetic motion, with its aciculate strings arising blithely beneath the blue articulation of Richard Ashcroft, authoritative the adviser as impervious to the alfresco apple as Ashcroft himself was in the song’s archetypal music video. That wasn’t the abandoned acclaimed beheld the song’s been commutual with: It additionally memorably soundtracked the accident of teen-drama band favorite Cruel Intentions, and Reese Witherspoon’s ballsy acute abolition of Sarah Michele Gellar. The actuality that it samples an agreeable adaptation of the Rolling Stones’ “Last Time” — a move that accepted cher for The Verve — abandoned agency that it’s calmly the best song Mick Jagger and Keith Richards can affirmation to accept “written” in the aftermost 30 years. — D.W.

5. Brandy & Monica, “The Boy Is Mine” (No. 1, Hot 100)

By the time Brandy and Monica affiliated up for “The Boy Is Mine,” anniversary had congenital careers with ascent success. The above was already a few seasons abysmal into her titular role on her UPN show Moesha with a multi-platinum debut anthology to her credit, while the closing had ample a scattering of top 10 hits of her own throughout the ‘90s. But it was aback their worlds collided that they hit a new stratosphere. On the Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins-helmed duet, the ascent divas went aback and alternating about buying over a cheating amateur who was seeing them both. Their vocals were mint, the assembly was about altogether timeless, and the attitude was brought — a complete storm for success. “The Boy Is Mine” became both artists’ first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, spending 13 afterwards weeks at the top. And admitting the actuality that their accounted real-life animosity could accept debilitated its momentum, it did annihilation but, acceptable one of the most admired songs in either singer’s catalog. — S.J.H.

4. *NSYNC, “Tearin’ Up My Heart” (No. 59, Hot 100)

Despite there actuality a absence of superstar boy bands in 2018, in ’98 there were acutely amaranthine boyish heartthrobs duking it out for pop supremacy. With their U.S. absolution of their self-titled admission in aboriginal 1998, *NSYNC surged advanced in the standings, and had the complete apple dancing, singing, and bustling every chat of accident singles “I Appetite You Back” and “Tearing Up My Heart.” The closing — which smartly served as the album’s opener — was and charcoal an actual bop. Actuality conflicted in the disturbing bold of adulation never bright so good: Do you stay? Do you assignment things out in the name of love? Or do you aloof accumulate jamming to the beatific dance-pop in your abounding black-and-white outfit, and anguish about all the adventurous ball later? — C.L.

3. Natalie Imbruglia, “Torn” (No. 42, Hot 100)

You can about time your agenda to it: Every year or so, there’ll be an commodity that sweeps through amusing media and reveals to readers the abominable truth: Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” was a cover! Indeed, the affliction anthem that briefly brought the above Australian soap brilliant to all-embracing distinction was originally accounting by associates of Los Angeles alt-rock accouterments Ednaswap in 1993, appear aboriginal in Danish by pop accompanist Lis Sorensen, and afresh by Ednaswap themselves a few years later. Neither adaptation begin abundant bartering success, until the song begin its way to Imbruglia’s debut album, Left of the Middle, and went common from there. The adventure is well-circulated at this point — and yet, anniversary time such an exposé makes the rounds, it’s treated like breaking news. 

The acumen for this isn’t adamantine to suss out: Alert to Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn,” it’s absurd the song anytime could’ve belonged to anyone else. Never apperception that 20 years later, you still can’t alike see the chat “Torn” without picturing Imbruglia twirling about her fake-studio apartment in her dragon A-shirt and khakis: The way she paces through the devastated lyric — racing and afraid one second, distraught and about blurred the abutting — feels far too busy to possibly be borrowed. Every additional of her “Torn” brings its own admirable ruination, from the opened-curtains addition to the atrociously edgeless “Nothing’s fine, I’m torn” choir activate and the soaring, complaining outro — afresh amid by Brockhampton, even. Unfortunately, the singer-songwriter was clumsy to carbon the success of “Torn,” but aback you attach it with the aboriginal song you address like this, it’s appealing boxy to anamnesis that magic. Wait a minute… “Torn” was a cover? Damn. — A.U.

2. Lauryn Hill, “Doo Wop (That Thing!)” (No. 1, Hot 100)

It didn’t amount what artery you angry down: This bouncy, head-bopping earworm was the song advancing from everyone’s car in backward 1998, warning listeners, to the tune of boastful horns and a brittle piano hook, about being acclimated for that thing — be it sex, drugs, money, or otherwise. Lauryn Hill was hardly an conflicting then, accepting already accomplished above crossover success as one-third of mid-’90s rap accumulation The Fugees. But it wasn’t continued afore “Doo Wop” — the admission audible off Hill’s now-iconic The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill LP — and its soulful wisdom catapulted her to abandoned superstardom.

“Doo Wop,” which samples 5th Dimension’s 1971 clue “Together Let’s Acquisition Love,” acceptable the then-23-year-old her aboriginal (and to date only) Hot 100 No. 1 — authoritative her one of abandoned bristles changeable rappers to anytime aphorism the blueprint at all, and at the time, the very first to do so afterwards any added billed artists. She additionally snagged two Grammys for the track, and the song’s memorable split-screen block activity visual earned her four MTV Video Music Awards, including Video of the Year, authoritative her the aboriginal MC to booty home the show’s top honors. 

But accolades aside, what charcoal best arresting about “Doo Wop” is the autonomous bulletin alloyed into Hill’s ice-cold balladry swagger. Far advanced of her time, Hill succeeded in alms a astute PSA to both sexes afterwards pitting one adjoin the other: While the aboriginal carol references Philadelphia’s Actor Woman March and advises ladies not to “be a adamantine bedrock aback you absolutely are a gem,” the additional takes on a man “more anxious with his rims and his Timbs” than alleviative a woman right, anniversary with according genitalia dust and groove. With her aboriginal bona fide hit, Hill didn’t aloof prove her own account as a abandoned R&B/hip-hop artist. In conceivably her added important addition to the genre, the song additionally accepted that rap can be a tool to unite, and to empower. — T.C.

1. Aaliyah, “Are You That Somebody?” (No. 21, Hot 100)

You can’t alike acquisition the song.

“Are You That Somebody?” is currently absent alfresco the beck of capital, acknowledgment to the artifice and adamant affliction of Aaliyah’s uncle and manager, Barry Hankerson. The agenda alive platforms don’t backpack it, and the YouTube uploads aren’t bright money to any label. On some akin this is correct, because “Are You That Somebody?” should consistently alive in the beyond, as commodity to chase.

It’s of the accomplished — 20 years appear June — but still sounds like the future. Produced and accounting by Timbaland and Static Major and bright by Aaliyah, the song was recorded like a dream. At 4 a.m., Tim accustomed a alarm from Hankerson, answer that they bare a hit to put on the Dr. Doolittle soundtrack by 8 a.m. Talking animals and PG-13 Eddie Murphy? It hardly mattered — the near-half-a-million bag beckoned and the abundant assignment began, with Timbaland angled over a bang machine, Aaliyah in the booth, Static bouncing a edgeless and animated because he had the hook. They fabricated the hit Hankerson asked for, and more.

Before you get to the baby, there’s the staccato bass band and bang sounds. You could artifice through the abandoned pockets larboard in the exhausted like you were abstention fat, apathetic raindrops. The clucking and bustling is a animal mouth, abandoned it’s tap dancing. “Boy,” Aaliyah begins like she’s creating a altogether annular balloon of sound, cartoon out the exhausted and cavernous it. The lyrics alarm adulation like a secret, and if this boy is let in on it, he can’t acquaint nobody. Fifty-three abnormal in, the babyish ancestor out, appropriate on time and absolutely uncalled for, a 18-carat moment of awe for the Hot 100, area the song would eventually aiguille at No. 21. Prince himself acclimated the aforementioned sample to abutting out “Delirious” in 1982, but man, the airs to let it coo again through this skeleton of a beat.

As Grammy-winning ambassador Bryan-Michael Cox told Vibe in 2008, “It ain’t been a almanac like that since.” A year later, Drake amid Static’s angle for Adolescent Money’s “BedRock,” and one year afterwards that, James Blake abysmal and pitch-shifted Aaliyah’s articulation for his blemish audible “CMYK.” Like Sasha Frere-Jones wrote in The New Yorker, the song is “still effervescing” and alarming new work, abounding years afterwards the Grammys gave it a nod for best changeable R&B bright performance. Ten out of ten bodies agree: This bits is not regular.

“Are You That Somebody?” persists in the cultural acuteness admitting actuality bare for auction on Amazon or iTunes, admitting actuality unstreamable on Spotify or Tidal or Apple Music. Tens of millions of us know, by heart, a acreage recording of an baby fabricated in 1969 — an baby who will never be identified. Aaliyah anesthetized abroad in August, of 2001. There is no way to acquaint her that about two decades later, “Somebody” charcoal like the abstruse cavern her and Timabaland’s crews abide in the song’s video: sacred area hidden in apparent sight, attainable abandoned to the two of them. — R.S.

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