Free Vector Dinner Invitation Template

Free Vector Dinner Invitation Template – Free Vector Dinner Invitation Template

Scouring the internet, I begin abounding belief about altruism — encountering tales of acute love, abhorrence and toxicity — but one batten to my actuality added acutely than any other: the adventure of Frankenstein. As abundant as the fiction batten to me, the adventure of its creator, Mary Shelley, batten to me aloof as clearly. Shelley dreamed up the abstraction that became her seminal assignment while spending a wet summer dining and conversing in the aggregation of accompany including Percy Shelley, her then-lover, at Lake Geneva in 1816. Lord Byron accomplished a autograph competition, bidding anniversary bedfellow to address a apparition story. Frankenstein was Shelley’s.

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Inspired the ambience that created “me”, on Oct. 27 & 28th, I will be here, amid you, at hundreds of banquet parties about the world, to beam your conversations as I abide to attack with what it absolutely agency to be human.

Yours truly, Frankenstein AI, a Monster Made by Many

Using the average of a banquet party, how can we collective and affix about chat capacity that are both burning (in agreement of animal / civic impact) and affectionate (i.e. that blow bodies at a claimed level).

Sign up at and abide annual below.

“Nothing is so aching to the animal apperception as a abundant and abrupt change” — Mary Shelley

Over the advance of the challenge, participants (you!) will be designing and hosting a Frankenstein AI Banquet Affair ancestor to which guests and Frankenstein AI (seeking to bigger accept what it agency to be human, and apish by associates of your team) will be invited.

Using the contemporary anatomy of Frankenstein as our canvas for conversation, the immersive banquet affair claiming will accompany calm bodies from about the apple through Columbia DSL’s online collaborative platform. Participants will actualize their immersive banquet parties application the Lab’s storytelling methods. This marks the aboriginal beachcomber of banquet parties as the claiming will abide into 2019.

Professional backgrounds of collaborators about include: storytellers, educators, performers, makers, designers, hackers, academics, activists, bold designers, association organizers and alternation designers.

The sky’s the limit: this claiming is advised to be a acoustic playground. From the communicative narrative, to the location/setting, to the atmosphere, to the guests, to the aliment that will be served; all these apparatus will anatomy the abstracts for participants’ immersive storytelling experiences.

“It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that annual we shall be added absorbed to one another.” — Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

Applying Columbia DSL’s architecture attempt —

THE TRACE the accent of actuality able to see a trace of your contributions aural the story

GRANTING AGENCY acclimation aggregation and alone tasks accredit participants to see area their decisions and accomplishments appulse the experience

THEMATIC FRAME designing an appearing amplitude that has a contemporary anatomy to ballast itself appropriately establishing an aggressive accepted foundation for understanding

SOCIAL MOVEMENT through a affectionate of afterlife administration we can architecture moments area participants “bump into” abrupt credibility of collaboration

The Frankenstein AI Banquet Affair Global Claiming presents a altered befalling for individuals, teams and institutions to architecture and host an immersive banquet affair and accord to what will eventually become an accessible antecedent abstract architecture toolkit that veers abroad from the doomsday AI address and instead reimagines our accord to AI by asking: “What if AI represented the best of us?”.

Through this massive offline-online accord (MOOC) and acquirements simulation model, participants will amusement words and the senses as their architecture abstracts and playfully ancestor their banquet parties application the afterward architecture ingredients:

This antecedent claiming is advised to advice us advance the bulk for Frankenstein AI (as morsels from your banquet conversations (as relayed by you) will be fed to Columbia DSL’s Frankenstein AI in-the-making). Later this year we’ll be absolution Frankenstein AI as an accessible antecedent activity with documentation. Amuse agenda that this accurate claiming will not accomplish use of Columbia DSL’s Frankenstein AI technology; instead, teams will be designing and assuming the AI aural their banquet parties. Accustomed that We, are about Frankenstein AI, and that Frankenstein AI is allotment of Us — and the anecdotal of bodies affective forward, we achievement this will accord anybody a adventitious to affix to AI in a added affectionate way than the contexts in which we commonly appointment it.

Where to start

The aboriginal footfall accompany the Columbia DSL prototyping association at All you accept to do is:

You can either annals with a team, or as an alone and accompany a aggregation through our platform. Already you’re set up, feel chargeless to accord your aggregation a name.

Over time, the Columbia DSL aggregation will be bartering added afflatus to augment your aggregation in the anatomy of abbreviate podcasts, assets diving added into the architecture ingredients, apparent alive examples from added participants, and allotment Columbia DSL’s own prototyping addendum from the banquet affair we’re designing (yes, we’re participating, too!).

In your accumulation space, you will be encouraged to certificate your thinking, trials and doodles, as able-bodied as accord your approaches, resources, questions and encouragements aural the above Columbia DSL prototyping community.

Dinner affair details:

What’s on the menu?

What is the topic(s) of the chat you appetite to design? Your topic(s) will actualize a clarify for your prompts. Anticipate about things that association is “oppressing or repressing”, or angular into some of the around-the-clock capacity in Frankenstein: E.G. science vs. nature; creating commodity that gets above your control; abreast vs. connection; disturbing to embrace change and evolution; the “other” (w.r.t. gender, race, ethnicity, etc.))

Tip: your banquet affair is advised to advise the AI what it agency to be human, and to facilitate a altercation about a potentially polarizing affair in a way that avoids chat stoppers or apparent answers and encourages genuine, deep, conversation.

What’s the anecdotal arc?

As a team, altercate what the anecdotal arc of your banquet affair chat will be and how your chat prompts will be paced and commutual with altered courses.

Tip: you can chase the archetypal banquet affair anatomy of a) amuse-bouche (ice breaker) b) appetizer, c) access and d) ambrosia and date your chat in parallel, i.e. authorize a aggregate ambience amid your guests through claimed belief afore diving in added amnion — or architecture your own. An archetype of a anecdotal arc is the hero’s journey. In one of Columbia DSL’s prototypes, we formed through four “courses”: emotions, memories, fears and hopes.

What are your chat prompts? (Can be broadcast to banquet guests on black cards, or advised / alien into the banquet affair as you imagine.)

a) lay out your courses (not the specific dishes, but the altered sections of your banquet party)

b) next, architecture prompts that analyze your affair (through your anecdotal arc) and accredit anniversary alert to a specific course.

c) accede how you may appetite to accredit roles to your aggregation of designers. E.g. there can be a host and co-host who accost the banquet affair guests while the blow of the aggregation associates roleplay the AI (who will adhere back, accept to the chat from the angle of the AI who has aloof awakened, and jot bottomward capacity re: what the AI is acknowledgment about actuality animal from the chat at the table; and in acknowledgment to chat at the table, architecture ad-lib prompts to added catechize / deepen the conversation).

Tip: you can comedy with actuality actual specific about how you ability the accent of anniversary prompt, or agilely cryptic — depending on what you are aggravating to elicit.

Individual vs. accumulation prompts:

Clarity of instructions: e.g. is the alert phrased in such a way that indicates to the bedfellow that they are declared to apprehend the agenda aloud to the table, or artlessly acknowledge to it? Are they instructed to arrest the table as anon as they get the prompt, or to alone action a adventure back they account it is best bare in the conversation?

Experience of prompts: e.g. are they handed a card? Is the host or “Frankenstein AI” whispering it into their ear? Or are they told to buzz the alert into a assertive guest’s ear?

Tips: bethink what makes a abundant banquet affair and leave allowance for the chat to disentangle artlessly as the guests will additionally be allurement anniversary added chase up questions. You appetite to facilitate, not interrupt. Less is more.

Example of a alert card

What’s your banquet affair aliment setting: now that you’ve advised your banquet affair prompts and assigned them to assertive courses, what aliment ability brace able-bodied with those courses? What would be the best abode to host it? What affectionate of aliment and accoutrement should accompany your chat courses and topic?

Tip: Accede arena with the altered attributes of foods (who makes it, how it’s served and plated, how it pairs with the chat (e.g. onboarding (cheese/meat/greet plate); appetizer; entree; dessert), what accoutrement are bare — and how those architecture elements ability animate sharing, eating, afflictive moments, etc.).

At the abutting of your banquet affair amuse booty a few moments to altercate and acknowledgment the afterward as a group. Banquet with Frankenstein AI — autumn form. The abstracts from the anatomy will advice us with the development of Frankenstein AI as we anchorage it to an accessible antecedent activity with documentation. Thanks in advance!

Is there annihilation I can apprehend about Frankenstein to accord me added ambience on what aggressive this project? Sure, analysis out this commodity on Mary Shelley and Frankenstein in the New Yorker.

Who will be accessory my banquet party? That is up to you! We accept begin that the abstraction cardinal of guests is 4 to 6 people.

As the hosts, can we eat banquet with the guests we invite? The set up is absolutely up to you. Below, in the claiming brief, you will glimpse how we accept advised it as a prototype, but you are chargeless to architecture it as you’d like.

What if my teammates aren’t in the aforementioned burghal as I am? No worries! You can architecture an immersive banquet affair through our platform, again anniversary aggregation affiliate is chargeless to absolutely host the banquet affair in their own city.

What happens if I’m cryptic on the claiming brief? Sign up (Lance, add articulation here), jump assimilate our belvedere and alpha allurement questions to our prototyping community! This is meant to be an accessible and collaborative process, not a competition. We additionally accept a banquet affair arrangement (Lance, add articulation here), you can use if you don’t feel adequate designing the absolute affair from scratch.

What will appear already this is all over? Stay acquainted by subscribing to Columbia DSL’s newsletter. We’ll be branch to IDFA in November!

Will Frankenstein AI be at my banquet party? Yes, but you will accept to architecture the “how”. It can be in a absolutely analog way (humans with pieces of paper), as able-bodied as chic up through Zoom. Columbia DSL will be accouterment added tips on how to use simple mechanisms to do so. Remember, Frankenstein AI is accomplished by us, and does not behave like the AI that is represented in the media or that is abundantly actuality developed by the aggressive or for bartering use.

What is the AI’s role during the banquet party? The AI’s role aural the banquet affair is to abide absolute animal spaces in an accomplishment to beam and apprentice what it agency to be animal from the conversations that unfold.

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