Adobe Illustrator Wedding Invitation Template

Adobe Illustrator Wedding Invitation Template – Adobe Illustrator Wedding Invitation Template

For those currently planning weddings, conjugal showers and parties of all kinds, the account of costs can add up QUICKLY. It’s during times like these that your affable DIY bogie godmothers at Brit Co are actuality to say — STOP and MAKE YOUR OWN invites! Afore you acquaint me I’m crazy, or that you don’t apperceive annihilation about clear design, apprehend a little added and see how I put calm these simple, budget-friendly bells invitations application a tiny bit of calligraphy and about 30 account of assignment in Adobe Illustrator (which has a chargeless balloon by the way!).

Seeing as duke accounting calligraphy is the go-to best for brides of all styles, we put calm this beginner-friendly tutorial to breach it bottomward so that you absolutely can accomplish them at home yourself! All the techniques we acclimated we abstruse from our Calligraphy 101 online chic and Adobe Illustrator online class, so if you’re not abiding area to start, assurance up for a chic and you’ll be a pro in no time!


— calligraphy pen nib

— atramentous ink

— ink pot

— washi tape

— archetype paper

(included in our Calligraphy 101 Kit)

Additional Tools Programs:

— Adobe Illustrator downloaded assimilate your computer (free Adobe Illustrator balloon HERE)

— scanner

— white cardstock

Instructions: 1. Dip your pen into the atramentous ink, and convenance your calligraphy book on archetype paper.

2. Write your names and/or phrases assimilate agenda stock, and delay for it to dry completely.

3. Browse in your admired folio of lettering, and save as a .JPEG.

4. Actualize a new certificate in Adobe Illustrator, and again accessible up your scanned .JPEG in Illustrator as well.

5. Image trace and aggrandize your scanned calligraphy, and annul all versions of your names or phrases that you are not activity to use.

6. Position and admeasurement your called book assimilate the new Illustrator document.

7. Add argument boxes to your certificate and ample with the important accident details.

8. Add block of blush (optional) and save as a .PDF for print.

9. Book out your accomplished file, and trim bottomward the edges to the crop marks positioned in all four corners.

10. Pop your invites in envelopes, abode to your guests and accelerate them out!

Gather your calligraphy supplies, alpha downloading your chargeless balloon of Adobe Illustrator and you’re accessible to go!

Prep your calligraphy pen by dipping the nib all the way into your ink-filled artificial pot, and borer the tip adjoin the ancillary of the pot a brace times.

Practice your lower and uppercase belletrist on archetype cardboard until you get a acceptable feel for the pen. If you assurance up for our Calligraphy 101 online class, you’ll get admission to printable templates to trace over to convenance your lettering.

Now booty a few bedding of white agenda stock, and alpha practicing some names and phrases for the final design. Pro tip: After anniversary time dipping your pen aback into the ink pot, you may appetite to accomplish a few marks on the ancillary to get the balance ink off afore autograph names and phrases.

Keep practicing until you’re blessed with your results. I acclimated up about three bedding of cardboard for book practice, but you can use as abounding as you’d like.

Once all the ink on your admired area is absolutely dry, go advanced and browse it in. Baddest “Black & White” and “300 dpi” in your browse settings, and save as a JPEG.

Open up Adobe Illustrator, and alpha a new document. Set the ambit to whatever admeasurement you’d like (we chose 4×6 inches, accepted postcard size) and set your drain to 0.125 inches on all sides. Lastly, back you’ll be press this out at the end, set your blush approach to “CMYK” and bang “OK.”

Now, accessible the scanned-in JPEG of your calligraphy so we can vectorize it. Baddest the accomplished folio of lettering, again bang on “Image Trace.” Next, bang “Expand” to actualize your agent lettering.

Now it’s time to get rid of the riff raff — aces out your admired adaptation of your names or byword and annul all the added versions about it. Baddest all pieces of your final byword and bang on “Unite” in your “Pathfinder” window to accomplish abiding it is all one shape. Once this is done, annoyance your book over assimilate your 4×6-inch certificate and admeasurement and position to your preference.

Next up, add a few argument boxes assimilate your layout, and ample in the important capacity of your invitation. Experiment with a array of fonts, and see what you like!

I capital to add a little blush to this layout, so I layered two cellophane shapes — one dejected and one blush — which alloy into amethyst at the top.

Once you’re blessed with your design, it’s time to get your book accessible for print. Save your book as a “PDF,” and baddest “Trim Marks” and “Use Certificate Drain Settings” in the “Marks and Bleeds” section. Bang on “Save PDF,” and you’re accessible to print!

Print out your invites at home on aerial affection agenda stock, or booty your .PDF book to a able printer. Be abiding to ask them for a printed affidavit to accomplish abiding the colors attending appropriate to you afore you ask them to book the accomplished job. Use those little crop marks in the four corners of your book to trim off the 1/8th of an inch blush drain with an X-ACTO knife.

Pick out your envelopes, and accelerate these babies out in the mail. And now that you’re an accomplished calligrapher, you can beautifully abode those envelopes too!

How will you mix acceptable arts and agenda architecture abilities to accomplish article unique? Show us your activity by tagging us on Instagram and application hashtag #iamcreative!


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