Birthday Invitation Template Chota Bheem

Birthday Invitation Template Chota Bheem – Birthday Invitation Template Chota Bheem

Episode 213 – Spy Bheem/ Chaata

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Episode 212 – Shyarana Shyarana/ Totli KutKut

Bheem and accompany are travelling through a apple marketplace, aback they apprehend screams of Sher Singh is coming’ and see everybody exhausted for babyish life. Expecting a baleful warrior, Bheem and aggregation brace themselves for a fight; Chutki’s little accessory Kutkut from Gochakpur has arise to visit. Bodies acquisition her annoying or accomplish fun of her because she stammers.

Episode 211 – Punjabi Tadka

A above aridity avalanche aloft Pagdinagar in Punjab aback Daaku Sher Singh and his assemblage block the breeze of the river into the burghal aloof to accomplish the bodies ache for no reason. Indravarma sends Bheem and aggregation to Pagdinagar as he is actual abiding that Bheem is the abandoned actuality who can break the problem.

Episode 210 – Murgi Magician/ So Gaya Mamma

Kalia aback ends up with a banty that lays aureate eggs. He dreams of acceptable affluent aback Dholakpur is bedeviled by Murga Magician who owns the abracadabra rooster; Kalia is captivated that his Astronomic is advancing to Dholakpur to booty him to the anniversary Holi fair and refuses to booty Dholu-Bholu forth with him. While returning, they acquisition Kalia sitting beside his sleeping astronomic and he isn’t accepting up.

Episode 209 – Abracadabra Book/ Billy Baker

A accumulation of monks airing through the boscage aback they are attacked by a lion. They run arbitrary and an old palm-leaf arrangement drops down; Bheem and assemblage plan a abruptness appointment to Shivani’s Dhaba for her birthday. On reaching, they acquisition it in aged accompaniment for appropriate adverse the dhaba, Billy Baker has opened his bakery with a ambit of cupcakes, doughnuts, rolls and cakes.

Episode 208 – Ballet Vs Balle Balle/ Queen Bee

Dholakpur is gearing up to bless Baisakhi and Bheem and assemblage are putting up a bhangra performance. Keechak and assemblage are anxious at all the absorption that Bheem and assemblage are getting. Ballerino, a ballet ballerina offers to advise them Ballet; Raju is practising archery on the outskirts of Dholakpur. Impressed and jealous, the Queen Bee orders Raju to accompany her beehive.

Episode 207 – Mysterious Ship/ Chamchamata Kalia

Episode 206 – Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venu…

Women from Venus, with blaze weapons and able-bodied men from Mars acreage on apple to booty over its resources. Dholakpur comes advanced to action them but alike Bheem finds it boxy to do so; Harry Hamlin has arise up with a new plan to avenge himself on Bheem. Disguised as a adept toymaker, he invites anybody to a bewitched toy-land.

Episode 205 – Art Museum/ Kaaliya Kismatwaala

Bheem and accompany appointment an Art Museum, area anniversary display costs millions. In animosity of the bound security, the anxiety rings and an antiquity gets stolen; Kalia sees a anomalous man, Kismatwaala, arise out of a abracadabra portal, which opens out of nowhere. He has a writing-table, a arrow and a adobe tablet. Wanting to own these bewitched objects, Kalia slyly steals them aback the man dozes off.

Episode 204 – Raju vs Kalia/ Dhenchu Dhenchu

Raju and Kalia are accepting an altercation. They are arguing over who can be a bigger soldier and alpha a contest; Princess Indumati leaves the alcazar in agitation and sits at the bend of a beck with aloof a distinct log to cantankerous on to the added side. Aloof as she is bridge the log, she sees an old man accustomed a alkali sack forth with his donkey advancing from the adverse side.

Episode 203 – Kimono Caper/ Chhota Bheem Aur Chhota…

Chin and Ming, accept arise to Dholakpur adorable for a new Queen for their island which has been ravaged by bandits. They accept with them a bewitched kimono; Prof. Dhumketu makes a apprentice with alluring powers. It anon befriends all the kids, allowance the bodies of Dholakpur to adjustment their domiciliary gadgets. The angry scientist, Ganda-Gyani, steals the apprentice and reprograms it.

Episode 202 – Teen Bandar/ Daant Ka Doctor

Jaggu is sleeping in his treehouse aback aback he sees three actor monkeys bastard into his abode – one with easily on its eyes, one with easily accoutrement its aerial and the third with eyes on its mouth; The new dentist in Dholakpur is a aberrant man with an angry beam that shows his set of gold and argent teeth. But his decree for all ailments is one and the aforementioned – tooth extraction

Episode 201 – Baal Baal Bache/ Bheem Ka Sabse Bada …

A adjust bell-ringer comes to the boondocks and sells admirable combs. Chutki and abounding others from the apple buy the comb. Chutki shows the adjust to Bheem and accompany as they adore it. Anybody takes one but Raju is atomic interested; Kuku, a clumsy little boy introduces himself as Bheem’s sabsay bada fan and insists on actuality his sidekick.

Episode 200 – Jadooi Chhadi/ Mooch Nahin To Baat Na…

Episode 199 – Kuch Nahi Sun Raha/ Amplitude Station

Bheem and accompany are activity to appear a agreeable concert. Raju and Jaggu acquisition a actual adorable timberline with appetizing fruits, eat them and accompany Bheem and Chutki at the music show. After ancient Raju and Jaggu lose their audition ability; Avi Chacha has done some groundbreaking assignment in amplitude science. He has the advantage of agreeable guests to a amplitude station, so he invites the kids.

Episode 198 – Kyuki Baday Bhi Kabhi Bacchay Thay/ D…

The scientist in Dholakpur auspiciously invents a reverse-aging accessory which turns a bird aback into an egg; a butterfly to a caterpillar and so on; Daku Mangal Singh affairs to rob some affluent traders in the backwoods to get a adored allowance for his sister for Raksha Bandhan.

Episode 197 – Music World/ Parchai Se Chaturai

Bheems Dadaji is alert to his old radio in his accumulating of bewitched things aback aback he hears a appalling account on it. The bewitched canal tells Dadaji and Bheem that the music apple is beneath advance by the Besura Baajaas that were abandoned from the kingdom; A adumbration bandit has arise to the apple and is burglary things from altered houses. Bheem and accompany try to action it, but fail.

Episode 196 – Chamatkari Murti/ Tour De Dholakpur

Episode 195 – Gol Gappay/ Dholakpur Aptitude Show

Raju is athirst affliction aback he comes beyond a babyish Ichadaari naag and befriends it. The naag decides to admission Raju’s ambition on but back was aloof a baby, its abracadabra is actual weak. Raju at that moment was cerebration of bistro golgappas; A bounded aptitude appearance is appear in Dholakpur and everybody is secretly advancing their appropriate acts.

Episode 194 – Purkho Ki Almari/ Buri Chudail Ka Jad…

Chutki requests Bheem, Raju and Jaggu to advice her booty her almirah to the artisan in adjustment to accessible it. They ask to borrow Kalia’s barrow but he insists that in return, they will accept to accord him a few capacity of the almirah aback it is opened; The bad witch turns Telu, Pelu and Chelu into monsters and they advance Dholakpur

Episode 193 – Professor Ki Lal Diary/ Wah Taj

Episode 192 – Rakshabandhan/ Khatarnaak Challenge

Episode 191 – Jaggu Bangaya Gentleman/ Babyish Sitting

Fed up of actuality teased by Kalia and Dholu-Bholu for actuality a monkey, Jaggu decides to advise them a lesson; Tuntun’s sister, is visiting with her baby. Tuntun wishes to booty her out and suggests that the kids will booty affliction of the baby.

Episode 190 – Gol Gol Rani/ Ghost Train

Episode 189 – Monster Party/ Abode Of Magic

One day while Jaggu is abandoned in the jungle, he hears a exhausted and starts dancing by himself.  Some monsters watch him and adjudge to kidnap him to ball in their affair as entertainment; The kids, like always, are analytical to acquisition article new in Dadaji’s trunk. Kalia picks up the Adjust that is larboard behind, active it through his beard which starts growing faster.

Episode 188 – Adept Cook Tuntun/ Get Well Anon Kal…

Tuntun’s laddoos are the pride of Dholakpur and she decides to booty allotment in a Masterchef competition; An afflicted Kalia is lying in the hospital bed aback his accompany arise to appointment him, ask how he landed up there. Kalia tells them the accomplished adventure in flashback.

Episode 187 – Hasaa Toh Phasaa/ Disco Dandiya

Dholakpur has a new resident, a Sumo Wrestler, who is bad-tempered all the time. The kids are fascinated, abnormally Dholu-Bholu who try assorted things to acclamation him; A ball antagonism is appear aback Bheem and Chutki assurance on as a team. They adapt a disco cardinal for their performance.

Episode 186 – Sky Scrape/ Hello Babyish Arctic Bear

A massive storm hits Dholakpur and two antagonism planes blast into the sea. Dhoomketu advance the signals while Bheem and Raju accomplishment the planes and pilots Amelia and Ricky Rucus. The pilots were aggressive for the apple record; In the chill icecaps, Dholu-Bholu aberrate about and arise beyond a huge white arctic buck which avalanche in adulation with them.

Episode 185 – Boom Babyish Bheem/ Appearance Fundas

The kids are adequate at Jaggu’s treehouse aback Achi Pari aback comes and asks Bheem to aegis a aromatic for her. Already she leaves, the kids are analytical to apperceive what it is. Kalia secretly uncorks the aromatic and a few drops abatement into the laddoos; Bitten by the appearance bug, Tuntun tries assorted appearance styles with sunglasses and beard bangs and bound clothes.

Episode 184 – Abracadabra Cube/ Kalia’s Tatto

One brilliant afternoon, Kalia is dawdling at the coffer throwing dust into the basin and cerebration how he can be the hero of Dholakpur aback a Rubix cube aloof sweeps assimilate the beach from the waves; One brilliant afternoon, Kalia is dawdling at the coffer throwing dust into the basin and cerebration how he can be the hero of Dholakpur aback a Rubix cube aloof sweeps assimilate the beach from the waves.

Episode 183 – Brand Collecting / Idher Se Udhar

Bheem’s dadaji has a block abounding of appropriate things and one day he takes out a bewitched brand book. While activity through the book they apprehend that there is one missing brand that was baseborn from it and dadaji is actual sad about it; Professor Dhoomketu invents a teleportation device. Kalia feels he can use the accessory to teleport laddoos from Tuntun Mausi’s kitchen to his house.

Episode 182 – Mannu Musketeer

In a affable contest, Raju wins and Mannu loses. Sad, Mannu sits abandoned at the the river coffer aback a cheat comes to him praising his abilities and tells him that he needs Mannu’s advice in rescuing one of his accompany from the bastille of Lalpur. Feeling accepted for once, Mannu acquiescently agrees.

Episode 181 – Shantpur Ki Shanti Bhang/ Sabke Sapne…

Dhuni Baba tells the kids that he is activity to Shantipur to meditate as there is no announced accent in that peaceful abode to afflict anyone. Excited, Bheem and aggregation assert on activity with him; Absent in a jungle, Kalia and Dholu-Bholu arise beyond a cavern area a astrologer is knitting an airy sweater. He grants all their wishes because he is a dreamweaver and has the ability to fulfil dreams.

Episode 180 – Keeda Trouble/ Pack of Cards

Deep in thought, Kalia crosses Acharya Dhoomketu’s lab to acquisition it accessible and unguarded. Curious, he enters and starts messing about with things and ends up toppling over insect-serums which turns him into a bisected boy – bisected insect; The arena cards get activated and all the Queens eye Indumati’s appealing necklace. They ask their kings to go get it for them.

Episode 179 – Sitara / Zombies

All of Dholakpur is aflame for the meteor battery or toota tara that’s activity to biking beyond Dholakpur that night as per Professor Dhoomketu’s calculations; Bheem and accompany are in the backwoods aback Raju finds a adaptable buzz lying around. He picks it and afield dials the cardinal of a sleeping zombie

Episode 178 – Rani ki Manmani/ Sea Lion

Bheem finds out that the old age home area the old man and his accompany were blockage is activity to be destroyed by the adamant Queen and a alcazar for her to be congenital in its place; Indravarma is acutely unwell. Worried about his health, Bheem consults Achi Pari and she tells him that the aureate beard of a sea bobcat needs to be added to a aromatic in adjustment to cure the the king.

Episode 177 – Zebra Crossing/ Kamaal ka Cake

Bheem and aggregation are in the Dholakpur backwoods aback they accidentally ascertain three babyish zebras absent and terrified. By account and afterward the footmarks, the kids apprehend that the Zebras accept afar from their capital herd; Two bewitched fairies sometimes appointment Tuntun’s hut secretly as they adulation bistro the laddoos she makes. The fairies baptize some abracadabra dust on Tuntun’s altogether cake.

Episode 176 – Dandia Dhamaka and Dholakpur ki Shan

Bheem and his accompany acquisition a new dandiya shop. Excited, they buy Dandiyas and ask the buyer to advise them. A lot of kids accompany the classes and seeing this, the baron declares a Dandiya competition; Raju, Jaggu, Bheem and Chutki were discussing their assignment about the Seven Wonders of the Apple aback they arise up with the abstraction of authoritative a mud cairn of their accord in Dholakpur.

Episode 175 – Cricket Ball and Kanga Kangaroo

Bheem and aggregation are arena abroad from the houses so that the locals don’t get disturbed, but an acid man comes to affected adjacent and tries to shoo them away, abnegation to budge from the spot; Kalia is out on a barbecue with Dholu-Bholu, area he finds himself contiguous with Kanga Kangaroo – The Boxer.

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