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JONESBORO, Ark. — It was quiet central the barter as Arkansas State drillmaster Blake Anderson collection forth Interstate 55. He wasn’t abiding what to say. Usually he could calculation on his wife, Wendy, to ample any silence. She loves talking to people, and alike the best banal accountable will circling in a dozen altered admonition alone vaguely accompanying to the last. Blake calls it “spiderwebbing,” one cilia agilely affiliated to another. He’s the face of the football program, but at events, Wendy is the star. A booster or fan will bend him, afresh he’ll acquaint Wendy. She spiderwebs, and he sneaks away, abrogation Wendy to agreeableness alike the dullest of companions.

Now, in aboriginal July, Wendy is in the bench abutting to him, breakable and annoyed and abscessed from an hour bumping forth the artery amid Memphis, Tennessee, and Jonesboro in the commuter seat, silently apperception the account they’d aloof gotten from her doctors.

A few weeks earlier, scans showed her latest annular of chemotherapy was working. She’d aboriginal been diagnosed with a attenuate and advancing anatomy of breast blight in 2017, recovered, afresh got ailing again. The antecedent cast was bleak, but she was a fighter, and until today, she anticipation she was winning. But she’d skipped her aftermost dosage of chemo, too annoyed and too ailing to bung herself into addition bag of poison. Her doctor ordered tests. The tests showed the tumors were growing again. They’d gone to accommodated with her oncologist in Memphis, and he offered no acceptable options.

Wendy wasn’t decumbent to outbursts. Perhaps it was the voice, a Betty Boop approximation, she said, that consistently admired her to kids and fabricated Blake beam aback she’d get excited. She didn’t anathema much, either. She’d say things like, “Cancer absolutely kicked me in the fanny.” But afterwards the doctor went over the analysis results, he’d larboard the room, bankrupt the door, and Wendy screamed.


They didn’t allocution abundant afterwards that, aloof collection forth in blackout while Wendy’s apperception raced. Why had she gotten her hopes up? Why did blight accumulate affairs the rug out from beneath her? Why couldn’t these doctors see that all this bad account wasn’t helping? The added she thought, the angrier she got. Twisting in the commuter bench to face her husband, she erupted.

“I’m ailing and annoyed of accepting bad news,” she shouted. “Don’t accord me any added bad news. I don’t appetite to apprehend it. I don’t appetite to see it. I’m activity to beat this, and all these things they accumulate assuming me be damned!”

Blake took her hand. She wasn’t mad at him. He knew that. It aloof bare to be said.

“I’ve never doubted you,” he said.

How could he? She consistently has had the answers. She asked him out on their aboriginal date. She aloft their kids — sons Coleton and Cason, and babe Callie — while he was active coaching. She has affronted anniversary new burghal into a home for their family. She pulled him aback from the border of oblivion, aback football had swallowed aggregate abroad in his life. She beat aback blight once, defying doctor’s admonition and award her own aisle to remission. Blake gets the absorption because of football, but booty a acceptable look, he says. Wendy is the glue.

As they neared Jonesboro, the sky opened. Rain pelted the car. The buzz rang. Their babe had approved to drive through a dabble that affronted out to be a babyish lake. She bare a ride. They got home. The basement was calamity from the abrupt downpour. The dog, Khaleesi, barked, allurement Blake to comedy fetch. The abode bashed with three kids who’d kept abutting to home afterwards Wendy got sick. There’s a activity actuality that affairs added than analysis results.

“We get down, and we cry,” Blake said. “But we’ve got kids to raise, and we acquaint them God will get you through. We’ve got to be able to animate that for them, too. There’s a lot of times I go in the added allowance and bark my eyes out, but I appear aback to Wendy, and it’s aloof — let’s go.”

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They had spent the accomplished few months assured new treatments to work, for Wendy to be on the mend by summer. But now, football loomed over everything. Blake was shuttling amid home and work, acclimation commons and allowance with analysis in one place, afresh authoritative his aggregation in the other. A host of Arkansas State administration had been assassin abroad afterwards the 2018 season, and Blake fabricated a point of bringing in replacements he trusted to run the program, if needed.

“[I can’t] drillmaster the team, run the breach and drillmaster the quarterbacks and be who I bare to be for you,” he tells Wendy.

She flinches at the idea. She didn’t appetite blight to booty football from Blake. But she’s sick. She’s accepting worse. Affected opens in a few weeks.

Blake gives her a smile. He fabricated a affiance years ago and he was activity to accumulate it.

BLAKE AND Wendy met on campus at Sam Houston State. He was a football star. She was a abode girl. They went out on a date, and Blake waited two weeks afore bottomward by her apartment.

“She said I about played it too cool,” he said.

A day later, they bumped into anniversary added at a volleyball game. Wendy asked him out on a additional date. He said yes. They’ve been affiliated for 27 years.

Wendy’s dad accomplished aerial academy football, so she was blessed to chase Blake into coaching, too. At their aboriginal stop in Eastern New Mexico, they confused three times in a little added than a year, aloof aggravating to acquisition a abode they could afford. In the offseason, Blake formed at the Coca-Cola annex to accomplish ends meet.

Blake admired coaching, though. Football was in his blood, and he was acceptable at it. He confused up the ranks to Trinity Valley Community College to New Mexico to an abhorrent coordinator job at Middle Tennessee. He formed constantly, chewed up bold film, blossomed into a acclaimed recruiter. He abounding every camp, every convention, every golf airing with added coaches. At home, though, his alliance was disintegrating.

By 2004, the ancestors had lived in four cities in four years, and at anniversary new spot, Wendy was larboard to bulwark for herself, to explain to the kids why they never saw their father. Afresh one day, they were active accomplished the amphitheater at Middle Tennessee, and Coleton said, “That’s breadth amoroso lives.”

“I chock-full accoutrement for him with the kids,” Wendy said. “I acclimated to accord excuses, but afresh I’d aloof say, ‘You apperceive what, that’s a acceptable catechism for your dad. Why don’t you go alarm him? Leave him a bulletin because he won’t answer.'”

It was June 1, and MTSU’s agents was set to fly to Florida for a apprenticeship dispensary the abutting day. These were the types of trips breadth Blake thrived. He was active his activity “like a frat kid,” he said. But Blake came home to acquisition Wendy cat-and-mouse for him, accoutrements packed. She was demography the kids, activity aback to Texas.

“If I airing in and abandon tomorrow, will you stay?” he asked. “Will you accord me the adventitious to be the actuality I apperceive I’m able of being?”

Reluctantly, she agreed. The abutting morning, he begin arch drillmaster Andy McCollum in his appointment and quit.

FOR THE abutting two years, Blake ran his father’s allowance business in Texas. He accomplished Coleton’s basketball team, and they went undefeated. He accomplished clinics on the no-huddle breach at breadth aerial schools. He played in the backyard with the kids.

Then one day in aboriginal 2007, the buzz rang. It was Rickey Bustle, arch drillmaster at Louisiana-Lafayette. He was attractive for a new abhorrent coordinator. He capital to account Blake.

Wendy was angry. She knew what football had done to their family, and she wasn’t absorbed in reliving the experience. But Blake promised her this time would be different.

They collection to Lafayette and met with Bustle. In the interview, Blake spelled out his demands. If he took the job, he bare to recruit locally. He bare to set his own schedule. He bare time with Wendy and the kids. Ancestors first, always.

Still, Wendy abashed about what a acknowledgment to the bold would bring.

“I absolutely prayed he’d beam us out of the building,” Blake said.

They didn’t alike accomplish it home afore Bustle alleged with a job offer.

“I was mad at God for a continued time,” Wendy said. “I capital to apperceive why. Why are we accomplishing this? Why do I accept to do this again? But he assuredly befuddled me abundant breadth I was alert that there was a purpose.”

A year later, Larry Fedora assassin Blake to run his breach at Southern Miss. Aback Fedora was absorbed to North Carolina, he brought Blake, too. Anniversary time, Blake reminded his bang-up of his priorities.

“I abstruse from him on how to do a bigger job acclimation my ancestors and the job,” Fedora said. “I’m an old-school, determined guy, and there were a lot of times Blake got me to lighten up.”

Blake fabricated a point of advancing home anniversary night for dinner. Aback the kids would go off to bed, he’d accessible his laptop and watch film. He’d deathwatch up aboriginal to abstraction recruits, afresh accept breakfast with the ancestors afore activity into the office. They’d go skiing or to the movies or comedy laser tag, and if it meant additionally agreeable bisected the offense, that was OK, too.

“My affection was different,” said Blake, who was assassin as arch drillmaster at Arkansas State in 2014. “I absolutely capital to do it with them, the way it was meant to be done in the aboriginal place, the way I should’ve been accomplishing it for years. We’ve had a blast. It’s cutting at times, and I’m abiding my kids accept apparent abundant brawl to aftermost a lifetime, but we do it as a family.”

WENDY HAD gotten a awful sunburn in the bounce of 2017. It itched like crazy. She couldn’t sleep. She kept abrading her chest, and aback she acquainted a lump.

She went to see her doctor, who recommended tests, which led to an ultrasound, afresh a biopsy. All the while, she downplayed the situation. She was adolescent and fit and healthy. Why worry?

“I kept hearing, ‘It’s nothing, it’s nothing,'” Blake said. “Then it was, ‘We accept a problem.'”

They met with the doctor, who apprehend over the biopsy results. It was cancer, he said. A attenuate kind. She should acquisition an oncologist. He offered few details, so Wendy went home and Googled her diagnosis: amateur abrogating breast cancer, an advancing anatomy of the ache allowed to best accepted treatments.

Wendy was gobsmacked. The abutting morning she alleged the doctor’s appointment and talked to a nurse.

“Is this what he’s adage I have?” she asked.

A continued pause.

“Yes, honey,” the assistant answered. “I anticipate so.”

A FEW weeks afore abatement affected opened at Arkansas State in 2017, Wendy and Blake flew to Tijuana, Mexico. Her doctors told her she was crazy, but to Wendy, this acquainted right. There was a dispensary there that offered addition treatments not accessible in the U.S. She accustomed low-dose chemo, but additionally abstruse a new diet, experimented with homeopathic treatments, had transfusions of her own blood, advised to actualize antibodies to action the cancer. It amount about $1,000 a day. She was there for seven weeks.

When she came home, doctors apparent the analysis had confused the tumor, and there was an befalling for surgery. They removed the bump and said the after-effects looked good. Wendy still had her hair, her activity and, as best her doctors could tell, she was cancer-free.

Arkansas State opened that division at Nebraska. In the apprentice area at Canonizing Stadium, admirers draped a ample assurance that read: “Get able-bodied soon, Wendy Anderson.”

But her blight was insidious. Alike if the tumors are removed and the blight is in remission, in the all-inclusive majority of cases, it allotment in new places aural a few years. Wendy got beneath than two.

In November 2018, Blake noticed his wife was coughing a lot. She acquainted fine, played tennis routinely, but she kept accepting ailing — colds, strep throat, bronchitis. And that cough. She’d see doctors, and they all downplayed cancer. It was apparently acerbic reflux, one told her.

Wendy was in the stands for Arkansas State’s final home bold of the season, a achievement over Louisiana Monroe on Nov. 17. Aback they got home, she was active a fever. She was exhausted.

“It hit me like a ton of bricks,” she said.

Blake went into his assignment the abutting day, but Wendy was still drained. She absitively to appointment the burning affliction facility, a red-and-white brick architecture aloof accomplish from the Red Wolves’ amphitheater and her husband’s office.

She explained to the doctor her symptoms, told him about her blight battle, said she was abashed it had returned. He ordered a chest X-ray. He wasn’t Wendy’s primary doctor, and he was no able on cancer, but Wendy said aback he looked at the analysis results, the blush drained from his face.

“So you’re cogent me the blight is back?” she insisted.

“I absolutely can’t say,” he told her.

“You don’t accept to,” she said.

IT WAS aboriginal January, and Wendy was accepting headaches. She didn’t anticipate abundant of it. She was sick, and blight fabricated aggregate hurt. She captivated an array of medication, and there were consistently ancillary effects. She would lie bottomward on the couch, prop her legs on Blake’s lap, and he’d rub her feet, which usually helped.

She’d been apathy things, too. This was a active antic in the abode for years. Where’s mom’s phone? Where’s the remote? Wendy was consistently accident her keys. This was different, though. She capital to accelerate a argument message, but she couldn’t bethink how to alleviate her iPhone. She bare to pay her housecleaner, but bushing out a analysis was impossible.

By the afternoon of Jan. 10, the headaches were unbearable. Wendy approved to rest, but the burden in her arch woke her, screaming.

“Make it stop,” she yelled amid sessions of abounding vomiting. “Blake, accomplish it stop!”

Blake biconcave her off the couch, and alone her in the tub, breadth she threw up to the point of exhaustion. He alleged Arkansas State’s aggregation doctor, Jeremy Swymn, told him to accommodated them at the hospital. Wendy was accepted immediately. She’d spent the accomplished hour agreeable in agony, but aback a doctor asked for her affliction level, on a calibration of one to 10, she said six.

Blake and Swymn looked at anniversary other, astonished.

“No,” Blake said. “It’s a 12.”

Everything from there was a blur. Doctors did an MRI. They begin bristles tumors, one the admeasurement of her anchor that pushed adjoin her skull, animate her academician out of position. Wendy absent consciousness. Doctors administered a steroid in hopes of animating her. They told Blake the alone advantage was emergency academician surgery. They asked him what to do if she crashed. Should they accomplish CPR? What was their plan if alone machines could accumulate her alive? Blake and Wendy never talked about it. They were declared to accept added time. Two months ago, Wendy was arena tennis. Now, she was dying.

Blake affective his wife, befuddled her.

“Wendy, deathwatch up!”

Shook her again.

“Wake up!”


Finally, she opened her eyes. She couldn’t speak, but it was enough. Swymn assertive the doctors to adjournment surgery, to delay for the steroid to work. Anaplasty ability accept dead her. She was too anemic for radiation treatment. Eventually a neurosurgeon absitively to assignment two holes in her skull to abate the pressure. Fluid attempt aloft the room. The bigger bump collapsed, and about instantly, Wendy was better.

“She shouldn’t accept fabricated it,” Blake said. “She should’ve had a achievement or a affection attack. But aback she came out of it, it was unbelievable.”

OVER THE abutting few months, Wendy went through radiation treatment, which breakable her energy. She approved an immunotherapy analysis that didn’t work. She did annular afterwards annular of chemotherapy, which blanket her beard and base her body. She was angrily absolute her accomplished life, but now she was ashore in a bed, allurement Blake to alloy an amoebic abstract for her every few hours. She larboard the abode sparingly, an oxygen catchbasin in tow, for a cruise to Target or a night at the movies. The algid air played calamity with her lungs.

She’d alternating amid a account of in-home treatments — Vitamin C doses, blast therapy, saunas and hypothermic flood lights, acclimated a accessory that advertisement sonic frequencies to advance blight cells. She agitated a discharge cup because the aggregate of drugs and blight fabricated it adamantine to allocution abundant afterwards defective to ablaze the fungus from her throat.

“I aloof debris to accord in,” Wendy said. “I was built-in a fighter, and I’m still fighting.”

The after-effects followed a accustomed pattern, a babyish footfall advanced and addition tumble aback down.

She begin alleviation in babyish victories. In June, she acquired four pounds.

“That sounds funny, but it’s a lot aback you’re angry cancer,” Wendy said. “I haven’t advised this little aback I was 13.”

WENDY TURNED 49 on Aug. 15. She had been in the hospital for a while now. Her affliction was acceptable difficult to manage. Her breath was added labored. She knew what was coming, in all likelihood, but she didn’t appetite to go this way. She capital to go home, to accept one added accustomed day. She didn’t beg. She insisted.

Her doctor was blunt. She could go home for her birthday. She ability be there a week, a day, an hour. But aback it was time to leave, the abutting footfall was auberge care.

The hospital absolved her about 4 p.m. Aback they got home, Wendy opened the aperture to flowers and cards, balloons and gifts, a half-dozen accompany who’d spent the day planning and decorating.

Wendy consistently struggled to assurance people. She’d been austere too abounding times, bodies she anticipation were accompany who abolished aback football got tough. But now, added than a half-dozen coaches’ wives and accompany from anniversary of the stops they’d fabricated throughout Blake’s career were actuality to celebrate. Rhonda Brewer, whose husband, Gunter, formed with Blake at North Carolina, had aggregate some of Wendy’s admired things — custard from Andy’s, a little boutique bottomward the road, and cake. Cason asked for chocolate-covered cherries, which his mother loved.

“Wendy could alone booty a few bites of each,” Rhonda said, “but she admired every bite.”

It was a girl’s affair — Wendy and Rhonda and Callie, a scattering of added wives and friends, the dog. Blake sat in the aback of the allowance and watched. Wendy was 90 pounds, her “Birthday Girl” adornment pulled over wisps of hair, but that smile and those ablaze eyes, electric and alive, she looked aloof like that babe he’d collapsed in adulation with so abounding years ago.

It was the adroitness of God, Blake said, that she acquainted bigger for the party. Or, he wonders, maybe she was in affliction the absolute day and banned to appearance it. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

“She had a absolutely abundant day,” Blake said. “She looked amazing.”

The army ancient about 9 p.m. By 11 p.m., Wendy was hurting. By 2 a.m., she told Blake she was accessible to go. She took a sedative, slept a few hours. In the morning, they met with the kids. It was time.

WENDY WAS accepted to auberge on a Friday. She was on a abiding beck of drugs to addled the pain, but she talked with Blake about the future. She wasn’t abashed of dying, she said. She was abashed about all she’d miss.

She talked to Blake about the kids. Coleton is still addition things out, she told him. Be patient. Accord him time. Aback Callie got affiliated — years from now, maybe — Wendy capital it to be beautiful, so she fabricated Blake affiance to acquisition help, alive it was a assignment aloft a football coach’s expertise. She talked about Cason’s graduation abutting spring. She talked about grandchildren she’d never meet. She talked about the little abode on the basin breadth she and Blake planned to retire. She told Blake to be nice to the cat.

“We were best friends, and we didn’t appetite to be apart,” Blake said. “But she had no fear. She had complete peace.”

By Saturday evening, Wendy’s affliction was unbearable. Added drugs.

On Sunday, the accessory assistant told Blake that things were affective quickly, to be prepared.

On Monday, she told him not to leave the hospital. It wouldn’t be abundant longer.

Blake clearly took a leave of absence from the football affairs that morning. He had a plan in place, but it wasn’t declared to appear now. There was declared to be added time — days, weeks, more.

Wendy was sedated best of the day, but woke for a few account in backward morning. Blake brought her water, helped her acclimatize her pillows. He kissed her on the forehead.

“I adulation you,” he said.

“I adulation you, too.”

“Do you appetite to go aback to sleep?”


He laid her down. She bankrupt her eyes. She didn’t deathwatch up again. Blake was coiled in bed beside her aback she died backward Monday night.

BLAKE HAD been the fifth Arkansas State drillmaster in as abounding years aback he was hired, and initially they’d begin it adamantine to accomplish accompany in a babyish boondocks that didn’t apprehend this drillmaster would break long, either. But now hundreds of association showed up at Central Baptist Abbey to pay their respects, and buses lined the parking lot, added than 100 players filing out and into the chapel.

On the bump awning at the advanced of the church, a slideshow addled through photos of Wendy. There she was at the beach. There she was skiing. There’s she and Blake, aback at Sam Houston State. There’s Wendy, captivation babyish Coleton. Alone a few of the photos complex football or cancer.

Their pastor, Archie Mason, offered a eulogy. He talked about Wendy’s courage, about her adulation for people. He talked about how aggressive she was alike at a bold of cards. He told the adventure of how a adolescent apprentice she mentored already alleged her “spicy” because she was so passionate. He capital to allocution about her mission, too, about what brought her to the church. Instead, he said, he capital Wendy to acquaint her story.

The awning aloft the belvedere flickered to life, and there was Wendy. The abbey had recorded these videos years ago, giving congregants a adventitious to allotment their testimony. Wendy talked about growing up in Texas, about how her dad struggled with alcohol, about how her parents’ annulment burst her world, about actuality dyslexic, and how it affected her to apprehend the Bible added carefully so she could accept it, about her kids and Blake and what it meant to accept a family. She talked about a little of aggregate really. Spiderwebs. But the point she alternating to, the affair she was absolutely accepting at, was that adamantine times are assured for everyone. To survive those challenges, she said, you bare to accept a foundation, article to accumulate you abiding as the blow of your apple swirls into oblivion. For Wendy, that was God and her abbey and her family. She hoped others there would acquisition the aforementioned alleviation that she did.

She’d recorded the video in February 2017, beneath than two weeks afore her aboriginal blight diagnosis.

BLAKE WILL drillmaster his aboriginal bold aback Wendy’s afterlife on Saturday adjoin Georgia. The accomplished few weeks accept been adamantine on everyone. There’s so abundant assignment that goes into a canonizing and a burying and a burial, and afresh suddenly, aggregate is quiet and the abode is abandoned and dark.

A anniversary afterwards Wendy died, Callie beatific her a text. It was habit.

Every few hours, Blake picks up his buzz in hopes of talking to Wendy. Sometimes he’ll absolutely alarm her phone.

“I accumulate cerebration she’ll airing in the door, like she’s been on a continued vacation,” Blake said. “I absence her every minute.”

On Saturday, Sept. 7, the Arkansas State aggregation met in a appointment allowance of a auberge in Las Vegas, hours afore demography on UNLV. Assistant drillmaster David Duggan, who’d abounding in for Blake for the accomplished three weeks, told players they had a appropriate guest.

In absolved Blake. The allowance erupted.

“It was awesome,” Blake said. “These guys accept been amazing.”


Arkansas State arch drillmaster Blake Anderson allotment to the aggregation for the aboriginal time aback his wife, Wendy, anesthetized abroad from breast cancer.

When it was over, though, afterwards the aggregation took the acreage and marched to a ascendant victory, Blake was cerebration about Wendy. For 27 years, afterwards every appropriate moment, she’d been there to hug him.

A DAY afterwards that long, bashful car ride from Memphis, Wendy was talking about death. Well, not death, really. It started there, but … spiderwebs.

There was a massive oak tree, she said, that grew in the backyard aback she was a kid, aback in Texas. Limbs sprawled in all directions, one that accomplished about to the ground. It was, as Wendy saw it, an invitation.

She was 3 the aboriginal time she climbed the tree. She’d been at home with a babysitter, who’d affronted her apart in the yard. As anon as Wendy accomplished she was unsupervised, she affective authority of that branch, continued for the abutting one, up and up, college and higher, abnegation to appear aback down.

The aide freaked, alleged Wendy’s mother, who collection home from work.

“That’s affectionate of aerial isn’t it?” her mother said, craning her close to get a glimpse of her toddler.

Wendy wouldn’t budge. She was happy, aerial aloft the world. So her mother threw up her hands, went inside, and anchored lunch. Eventually, she figured, Wendy would get hungry. Annihilation abroad was prying the babe from her tree.

What did Wendy Anderson anticipate about death? She anticipation about that tree, about her mother staring up, about her view, aerial aloft the burghal Texas rooftops, out assimilate the horizon.

“I had no abhorrence in the world,” Wendy said. “And I don’t anticipate that anytime changed.”

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