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We’ve already compared the OnePlus 8 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra. Well, the time has appear to do the aforementioned with their boilerplate versions, the OnePlus 8 vs Galaxy S20 allegory is here. Those are the best affordable accessories in the series, and both of them accept a lot to offer, no agnosticism about that. We’ll do our best to advice you accept one of them, though.

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These two phones are adequately different. They do accept some abutting points, but for the best part, they’re absolutely different. That actuality said, we’ll analyze them beyond a cardinal of categories, as we usually do in such comparisons. We’ll aboriginal account their specifications, and jump to design, display, and assorted added categories from there.

Do agenda that the opinions you’ll see in this commodity are our own. You may accept had a altered acquaintance with either of these two devices, and that’s altogether fine. This is not a review, or annihilation of the sort, but a comparison, so we won’t go in abounding capacity on every distinct of the categories listed below. We will, however, highlight some things for you. Let’s get started.

Both of these accessories are fabricated out of metal and glass. Both of them are absolutely slippery, so they accept that abundant in common. The ambit of the two phones are appreciably different, and the aftereffect of that is a altered in-hand feel. Their weight is additionally different, and that is article you’ll apprehension while captivation them.

The OnePlus 8 is both taller, wider, and thicker than the Galaxy S20. That’s because it has a appreciably beyond display, added on that in the affectation section. The OnePlus 8 is not aloof a little bit taller and added than the Galaxy S20, that’s absolutely article you’ll both see and feel. The Galaxy S20 is absolutely an easier buzz to use with one hand, after a doubt. It’s additionally easier to authority with one duke for continued periods of time.

With the OnePlus 8, you do get added awning absolute estate, though. Both phones accommodate arced displays, and a affectation camera can be begin on anniversary of them. The OnePlus 8’s is placed in the top-left corner, while the Galaxy S20’s is centered. Bezels are acutely attenuate on both phones, by the way.

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The camera on the OnePlus 8 is centered, and you’ll acquisition three units aback there. The Galaxy S20 additionally packs three camera sensors on the back, but its camera bore is placed in the top-left corner. All in all, both of these phones action high-end build, and do feel acceptable in the hand. They additionally attending absolutely sleek. If you appetite a abate phone, the Galaxy S20 is the bigger call. Otherwise, it’s your claimed preference, really, they’re both abundant in this regard.

The OnePlus 8 appearance a 6.55-inch fullHD (2400 x 1080) Fluid AMOLED panel. That is a arced affectation with 90Hz brace rate. The Galaxy S20, on the added hand, rocks a 6.2-inch QHD (3200 x 1440) Activating AMOLED display. That affectation is additionally curved, while it offers a 120Hz brace amount on top of that.

The OnePlus 8’s console is adequate by the Gorilla Bottle 5, while Gorilla Bottle 6 comes on top of the Galaxy S20’s display. Both displays abutment HDR10 output, by the way. Now, on paper, the Galaxy S20’s console is the bigger of the two, and aggregate considered, that’s adamantine to deny. Things are not that atramentous and white, though.

The aberration amid a 90Hz and 120Hz brace amount is not that big, aboriginal of all. Second of all, the Galaxy S20 cannot advance QHD resolution at a 120Hz brace rate, so you’ll charge to use fullHD resolution in adjustment to advance such brace rate. Third, in agreement of angel output, they’re absolutely close, actually.

Both displays are acutely sharp, with abundant colors. They’re absolutely vivid, get ablaze enough, and examination angles are great. Technically speaking, the Galaxy S20 does bedrock a bigger display, but the aberration is not that big at all. Both of these phones accept great-looking displays, and you won’t absence annihilation on the OnePlus 8’s panel.

Ah… the performance. Samsung had issues in this attention in the past, but that’s no best the case, nor should it be back it comes to flagship-grade phones. Truth be said, the Snapdragon alternative of the Galaxy S20 does accomplish bigger than the Exynos one. The aberration is not huge, but it’s article you may notice. The array activity is additionally bigger on the Snapdragon variant, but I digress.

Both of these phones are active the Snapdragon 865 SoC, admitting the Galaxy S20 in Europe and India comes with the Exynos 990 SoC. Both phones additionally backpack in affluence of RAM, and their software offerings are well-optimized. Both accessories can run through annihilation you bandy at them, basically.

These two phones are acutely fast back it comes to switching amid apps, aperture apps, active games, and annihilation abroad you can anticipate of. We did apprehension added stutters on the Galaxy S20, for sure, but those are so far afar that they’re not alike account mentioning. The basal band is, don’t apprehend any performance-related issues on either of these two phones.

Battery activity is consistently adamantine to compare, as acceptance scenarios are absolutely altered from one actuality to the next. In our experience, the OnePlus 8 does accept an bend in this regard. The OnePlus 8 has abundant array life. For best people, the accessory will be able to go over 7-7.5 hours of awning on time in a distinct day. The Galaxy S20 is afterpiece to 6 hours of awning on time.

The OnePlus 8 does appear with a beyond battery, but it additionally has a beyond display, The Galaxy S20 does accept college awning brace rate, though. The OnePlus 8 packs in a 4,300mAh array pack, while the Galaxy S20 includes a 4,000mAh battery. Do agenda that we’re not big on gaming, so if you’re gaming often, apprehend acutely lower numbers than the ones we’ve mentioned.

Both accessories abutment fast charging. The OnePlus 8 comes with 30W fast active charging, compared to the Galaxy S20’s 25W fast active charging. The OnePlus 8 does not abutment wireless charging, nor about-face (wireless) charging… well, the Galaxy S20 does. The buzz supports 15W wireless charging, and 9W about-face wireless charging. So, the OnePlus 8 offers bigger array activity and faster active charging, but the Galaxy S20 offers wireless charging and about-face wireless charging.

This area is decidedly altered to compare, as these two accessories are appreciably altered in agreement of camera performance. They’re both absolutely acceptable in this regard, but you’ll get acutely altered results. The OnePlus 8 leans added appear added astute shots, alike admitting it tends to bandy on some assimilation in the mix. The Galaxy S20, on the added hand, is absolutely abundant on post-processing, and images advancing from the accessory attending absolutely good, but generally non-realistic. That is absolutely what best bodies will prefer, though, best probably.

We’re talking about aurora shots now, of course. Such images do appear with a ton of sharpness, a lot of details, acceptable activating range, and white balance. Colors are additionally absolutely nice on both, no complaints there. The ultrawide camera does assignment a bit bigger on the Galaxy S20 in our experience, admitting neither ultrawide camera is great. The OnePlus 8 Pro’s ultrawide ballista does a bigger job than both of these, for example.

At nighttime, both accessories are absolutely capable. The OnePlus 8 alike does a bigger job in auto mode, than back you about-face to ‘Nightscape’, at atomic in our experience. The Galaxy S20 keeps up, and it manages to accumulate a lot of capacity at nighttime. Do agenda that neither of these phones can be advised to be the best camera for low ablaze shots. There are bigger options out there, but these two are absolutely acceptable in that regard.

Now, in agreement of audio. Both accessories action a set of stereo speakers. Alike the adjustment of those speakers is similar. One is amid at the basal of the device, while the added one sits beneath the earpiece grille. What about the quality, though? Well, both sets are absolutely compelling. They get appealing loud, and can alike aftermath some nice bass, admitting don’t apprehend miracles. They do not complete tinny at all, and they can get appealing loud as well. The baloney can be noticed at the accomplished of volumes, but it’s so minimal, it’s difficult to notice.

In agreement of earphones, well, neither accessory has a 3.5mm headphone jack. That actuality said, if you advance a Type-C anchorage on the bottom, or Bluetooth, you can get some absolutely nice audio out of these phones. The OnePlus 8’s strengths are mids and high, while the Galaxy S20 is absolutely acceptable beyond the board, alike the lows are absolutely good. Not to say they’re bad on the OnePlus 8, not at all, but we did apprehension a slight difference. You’ll be blessed with both of these, really, unless you’re a accurate audiophile, in which case your demands may beat what these two accept to offer.

2020 8 Series New Review – 2020 8 series
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