Example Of Invitation Card For Christening

Example Of Invitation Card For Christening – Example Of Invitation Card For Christening

For this month, I am reviewing BabyGiftIdea.com, at co-owner Pat Laws’ request. Pat and her bedmate bought the business from the aboriginal buyer in May 2008. The armpit has been online for about nine years, so it absolutely has some history and believability in the eyes of Google.

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Pat aggregate that they accept a actual big problem. Specifically, during the accomplished year and a half, sales accept collapsed by about 45 percent. The allotment of sales delivered by Google amoebic chase has backward about the above for the accomplished year. Google chase traffic, however, has been in a abiding abatement back mid 2007. The Laws’ implemented a website adapt with a new home folio architecture and armpit restructure, yet saw actual little in the way of impact. They have, for the best part, backward accurate to the aboriginal owner’s artefact curve and appraisement — with some artefact additions. Pat feels they may never achieve the akin of sales enjoyed by the antecedent owner. She doesn’t accept why, or how to fix it.

The bearings sounds a little dire. Pat beatific me a blueprint of her Google cartage over the 22 months, and it’s not a appealing picture. There are no spikes in there. It’s all downhill. What is activity on?

For starters, it looks to me like there’s a lot of keyword capacity activity on. For example, booty a attending at the appellation tag on the home page:

Baby Gift: Babyish Gift Ideas, Babyish Battery Gifts, Ability for Baby, Babyish Battery Favors, Babyish Gift Baskets, Babyish Ability Personalized, Babyish Battery Gift Ideas, Unique Babyish Gifts, Babyish Names, Babyish Showers

Could the chat “baby” possibly be again any more? At atomic it’s not blimp into the home page’s anatomy copy, too. (There isn’t any anatomy archetype to allege of on the home page, by the way). “Hi, we accept babyish gifts, lots of babyish gifts, added babyish ability than you can imagine, were you attractive for babyish gifts, did I acknowledgment we accept babyish gifts?” I fabricated this book up but I wouldn’t be afraid to acquisition article akin it about on the site.

Here’s accession example, a appellation tag on http://www.babygiftidea.com/cgi-bin/baby/p/p18/Religious-Christening.html:

Christening: Baptism Gifts, Christening Gifts, Babyish Baptism Gifts, Christening Outfits, Christening Dresses, Christening Invitations, Babyish Christening Gifts, Christening Gift Ideas, Ability and Christening

Again, like the above title, it’s ever continued and alone a advertisement of keywords rather than article advantageous for a animal that’s accounting in accustomed English. There is additionally a cogent bulk of keyword repetition. Eight mentions of “christening” and bristles for “gifts,” forth with a two repeats of “baby” and “baptism” befuddled in there for acceptable admeasurement qualifies as keyword capacity by anyone’s definition.

Even added arrant is the actuality that this above keyword capacity is replicated in HTML animadversion tags. This is old academy SEO. That tactic hasn’t formed for abounding years.

Ironically, one of the aboriginal phrases in the appellation tag appears boilerplate in the archetype of the page. The byword I allege of is “baptism gifts.” So, keyword capacity is activity on abaft the scenes, yet abounding of the keywords are absent from the anatomy copy.

In addition, the cardinal of links independent on these pages is as over-the-top as the keyword stuffing. On the above christening/baptism page, the SEO-Browser.com apparatus counts 546 links, of which 508 are internal.

Speaking of links, let’s booty a attending at the entering links. Aboriginal stop was Yahoo! Armpit Explorer, which showed a appropriate cardinal (987 to be exact) of in-links to the absolute armpit (excluding BabyGiftIdea.com’s own self-referential centralized links). But I noticed a cardinal of links were from the above sites. So my abutting stop was SEOmoz’s Linkscape tool. That apparatus showed 1,130 in-links from a absolute of 436 domains. Though this is not horrible–but still not abundant by any stretch–I’d like to see bags of domains, not hundreds. Attractive at the links that comprised this number–excluding no-followed links that don’t calculation for PageRank but that, frustratingly, Yahoo! Armpit Explorer includes–I see a lot of “links” pages.

If abounding of the links you accept garnered appear from pages with the chat “links” in the URL or in the appellation tag–and/or these links are reciprocal–you apperceive you’re in trouble. Such links are not actual admired to start, but if the majority of your links are those types of low-value links, again your armpit doesn’t attending aboveboard or accurate in the eyes of the chase engines.

So now I brainstorm you are accepting the abstraction why BabyGiftIdea.com isn’t assuming able-bodied in the chase engines. Old-school SEO approach become added and added alarming (as in a chase agent penalty) and abortive over time as the engines’ algorithms evolve. I’m not afraid now by the abiding abatement in their success metrics.

Let’s accept that this abject being gets bankrupt up and the armpit garners admired links becoming by merit. Now what can BabyGiftIdea.com do to improve? It’s activity to booty added than “not spamming” to finer vie for aggressive baby-related keywords.

Let’s go to keywords. I see affluence of abeyant to ambition some non-obvious but admired keywords. For instance, querying the assorted keyword analysis accoutrement like Google AdWords Keyword Apparatus and KeywordDiscovery.com for chase agreement that accommodate the chat “baby,” I begin affluence of “baby name” accompanying keywords. Yet the armpit isn’t targeting them. Nor is it targeting “new babyish e-cards,” “new babyish checklist,” “new babyish wishes,” “baby e-cards,” or “baby battery card.”

One outside-the-box byword it appears to ambition is “baby battery ideas” (as you can see there is a big articulation on the appropriate cavalcade of the home folio beneath “Get our Newsletter”). I say, “appears to target” because it doesn’t absolutely ambition it. The articulation leads to a folio that does not acknowledgment the byword anywhere — not in the appellation tag, anatomy copy, or non-existent H1 headline. The folio has a meta keywords tag but those are worthless.

Browsing through “site:www.babygiftidea.com” chase results, I noticed debris pages in Google’s basis like http://www.babygiftidea.com/cgi-bin/welcome.pl?ref=blion page=index.html and http://www.babygiftidea.com/cgi-bin/baby/forum/display.html?mv_arg=124494. Further, I spotted alike copies of the home page, like http://www.babygiftidea.com/?pid=10 and http://www.babygiftidea.com/cgi-bin/baby/ (this is area the logo on the top larboard leads, curiously) and http://www.babygiftidea.com/?id=nsession&code=SPCAKE&pid=7&cid=3. That has to be bankrupt up, too.

The armpit is indexed in Google, but a “site:babygiftidea.com” chase in Google Artefact Chase appear it is not indexed there. Why not? It’s free. The Laws’ should be appointment a artefact augment to Google Merchant Center.

Why do all the URLs accommodate “cgi-bin/baby?” Surely you can get rid of that with a bit of URL rewriting. The armpit is active on the Apache web server software, so it should be accessible to carbon URLs application the Apache bore alleged mod_rewrite.

Let’s end this on a absolute note. I begin a cardinal of acceptable things about the site’s SEO, too: Their mouse-overs on the larboard aeronautics are CSS-based, they accept a 301 alter from babygiftidea.com to www.babygiftidea.com, there’s addition archetype on class akin pages, and the area name and website has a lot of history. Specifically, the babygiftidea.com area is over 10 years old, and the armpit (according to archive.org) has been online for over 10 years too. The area doesn’t expire until 2018, so it’s been pre-paid for the abutting 9 years, which added distances them from chase agent spammers.

Request a armpit brand by emailing [email protected]

SEO Report CardBabyGiftIdea.com

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