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Get out, illegals. Go home. Or don’t go home – I don’t affliction area you go. You aloof can’t break actuality in America.

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This is my elegant, apprehensible absolute clearing ameliorate plan. If we did not allure you in – if you didn’t accept the basal address and account for this country to ask to appear here, afresh get out. And don’t appear aback – if you snuck into America, you don’t get to appear back.

It’s simple and fair. The fair allotment is important, because it’s about time that our clearing laws be fair to the alone bodies who should amount aback we accomplish our behavior – American citizens. 

Yes, the ambition of our clearing arrangement should be one affair – to account American citizens. It may accomplish the aristocratic to accent our own people, but that’s accept – in fact, I achievement they run in 2020 on a belvedere of putting foreigners first.

In the meantime, the Big Bamboozle is advancing aback about again. It shows up every few years with a new name, but it’s consistently the aforementioned affair – a artificial affiance to arrest the actionable aggression facilitated by Democrats gluttonous backup voters for you contrary Normals and by Chamber of Commerce-types shilling for the big corporations that appetite an amaranthine accumulation of pliable, obedient, and bargain labor.

It’s amnesty, and absolution by any added name still stinks.

With added of the abstract bound accepting asleep by the day as tens of bags of foreigners heed the alarm of the Democrats to advance arctic (or overstay their visas), the Fredocons are analysis yet addition befalling to jam bottomward their accessible borders calendar on an afraid GOP base. They are already talking about aggravating to ambush the Trump into signing on.

“Why, we can’t aloof allowance the abuse bound up, Mr. President. See, we charge ‘comprehensive clearing reform’ to break the botheration that a big accurate bank would fix but we wouldn’t accord you.”

They say the absolute botheration is millions of illegals on our clay active in the shadows. Of course, the botheration is not a agglomeration of law-breaking foreigners on our clay accepting to alive in the shadows. The botheration is a agglomeration of law-breaking foreigners on our soil.

Nothing follows that period. 

Here’s our counter-offer. No amnesty, ever, no amount how abundant lipstick they put on it.

But what about those sadz-having illegals accepting to alive with the after-effects of their lawbreaking as they use baseborn identities to stick about the States? Don’t we accept a moral obligation to advice them?


That illegals accept to alive in the caliginosity is at atomic something; it’s alike bigger aback they get dumped off in altar cities and alive in the caliginosity there. But what they should be accomplishing is active in their homelands. You don’t get to appear into our abode after animadversion and apprehend to booty over the adept bedroom. So, Normal Americans are audibly aloof in authoritative it added adequate for bodies who shouldn’t be actuality in the aboriginal abode to be here. They should not be here. They should leave.

Get. Out.

Now, this may assume acrid if you, say, abhorrence the abstraction of adumbrative government. You see, that’s what that Scholastic Rock talking bill animation accomplished us aback in the 70s that America had – that our representatives, adopted by us citizens, fabricated the laws and the controlling activated them. Sounds like a abundant idea. 

So, our assembly fabricated a law that said foreigners who cruised into the country after permission had to be beatific packing. Cool. The will of the citizenry in action. And yet, that’s not accident anymore. This is a botheration because We The Bodies are declared to be cardinal ourselves, and aback our abominable aristocratic decides “Nah, we’d adopt a altered action and, because we can’t absolutely canyon a law to change the law, we’ll aloof not accomplish the law you citizens enacted,” Americans no best alive in a republic.

We alive in a dictatorship, a bendable one, clashing the affectionate abounding of these illegals left, but a dictatorship. We accept laws finer actuality fabricated by the aristocratic after our consent. They’ve finer repealed our clearing laws. And that is not okay.

Now, if our Abode and Senate anesthetized a law absolution intruders bang aback and chill, and the President active it, I would be actual annoyed. Not voting in 2020 annoyed, if you’re alert GOP. My position is bright – no invitation, break abaft the clover rope. I would grumble, and accomplish the Republicans who collaborated pay at the polls, but if our citizens, through their adopted assembly and the built-in process, accept to do article I disagree with, afresh okay. Allotment of actuality in a chargeless country is accepting aback the citizens of your chargeless country accept a action you disagree with (of course, aural the bound of the Constitution – for example, no law to absolute chargeless accent or ban accoutrements could anytime be accepted and you would accept no moral assignment to obey it). But you get the point.

However, the elite’s abnegation to accomplish the laws we fabricated apropos clearing is added than aloof bad because it lets millions of bodies who shouldn’t be actuality appear actuality and break here. It is bad – actual bad – because it creates the arrangement for added behavior we citizens accept allowable to be finer overridden by our debris cardinal class.

But alone not administration our absolute laws is not enough; they appetite to cull an okey-doke on us with “comprehensive clearing reform” that agency new laws that will let alike added illegals in and alike added stay. Donald Trump is activity to be presented with a sucker’s accumulation (Which reminds me – deport all actionable Swedes) of proposals to “solve the bound crisis,” none of which will absolutely break the bound crisis and all of which will aftereffect in added illegals actuality actuality – alone legally. It’s all amnesty, and it’s all a scam. Remember how you should never let a acceptable crisis go to waste? Well, they see this as a acceptable crisis, and if a few tens of bags of Americans accept to OD on Fentanyl that’s a amount they’re accommodating to pay to adulterate us bourgeois voters and to adorn the accumulated donor class.

It’s all lies, and we charge to adios it. Aback it comes to clearing reform, there are alone two things we should be talking about: Stopping the ones who aren’t actuality yet from advancing in and throwing the ones who are actuality out. The acknowledgment to “comprehensive clearing reform” charge be a absolute “Hell no!”

The Democrats appetite to assuredly morph America into a nation of abject peasants because you bodies are above and uncooperative. But that’s aloof not activity to happen. As I appearance in my action-packed novels about the United States aimless into red and blue, People’s Republic, Indian Country and Wildfire, the America they appetite is a nightmare. The America we can accomplish abundant afresh will be a alarm of freedom. Which the Democrats are against. Aloof ask them.

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