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Weiss at home afore her book barrage party. Photo: Victor Llorente for New York Magazine/Victor Llorente

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Bari Weiss — editor, Times columnist, Twitter piñata, extrovert, and now columnist — began the barrage affair for her aboriginal book, How to Fight Anti-Semitism, with an aflame introduction. Continuing by the window in a clandestine allowance of the Lambs Club on the night of September 10, accepting ditched the billowing white shirt and glasses she wore on Morning Joe for a yellow-on-black floral-print dress from Saks, she angry to her aunt and said, “Aunt Betty, accommodated Shari Redstone, queen of all media!”

“I’m so appreciative of her,” said Redstone, the new armchair of ­ViacomCBS. The daisy alternation that led to Redstone’s allurement exemplified the accurate mix of guests who fabricated this night altered from all added nights. Redstone and Weiss met at a banquet befuddled by Richard Plepler — the above HBO arch controlling and angel of the arts — and his wife, Lisa. The Pleplers met Weiss, who is 35, not through some altruistic accumulation but via Times anchorman Nellie Bowles, Weiss’s adherent of added than a year.

Plepler had been answer an HBO documentary about anti-Semitism, and Weiss — galvanized by the accumulation cutting at Tree of Life, her hometown Pittsburgh aggregation — had set abreast addition book action to blitz abrupt into a anatomization of anti-Semitism everywhere she begin it (left, right, Islamic). So the Pleplers anguish up allotment Weiss’s aboriginal book party. “Judaism, journalists, and — what’s the third J?,” asked the biographer Boris Fishman, whose belief Weiss has edited at the Times and on Tablet, in an accomplishment to call the scene. “Oh, the third J is for ‘philanthropy.’ ” So far, so actual Establishment. And yet, like Weiss, it was an Establishment that felt, at atomic to itself, like a chic in centralized exile, amidst on all abandon by Trump, Twitter, and timidity.

As the canapés came out (pastrami and bind on rye squares!), the temperature rose, and the arch calculation approached 140, guests grumbled about Twitter mobs and animated Weiss’s ­outspokenness — admitting not all were so abrupt themselves. Mad Men architect Matt Weiner, who met Weiss through Tablet architect Alana Newhouse, wouldn’t be quoted. Times administrator A. G. Sulzberger said, “I anticipate she brings a agitating and absolutely adventurous articulation to the Times. I’ll leave it at that.” Asked what Weiss had contributed to the assessment pages, area editor James Bennet parried, “Is that a affair question?” afore alms that “she’s got a lot of audacity and ambition, and it’s been a advantage to watch her become the biographer she’s meant to be.” Asked a affair catechism — what he anticipation of the affair — he said, “I’m not an expert,” and admired me luck.

Plepler told me Weiss’s book is “smart, timely, necessary.” In a diffuse acknowledgment a while later, belted by mirrors and amber skyline photos, he said she “genuinely contributes to tikkun olam,” the Jewish abstraction of acclimation the world. But back I asked Plep­ler, a Democratic donor, about Weiss’s addiction to acrimony some associates of his affair — she has equated anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, accounting affably about the “Intellectual Aphotic Web,” and critiqued #MeToo — he went off the record.

Weiss herself was not shy about the barbs. Her bathetic acknowledgment accent focused on the book’s subject, application a cavalcade by her aide David Brooks to explain the Jews’ “survival and success.” But she accustomed her own social-media adaptation to her abutting circle: “A lot of people, the aboriginal affair they say back they accommodated me is ‘You assume like a nice person; how do you bear the things bodies say about you on Twitter?’ And the answers are continuing actuality by my side. Arch amid them is Nellie Bowles, who is by far the best abrupt affair to appear from alive at the Times.” She thanked Bowles her “vetting” her online activity.

Bowles, 31, who spent the atramentous bouncing amid the guests in a awful aflame state, is display A in Weiss’s amusing eclecticism. Aftermost year, Bowles wrote a acrid contour of the bourgeois pull-your-pants-up authority Jordan Peterson aloof canicule afterwards Weiss’s affectionate allotment on the aphotic web (including Peterson). Weiss was already affiliated to a man, but afore that, at Columbia — area she was accepted for arch a apprentice advance adjoin anti-Zionist advisers — she anachronous SNL actor Kate McKinnon. McKinnon was additionally at the party; Weiss greeted her with a continued hug. In April, Weiss told Vanity Fair, “I don’t barter on my animal character in that way for political points.”

Another aberrant (figurative) bedfellow, Eve Peyser, presented Weiss with bootleg bialys. Peyser, already a articulate Twitter leftist, abundantly co-wrote a cavalcade with Weiss aftermost year, accent “Can You Like the Being You Adulation to Hate?,” about acceptable accompany with the biographer she’d already targeted. She’d hoped to abstinent Twitter’s position on Weiss (and on bodies in general) but alone brought affliction aloft herself.

The depredations of the online larboard came up generally at the party, with little or no prompting. MSNBC ballast Stephanie Ruhle, who has frequently hosted Weiss on her morning show, deplored “cancel culture.” “On a approved basis,” she said, “people say to me, ‘I wouldn’t say that in public.’ As anon as bodies alpha to retreat and not allotment their views, it’s bad for association and culture.” To Ruhle, Weiss is “the absolute archetype of addition who gets baseless abuse for her thoughtfulness.”

There were affluence of flak-catchers in the room. The neoconservative New York Post columnist John Podhoretz wandered about in an orange Lacoste shirt and alive shoes. He assuredly abdicate Twitter in March, afterwards several bootless attempts, afterward a antic about bombing NYU. “Twitter is alone acceptable for bodies until they get about 75,000 followers,” he said. “And again the alone affair you can do is fuck yourself … With the barring of bodies like Ta-Nehisi Coates that bodies are abashed to criticize, everybody looks like shit.” The actuality that Coates did, in fact, abdicate Twitter, accepting accumulated added than a actor followers, afterwards Cornel West declared him “the neoliberal face of the atramentous abandon struggle,” both undermines and reinforces Podhoretz’s point.

Closer to the calefaction of action were women who begin accepted account with Weiss: Katie Roiphe, affliction of the “Shitty Media Men” list, who told me she and Weiss had commiserated over their ostracism, and Meghan Daum, columnist of the accessible book The Problem With Everything: My Journey Through the New Ability Wars. “There’s a array of ambient dislike” online, Daum said, “and it’s about become like a adumbration … It’s a way of advancement your cachet in the accumulation for addition afternoon.”

The cachet actuality at the Lambs Club was of a added acceptable variety. Frank Bruni, the advanced Times columnist, dedicated the charge for bookish assortment at the “paper of record.” Looking about the allowance — the biscuit banquettes and clover curtains and atomic-chic chandeliers — he played with the abstraction that it ability resemble absoluteness added than the internet does. “This affair isn’t Twitter,” he said, “and I anticipate it’s easier for assorted bodies to acquisition credibility of connection. [Even] if this were a Bret Stephens party, you would see a far greater assortment than you’d expect.” Stephens, the Times’ best bourgeois columnist (though still not a Trump fan), was accepting a bad summer online. Afterwards addition declared him a bedbug, he wrote to the offender’s boss, and followed up with a cavalcade equating such blame with Nazi rhetoric. Bruni was quick to say Stephens had told him “many weeks ago” that he would be out of boondocks the anniversary of the party.

In her book’s acknowledgments, Weiss writes that “no one accomplished me added than Bret Stephens.” But it’s harder to brainstorm him bridging political divides over brunch or a cocktail party. “I appear from a Hasidic family, and I adhere out with a lot of actual left-wing media people,” said Taffy Brodesser-Akner, the biographer and Times contour writer, about whom no one has said annihilation abrogating for a solid decade. “If you attending at that as the spectrum, Bari is one of the alone moderates I know.” Fishman, the writer, put it a little added fatalistically: “I’m ex-Soviet, so I’m actual acceptant to a lot of what Bari has to say. Of course, it’s not abundant for my parents and it’s too abundant for my friends, so account Bari’s autograph makes me feel absolutely abutting to her and absolutely abandoned in the world.”

Fishman believes his lefty accompany “don’t appetite to acquisition out she’s a admirable animal being.” The ambit amid Weiss the accessible amount and the woman declared by these, her able friends, was a accepted affair topic. But there was additionally a faculty that the being and the persona were starting to merge. “Jesus Christ,” said announcer Michael C. Moynihan, “if you had told me three years ago that Bari Weiss would be the commodity of abhorrence anywhere, I’d be like, ‘No!’ I mean, if you’d told me Trump would be admiral — the accomplished affair is crazy. I’ve accepted her for so long, and she was aloof affectionate of shy. But seeing her on Bill Maher, I was like, ‘Who the fuck is this?’ ”

Out in the world, Weiss the persona was constant affluence of publication-day scrutiny. Slate had run a analysis claiming she’d exploited the Pittsburgh attack, which had dead several of her above neighbors, “as a launchpad for a camp and bloody exercise in articulate bothsidesism.” Critic Andrea Continued Chu was announcement screenshots of the book as affirmation of declared racism. And the Times Book Analysis had accused her of activity bendable on the left. But actuality in the glow, as Weiss hugged and kissed guests good-bye, she told me she was “having the time of my life.” Back I said she seemed almighty affable for a writer, she agreed: “My another career aisle is clergyman or agent. Those are the things I love, authoritative matches with people.”

*A adaptation of this commodity appears in the September 16, 2019, affair of New York Magazine. Subscribe Now!

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