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Example Of Invitation Card In English – Example Of Invitation Card In English

E ngā mana, e ngā iwi, e ngā reo. Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa.

How to Write a Birthday Invitation: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

It is a amusement to be actuality tonight, acclamation the Royal Commonwealth Society – so kia ora and accede you for the invitation. There is a able and abiding accord amid the British High Commission and the RCS, and I apperceive that I chase in the footsteps of abounding of my predecessors in acclamation you today.

The appellation of this abode is ‘A Commonwealth of Accepted Values’. This has accustomed me a adequately advanced remit, which I aim to accomplishment to the abounding admeasurement possible!

But afore accepting into specifics, I would like to set the arena a little.

Members of the Royal Commonwealth Society will be able-bodied abreast in best of this but I anticipate it able-bodied annual revisiting the fundamentals of the Commonwealth, and some key facts and statistics – because they absolutely are absolutely remarkable.

From an aboriginal ancestors of 8 states (including New Zealand) who alive the London Declaration in 1949, the Commonwealth has developed to 53 affiliate states.

Mozambique and Rwanda were the aboriginal countries to be accepted to the Commonwealth that were not ahead allotment of the British Empire (you’ll calendar by my use of the chat aboriginal that we achievement there will be more!). We additionally accustomed Gambia aback into the ancestors in February aftermost year, and the Republic of Maldives has requested to re-join. The actuality that a growing cardinal of nations are agog to accompany or re-join the Commonwealth demonstrates the amount that countries abode on the allowances of actuality allotment of our assorted family.

These 53 affiliate states are home to 2.4 billion bodies – a third of the world’s population, beyond a division of the UN affiliate states. In agreement of prosperity, the Commonwealth makes up one-fifth of all-around trade, with the accumulated GDP of Commonwealth nations set to adeptness US$13 abundance in 2020. Commonwealth States accomplish up a division of the G20 accumulation of countries.

The abeyant of the Commonwealth is accordingly vast.

As the accepted Chair-in-Office, the United Kingdom is alive with all affiliate states to ensure the Commonwealth realises that potential. We are focussed on announcement autonomous ethics and development, accretion trade, amplifying the choir of baby states, and arrest all-around challenges such as abandonment and altitude change.

Of course, all of this is easier said than done, and I don’t appetite to appearance over the challenges that abide with this assorted set of nations. As with any multilateral organisation or any family, altered personalities, priorities and inter-family relationships beggarly that there are tensions and difficulties. I will get into some added detail on these challenges afterwards on. But I anticipate it’s important to accede the role of a accepted set of ethics and attempt can comedy in absolute differences – or at the actual atomic accommodate a base for a able dialogue.

So, with that arena set, I’d like to allocution to you about three accommodation that I anticipate are important to accede aback cerebration about the Commonwealth and its values:

The 16 aggregate ethics of the nations of the Commonwealth are set out acutely in our Charter. You will be adequate to apprehend that I will not be activity through in detail how ceremony of the 53 nations apparatus all 16 of those ethics – we don’t accept all night, and I am a diplomat, not an anti-insomnia app.

But broadly speaking those Commonwealth ethics can be summed up as a acceptance in capitalism and the aphorism of law, acceptable babyminding and animal rights.

The Charter additionally expresses the charge of affiliate states to the development of chargeless and autonomous societies and the beforehand of accord and abundance to beforehand the lives of all peoples of the Commonwealth. Our accepted values, apprehend together, represent our eyes of accepted solutions to accepted problems, and alive aural the rules-based all-embracing order.

I would like this black to highlight some of those ethics that accept accurate resonance for me, and which I anticipate will accept a analytical role in how the Commonwealth evolves.

Firstly, animal rights and equality

The starting point is that, alone if animal rights are adequate – at an alone and aggregate akin – can a country and its citizens fulfil its accurate potential. If some bodies are discriminated adjoin or denied a role in accommodation making, or if the aphorism of law is not consistently and predictably applied, again both the bodies and the nation (and the economy) will suffer.

So it’s a breeze (to use the abstruse term) that the Commonwealth is alive on animal rights. The Commonwealth Heads of Government Affair in the UK aftermost year recognised the accent of administration animal rights best convenance and expertise; and agreed to abutment National Animal Rights Institutions in ceremony country, and accredit able accord by Commonwealth states in the Universal Periodic Review activity at the Animal Rights Council. The UK is – to that end – allotment two new Geneva-based advisors, to abutment Commonwealth affiliate states’ assurance with the Universal Periodic Review and the Animal Rights Council.

Closer to home, actuality in the Pacific, the UK and the Secretariat for Pacific Communities launched the Pacific Commonwealth Equality Project in Kiribati aloof aftermost year. With £1.8 actor of UK funding, this aggregate activity will beforehand the accommodation of Pacific Commonwealth countries to bear on their all-embracing animal rights commitments. There accept been smaller-scale projects, too: in Samoa, for example, the added Commonwealth accompaniment to which I am accredited, the Commonwealth Secretariat has accurate the analytical assignment of the National Ombudsman in documenting and communicating the botheration of calm violence.

The Commonwealth, in all its diversity, additionally champions religious freedom. But this year’s abhorrent attacks on mosques in New Zealand and churches in Sri Lanka, and the advancing animality of or bigotry adjoin religious minorities in abounding countries, including Commonwealth countries, admonish us – again – of our aggregate albatross to apostle and assure this axiological animal appropriate to abandon of adoration or belief.

As associates of the Commonwealth, we allotment a acceptance that we alive on a aggregate planet with finite, accepted assets that charge be managed for the annual of all. And that we accept a assignment of kaitiakitanga, or guardianship, for our acreage and oceans. Actuality in the Pacific, I don’t charge to set out the imminent, existential blackmail that altitude change poses to many, eventually all, of our members. I don’t charge to admonish you of the Prime Minister of Tuvalu’s ambulatory cry: that if you save Tuvalu, you save the world. And I don’t charge – I anticipate – to set out the plight of our oceans and abyssal life, faced with temperature rises, over-fishing, and pollution.

But it’s annual ambience out what we are accomplishing to accouterment the problem.

At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Affair aftermost year, we acclaimed the acceptance of the Paris Agreement by all members. We re-iterated our charge to accompany efforts to absolute the access in all-around boilerplate temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius aloft pre-industrial levels. And we launched the Commonwealth Blue Charter to sustainably beforehand and assure the ocean, forth with initiatives such as the Commonwealth Abyssal Abridgement Programme, and the Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance.

Our assignment now is to focus on delivery.

Here in the Pacific region, the UK is acknowledging the enactment of a Regional Pacific Nationally Determined Addition (NDC) Hub in Fiji to advice the Pacific Island Countries apparatus the Paris Agreement. New Zealand appear agnate abutment in the margins of COP 24 in Poland.

In June the UK launched the aboriginal anytime Pacific Altitude Change Report Card on Apple Oceans Day. In accord with UK abyssal scientists, 60 Pacific Altitude Change experts formed to appraise the appulse of altitude change in the arena and analyze how Pacific islands can acknowledge to this all-around challenge.

Since its barrage with 7 countries in April aftermost year, 25 countries accept now alive up to the UK and Vanuatu led “Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance” to accouterment abyssal artificial pollution. I was at the affair of the Pacific Affiliation in Noumea in June of this year, and Pacific country afterwards Pacific country set out what they are accomplishing to abate the use of plastics and accouterment artificial pollution. And – as the appreciative Governor of the Pitcairn Islands, I am admiring to say that they, too, are arena their part, with an campaign to Henderson Island to bright up artificial pollution, abstraction its impact, and acquaint the plight of artificial abuse to the world.

None of these problems can be tackled by countries acting alone: we charge to co-operate and draw on the addition and adeptness of all our members. And none of them can be tackled by government alone: we charge administration at every akin – ample states and small, governments and individuals – to bear the adeptness change and activity necessary.

So, in band with the Charter’s assumption to recognise the needs of baby states, the UK at CHOGM appear a £19m amalgamation of abutment for Baby Island Developing States to strengthen pre and post-disaster costs plans, as allotment of our efforts to abutment the animation and abundance of Baby Island Developing States. In November aftermost year, the UK helped to armamentarium Baby Island Developing States from beyond the Commonwealth to appear Kenya’s Sustainable Blue Abridgement Conference, to analyze addendum on how best to administer oceans sustainably.

And in September, the Prime Minister appear a Adolescent Leaders’ Artificial Claiming Badge to advice an estimated 100,000 adolescent bodies in the Commonwealth become leaders in adopting acquaintance about abbreviation artificial consumption.

Which brings me to the third amount I would like to highlight:

One in three of all adolescent bodies age-old amid 15 and 29 alive Commonwealth countries. That’s about 640 actor adolescent people.

We accept all apparent the adeptness of adolescent choir arch change – Greta Thunberg is but one archetype – and I am abiding you will accede that our adolescence are a basic and admired beforehand for now and the future.

60% of the citizenry of our affiliate countries are beneath the age of 30. One of the roles of the Commonwealth is to amplify the articulation of adolescent bodies and for 40 years the Commonwealth Adolescence Programme has accurate affiliate countries to do aloof that. It places appropriate accent on acknowledging adolescent bodies to architecture and drive youth-led initiatives beyond a ambit of issues that anon affect them.

A abundant archetype of this is the Commonwealth Adolescence Altitude Change Arrangement (CYCN) which was accustomed in 2009 to body the accommodation of adolescent bodies in their endeavours to abode altitude change and added ecology issues, and apostle on altitude change from a adolescence perspective. The Commonwealth Adolescence Altitude Change Arrangement supports accomplishments that empower adolescent bodies to construe altitude change programmes into able behavior that will accept a assessable appulse on adolescence well-being. It additionally links projects implemented by its associates beyond the Commonwealth in adjustment to beforehand accepted accomplishments and campaigns. For the UK to adeptness its accurately bounden appetite to abate greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050, and for all countries committed to affair – or beyond – their Paris commitments, it is key that we appoint the drive & appetite of our youth. The Commonwealth provides a abundant belvedere for accomplishing so.

A added archetype is the Commonwealth Accouchement and Adolescence Affliction Network. Launched this year, the arrangement aims to accredit adolescent disabled bodies to aftereffect change on issues that amount to them. This is a applied acknowledgment to the Commonwealth Heads of Government authorization to ‘address the stigmas about affliction in all its forms and manifestations, ensuring that no one is larboard behind’. This arrangement gives a articulation and amplitude to accouchement and adolescent bodies with disabilities to beforehand their own calendar in the Commonwealth.

It is additionally capital to recognise and bless the achievements of these adolescent bodies whose initiatives ambit from abjection advancement to accord building. In 2018, Josevata Rotidara (Jo-say-fa-ta Row-ti-fara) from Fiji was a finalist in the Commonwealth Adolescence Awards in acceptance of his alarming assignment as an apostle for ‘Campaign for Brainy Health’, and his efforts to beforehand abundance and affected the stigma that surrounds brainy health. The accolade was won by Usman Iftikhar from Australia, who founded a alpha up incubator that enables migrants and refugees in Australia to alpha their own businesses. By showcasing and adulatory the achievements of adolescent bodies in alive capitalism and development, the Adolescence Awards affect a accomplished new bearing of Commonwealth leaders.

Of course, it’s not all a bed of roses – and it’s annual absorption on (rather than glossing over) the challenges adverse the Commonwealth.

Some of these are about our centralized babyminding – how the ample programme annual is spent, or the complication of issues we discuss, and the accident of accompanying discussions in added fora. Over time, the Commonwealth has acquired a acceptability for actuality a talking shop. The donor-recipient / north-south activating pervades, as can allocution of the Old Commonwealth and the New. Controversial decisions, such as acceptance Sri Lanka to host CHOGM in 2013 admitting apropos about animal rights abuses, accept fuelled criticism of the organisation and its adeptness to booty absolute activity on acute issues.

More generally, there is a gap amid the Commonwealth’s accent on animal rights, and the absoluteness on the arena in abounding affiliate states: whether that’s the rights of women or associates of the LGBTI community, religious and indigenous minorities, or ensuring a akin arena acreage for political parties. And the Commonwealth’s accoutrement for captivation associates to annual are limited. I was alive on South Asia in 2016, aback the Republic of the Maldives, annoyed of actuality scrutinised and criticised by the Commonwealth Ministerial Activity Accumulation for its failings on animal rights, absitively to leave the Commonwealth.

There are additionally tensions amid members: for archetype amid India and Pakistan, which can complicate the activating aural the organisation. And the UK is not immune: we are affianced in a long-running chat with Mauritius about the ascendancy of the British Indian Ocean Territory.

But our aggregate ethics that we all alive up to in the Commonwealth Charter, and reaffirmed aftermost year, beggarly that alike as we may disagree on specific issues, we are able to abide civilian and advantageous relationships with adolescent members. We can additionally accede – as we did in Malta, and in London – on the charge for reform, and assignment calm on that reform. That’s how a ancestors of nations works.

And it is a attestation to the success of this amiss ancestors that the Republic of the Maldives, beneath its new Government, has submitted a appeal to re-join the Commonwealth.

I’ve talked a lot about altitude change, oceans and animal rights, actuality in the Pacific region. But I would apprehend that best Kiwis (current admirers apparently excepted) would accept agitation anecdotic what allowances New Zealand derives from actuality a affiliate of the Commonwealth. Explaining what the Commonwealth is and how it allowances its associates is an advancing challenge. There is a low akin of compassionate of the Commonwealth in all our countries – as any High Commissioner will testify. As the approachable Indian High Commissioner put it: my Mother wants to apperceive aback I’ll be answer to Ambassador…

And yet the actual allowances of associates are considerable. You may accept heard of the ‘Commonwealth Advantage’. This is acclimated to call the actuality that barter amid Commonwealth associates costs on boilerplate 19% beneath than barter with non-members. This is abundantly acknowledgment to the abutting relationships and accepted factors amid our countries, such as use of the English accent and agnate acknowledged and banking systems.

With intra-Commonwealth barter accepted to acceleration to $700 billion in 2020 and a charge fabricated by leaders at CHOGM 2018 to accession that to $2 abundance by 2030 through the Commonwealth Connectivity Calendar for Barter and Investment, there is astronomic advantage for a trading nation like New Zealand to be allotment of the family. Indeed, DPM/FM Peters has accustomed a Commonwealth Barter Envoy, Jeremy Clarke-Watson to ensure that New Zealand is demography best advantage of its membership, and to attending at how that advantage ability be enhanced. Accustomed our similarities of accent and acknowledged systems, the Commonwealth is a absolute test-bed to try out exciting, avant-garde new measures on trade, such as enabling agenda trade, award new agency of acclamation authoritative barriers or application barter for development purposes.

But added than trading links, the Commonwealth is an amazing arrangement of bodies for New Zealand and the added associates to appoint with. With 2.4 billion bodies beforehand beyond 53 countries, the Commonwealth encompasses an abnormally advanced geographic, cultural, indigenous and bread-and-butter diversity. Commonly multilateral fora are focussed on one arena or theme, for example, ASEAN and APEC. But the Commonwealth is beforehand beyond the apple with the Pacific, African, European, and Caribbean nations affair to abode a assorted set of issues, but all underpinned by this accepted set of ethics and principles.

In no added appointment would the Prime Minister of Samoa sit abutting to the Prime Minister of India, or – I doubtable – the Prime Minister of New Zealand abutting to the Prime Minister of Nigeria.

If you haven’t apparent the video bulletin that Prime Minister Ardern recorded for Facebook from the alley at Heathrow on her way home from the Commonwealth Heads of Government Affair in London aftermost year (22 April 2018), it’s able-bodied annual a watch. You’ll see for yourself how agog she was about the ambit of leaders she was able to collaborate with. Leaders that she wouldn’t commonly accept had the adventitious to allege to. She mentioned conversations with the leaders of Botswana, South Africa, Malta and Sri Lanka.

She batten about baby islands interacting with ample states, and in about-face persuading them of the calibration of the claiming that altitude change poses to Island nations. But she additionally again acclimated the chat potential: and that’s right. we accept assignment to do to realise absolutely the abeyant of the Commonwealth.

Looking now to the all-inclusive Pacific region, actuality too the access are close. The Commonwealth and the aggregate ethics that I accept aloof declared accompany us together. Nine Pacific islands are adolescent associates of the Commonwealth, and our access – for acceptable or ill – axis from Captain Cook’s aboriginal boating through the Pacific 250 years ago this year.

So the UK has continued been in and of the Pacific. But in the 2000s we scaled bottomward our presence. We remained present and affianced in Fiji, PNG, and the Solomon Islands. But we bankrupt our High Commissions in Vanuatu and Tonga, and absolutely bluntly we stepped aback too abundant from our Pacific accompany and Commonwealth ally in this region.

We are now putting that right. At the Commonwealth Heads of Government affair aftermost year, the again Foreign Secretary, now our Prime Minister Boris Johnson, appear that the UK would be aperture 9 new adept missions in Commonwealth countries, thereby accretion the cardinal of British High Commissions about the apple from 38 to 47.

Three of those new missions are in the Pacific: we are aperture High Commissions in Tonga, Vanuatu and Samoa, thereby acceleration our adept attendance in the Pacific. And while – on a claimed calendar – I’ll be sad to accord up my non-resident High Commissioner position to Samoa, it’s article that I advocated acerb for, and it’s ablaze that we will accept a new citizen High Commissioner accession in December.

Because there is so abundant added we can do together: in the region, and in the Commonwealth as a whole. And we actual abundant achievement that the Commonwealth may be advancing to the Pacific: at CHOGM 2018, Heads accustomed the activity of Samoa to host CHOGM 2022. A final accommodation will be fabricated at CHOGM 2020 in Rwanda, but we are aflame at the anticipation of alive with Samoa in this vein, and of beforehand with added countries in the arena – New Zealand included.

And what about the UK? Having got this far after advertence the B chat – I should now allocution about what Brexit agency – and doesn’t beggarly – in this context.

It’s important to accent that, while we are absolutely abrogation a bunch organisation, the UK is neither nationalist, nor isolationist. We abide proudly multicultural, and proudly internationalist. Some saw Brexit as a assurance that the UK would about-face in on itself, putting up barriers to all-embracing co-operation. But the UK has been bright throughout that it will abide as alive and affianced internationally as ever.

We are bright that admitting we are abrogation the EU, we are not abrogation Europe: we aim to beforehand the abutting accessible relationships with our European partners, accompany and neighbours. We are bright that we accept acerb in all-around responses to all-around problems: advancement chargeless trade, demography burning activity to assure our altitude and oceans, arrest the scourges of terrorism, cyber attacks and adverse states. We are behest – in affiliation with Italy – to host COP 26, the UN Altitude Change Conference, in 2020.

We abide focussed on animal rights and acceptable governance. And we abide to put our money area our aperture is: we are the alone NATO affiliate to absorb both 2% of GDP on aggregate defence, and 0.7% on ODA.

We are – in abbreviate – re-invigorating our ties with old accompany and ally beyond the apple – and beforehand time, activity and money, as I accept set out, in authoritative the Commonwealth as able as possible. That’s why we were decidedly appreciative to host aftermost year’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Affair in London aftermost year on the 70th ceremony of our network, and we abide a committed best of the organisation as Chair-in-Office for this year of ‘A Connected Commonwealth’.

To conclude. The UK shaped the apple badly through colonialism and the British Empire. And our history of Empire – with all the accoutrements that brings – is additionally the adventure of our avant-garde diversity, and British citizens who whakapapa to Commonwealth countries about the world.

Whatever we may anticipate of the Empire and its legacy, and that absolutely is a affair for addition accent on addition breach – the ties that are larboard are strong. A aggregate language, aggregate acknowledged system, aggregate values. The access amid our peoples – what Prime Minister Modi calls the “living bridge”. A activity of actuality at home in ceremony others’ countries.

That, Ladies in Gentlemen, is now the Commonwealth: a assorted ancestors of nations who, by advantage of those historical, cultural and bodies to bodies connections, by advantage of aggregate values, and by advantage of a aggregate charge to award all-around solutions to all-around problems, accept – actively accept – to be allotment of the Commonwealth.

In May 1949, 70 years ago, Prime Minister Nehru set out why, as it became a Republic India was committed to actuality a allotment of the Commonwealth:

We accompany the Commonwealth because we anticipate it is benign to us and to assertive causes in the apple that we ambition to advance. It is mutually accepted that it is to the advantage of the nations in the Commonwealth and accordingly they join. At the aforementioned time, it is fabricated altogether bright that ceremony country is absolutely chargeless to go its own way… but it is bigger to accumulate a branch affiliation activity which may do acceptable in this apple rather than breach it.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, charcoal as accurate today as it was then: the Commonwealth, in all its imperfection, is benign to its members, and it is a force for accomplishing acceptable in the world.

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa.

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